Lyle Jenkins (sax, flute)

I can't hide that Keef Hartley Band is one of my favourite groups. Little by little, I'm going to include all their members in my site.

Lyle Jenkins was born in Birmingham on November 18th, 1942.

He played in several local bands, such as Norman Dovey's Jump Band or Tommy Burton's Hot House Band, but I don't have more info about lineups or periods.

When they were recording their third album, The time is near, Lyle joins Keef Hartley Band along with his mate Dave Caswell:

Dino Dines comes back to the band for a while. But the new members don't stay long time in the band, and they leave the band in December 1970, after recording some superb sessions for BBC Radio 1. Lyle and Dave still appear in their forthcoming album, Overdog.

And, sadly, I haven't been able to find more info on Lyle Jenkins, except for a few sessions, usually shared with Dave Caswell. Has anybody got any clue about his musical career after that, please?

The only info I got was an ad for a band called The Stateside Stompers, and they had a sax player called Lyle Jenkins, around year 2000. I guess they're the same person, but I can't be sure. This was the lineup:

Other bands where he has been involved are: Tony Barry & The Steamers, and The City Slickers, but I can't find details. Help, please.

Questions for me:

1. Was Lyle a member of Gaillard, or just played sessions with them? Same question I'd have for Dave Caswell.
2. Has Lyle played with Roy Wood in the early days?
3. I have some TV live footage from Ashton Gardner & Dyke, and they carry a horn section. Who were they? Maybe Caswell and Jenkins? Who else? Does anybody know?

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