This is the list of the sessions I know Jack Lancaster appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Bob Sargeant
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Bob Sargeant was keyboardist in Mick Abrahams Band, and played in albums by Al Stewart or Curved Air. In his solo album, we can find lots of Bowie musicians (Mick Ronson, Herbie Flowers, Mike Garson), plus several companions in Mick Abrahams band (Jack Lancaster, Ritchie Dharma, Walt Monaghan, etc), plus Robin Lumley, Clive Chaman (bass), Cozy Powell (drums).


Liquorice John Death This is a sort of 'phantom band'. It involves members of Procol Harum, and although they didn't release any official album. During years, there have been bootleg albums available, but finally in 1999, we have an official release for those recordings made at Abbey Road Studios. The lineup in them is:

Pete Brown He was the lyricist for Cream and Jack Bruce, also leading several bands (such as Piblokto or Battered Ornaments). In this album, he's backed by Derek Foley (guitar), Tony Hudd (guitar), Ray Taff Williams (guitar), Jeff Clyne (bass), Max Middleton (keyboards), Jack Lancaster (wind), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Vivian Stanshall (here, playing tuba!), Ed Spevock (drums). 

Eddie Howell
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

We can find lots of musicians from the band Brand X (the great ones John Goodsall, Robin Lumley and Percy Jones, along with Phil Collins). Also appearing, Gary Moore (guitar), Tony Sadler (guitar), Jerome Rimson (bass), Gaspar Lawal (percussion).

The album has been issued on CD under a different name, The man from Manhattan, featuring two new songs (one of them featuring Freddie Mercury and Brian May from Queen).

Alvin Lee & Co. Alvin Lee was the superb guitarist and singer in the fantastic Ten Years After. When the band first dissolved, he formed his own band under the name Alvin & Co., with great musicians. They released an album, Pump iron!, with lots of guests: Boz Burrell (bass, from Bad Company), Steven Thompson (bass, from Stone the Crows), Colin Gibson (bass), Mel Collins (sax), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards, from Stone the Crows), Ian Wallace (drums, from King Crimson), and two former Andy Pyle colleagues from Blodwyn Pig: Jack Lancaster and Ron Berg. On the other side, Alvin Lee also contributes to Jack's Peter and the wolf album project. 

Brand X As we've read in Jack's bio, his relationship with Brand X was very close, due mainly to Robin Lumley. This was the first album of the band, and Jack guests in some song. The superb lineup for the band was: John Goodsall (guitar), Percy Jones (bass), Robin Lumley (keyboards), Phil Collins (drums).

Smith & D'Abo Mike D'Abo was a member of Manfred Mann, and Mike Smith was the vocalist for 60s band Dave Clark Five. In this album, we can find: Ray Russell (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Dave Markee (bass), Chris Mercer (sax), Jack Lancaster (sax), Malcolm Griffiths (trombone), Barry De Souza (drums), among others.

CHECK AGAIN. Jack is not mentioned in the album credits!!!!

Anthony Phillips Anthony Phillips was the original guitarist in the band Genesis. This was his first solo album after leaving them, a very beatiful album, I love it. Recorded during 1975 and 1976, the list of guests include some Genesis members (Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford), plus John Hackett (flute), Jack Lancaster (flute, lyricon), Viv McAuliffe (vocals). The CD edition has a bonus track. 

Rod Argent This great artist doesn't need any introduction, and he'll have someday his pages here. This album features superb musicians: Gary Moore (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Alphonso Johnson (bass), Jack Lancaster (wind), Morris Pert (percussion), Phil Collins (percussion), Paddy Hunt (percussion). Produced by Robin Lumley. 

Andy Forray Andy Forray is a British actor/singer. Jack Lancaster acts as producer, arranger, and playing sax. With John Goodsall (guitar), John G. Perry (bass), Robin Lumley (keyboards), Trevor Morais (drums). Recorded at Ringo Starr's Studio, Startling, Ascot. 

Billy Hamon Billy Hamon is a British actor/singer. Jack Lancaster acts as producer, arranger, and playing sax. With Julian Littman (guitar, keyboards), John G. Perry (bass), Trevor Morais (drums). Recorded at Ringo Starr's Studio, Startling, Ascot. 

Gillian Scalici I don't know who she is. Jack acts here as producer, writer, arranger, also playing sax. With Phil Palmer (guitar), Robin Lumley (keyboards), John G. Perry (bass), Trevor Morais (drums). 

Spencer Brewer I think he is a new-age keyboardist. This album features Eric Tingstad (guitar), Jack Lancaster (lyricon), Norton Buffalo (harmonica, from Steve Miller Band), David Kreimer (sax). 

Country Joe McDonald He's the veteran from Country Joe & The Fish. He has been releasing very good solo albums since then. This album is recorded with many musicians from the San Francisco scene: from Grateful Dead: Bob Weir and Mickey Hart (both here, playing percussion). From Country Joe bands: John Blakeley (guitar), Phil Marsh (guitar), Larry Dunlap (keyboards), Peter Milio (drums). From Santana: Tom Coster (keyboards), Raul Rekow (percussion). From Terry & The Pirates: Greg Douglas (guitar), David Hayes (bass). Plus Maria Muldaur (vocals), Jack Lancaster (sax), John Allair (keyboards), Chris Kovacs (keyboards), Gene Stuart (sax), Will Scarlett (harmonica), Tom Donlinger (drums), Mark Springer (backing vocals).

Jack plays different instruments along the tracks: 'War hero' (Lyricon II (pipes)), 'Feeling better' (alto saxophone), 'Darlin' man (the rocket man)' (lyricon II (trumpet)), and a song sung by Country Joe with the only backing of Jack Lancaster on flute, 'Garden of Eden'.

Terry Reid Terry Reid is a great singer. This album (his last?) from 1991, produced by Trevor Horn, features superb guests: Jackie Lomax (vocals), Mick Taylor (guitar), Brian Auger (keyboards), Jack Lancaster (sax). 

Bill Ward Bill Ward was the original drummer in Black Sabbath. He was been in and out the band during the years, as well as releasing some solo albums.

On Ward along the way, he's backed by Jack Bruce (vocals), Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Lanny Cordola (guitar), Zakk Wylde (guitar), Bob Daisley (bass), Jack Lancaster (sax), Gordon Copley, Marco Mendoza, Eric Singer (drums), etc.

On When the bough breaks, he's helped by Keith Lynch (guitar), Jack Lancaster (sax), Steve Tavaglione (sax), Adam Ward (keyboards), Chris Darrow (mandolin). 

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Jack Lancaster also plays in some singles for different artists. I'm still compiling info about the albums where these songs are contained. For now, this is the list of singles (format: single / artist / label):


< none for now. Still checking >


Kayak This Dutch band was produced by Jack Lancaster in this album. The lineup of the band featured leader Johan Slager (guitar), Theo De Jong (bass), Tom Scherpenzeel (keyboards, later in Camel), Charles Schouten (drums), plus help from Max Werner (vocals, keyboards, drums). 
Rick Van Der Linden & Catalin Tircolea
Jack produces this album by keyboard virtuoso Rick Van Der Linden and pan flutist Catalin Tircolea. It was recorded in Holland.  

Krisma This was a duo from Italy comprising Christine Moser (KRIS) and Maurizio Arcieri (MA). Jack Lancaster acts as producer and arranger. Also featuring Hans Zimmer (keyboards), John G. Perry (bass), Trevor Morais (drums). The lyrics were written by Peter Sibley. 
The View
This band is really a duo, formed by Howard Fairchild (guitar, vocals) and John Keating (keyboards). This album was produced by Jack Lancaster, who also plays sax on it. 
Hazel O'Connor
Jack plays and produced this album.


Tamiya Lynn This album by vocalist Tamiya Lynn features great musicians. It was produced and arranged by Jack, who also plays sax, keyboards and percussion. The list of musicians includes: the complete lineup for Fire Merchants (John Goodsall (guitar), Doug Lunn (bass), Chester Thompson (drums)), plus Jackie Lomax (slide guitar), Peter Maunu (guitar), Mark Isham (trumpet), Richard Green (violin), Vinx (percussion), Paulinho Da Costa (percussion).

Musicians mentioned in this page that I have projected to cover in my site someday: And short tributes to:

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