JOHN SIOMOS sessions

This is the list of the sessions I know John Siomos appears... I've classified them into several categories:


Roger Moon Roger Moon was the guitarist in the band Storyteller. Peter Frampton and Andy Bown were the producers of their first album. In his solo album, again we can find Peter Frampton and his complete backing band: Rick Wills (bass), Mickey Gallagher (keyboards) and John Siomos (drums).

Todd Rundgren A great artist, with a long career, both alone or with his band Utopia.

Something/anything? is a double album, with Rick Derringer (guitar), Amos Garrett (Guitar), Rick Vito (guitar), Ben Keith (pedal Steel guitar), Robbie Kogel (guitar), Ralph Wash (guitar), Bugsy Maugh (bass), Stu Woods (bass), Jim Colegrove (bass), Tony Sales (bass), John Siegler (bass, cello), Mark "Moogy" Klingman (keyboards), Charlie Schoning (keyboards), John Siomos (drums), Billy Mundi (drums), Hunt Sales (drums), Michael Brecker (sax), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Gene Dinwiddie (sax), Jim Horn (sax), legendary Jackie Kelso (sax), Barry Rogers (trombone), and vocals by Vicki Sue Robinson, Brooks Baxes, Dennis Cooley, Richard Corey, Henry Fanton, Cecilia Norfleet, Hope Ruff.

A wizard, a true star (appropiate title, by the way!) features again the core team of Moogy Klingman & his band (Moogy Klingman on keyboards, John Siegler on bass, Ralph Schuckett on keyboards and John Siomos on drums). Other people playing there: Rick Derringer (guitar), Tom Cosgrove (guitar), Bill Gelber (bass), Michael Brecker (sax), Randy Brecker (trumpet), David Sanborn (sax), Barry Rogers (trombone).

Soon after those albums were recorded, Todd Rundgren asked Moogy and his mates to join him in Utopia. All agreed (Moogy, Ralph Schuckett and John Siegler), except John Siomos, who joined Peter Frampton's band instead.

The very best of Todd Rundgren is a compilation of his solo albums as well as Utopia. The list of players is immense; among others: Bobby Womack (vocals), Tom Cosgrove (guitar), Lyle Workman (guitar), Kasim Sulton (bass), Buffalo Gelber (bass), Stu Woods (bass), John Siegler (bass), Tony Sales (bass), Jerry Scheff (bass), Larry Tagg (bass), Moogy Klingman (keyboards), Ralph Schuckett (keyboards), Roger Powell (keyboards), Michael Brecker (sax), Bobby Strickland (sax), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Mike Rose (trumpet), Barry Rogers (trombone), John Siomos (drums), John Guerin (drums), Hunt Sales (drums), Kevin Ellman (drums), Michael Urbano (drums), Jon Wilcox (drums), Paul Brancato (strings), and vocals by Vicki Randle, Norman D Smart, Dennis Cooley, Richard Corey, Cecilia Norfleet, Vicki Sue Robinson, Michele Gray, Hope Ruff, Brent Bourgeois, Jeanie Tracy.


Carly Simon This was the first album of this beautiful singer. Buzzy Linhart and Moogy Klingman play here, thus bringing some of their most near musicians: Doug Rauch (bass) and John Siomos (drums). Plus Jeff 'Skunk Baxter (guitar), Paul Griffin (keyboards), Jimmy Johnson, Tony Levin, Jim Ryan, etc. 
James Late
Sorry, I don't know who he is. This album features Allan Nicholls (guitar, also producer), Bill Schwartz (guitar), Woody Lewis (bass), John Siomos (drums). 
Corbett & Hirsh
This duo (from the band Mr. Flood's Party) recorded this album with these guests: Hugh McCracken (guitar), Eric Weissberg (steel guitar), Paul Griffin (keyboards), Christie Thompson (keyboards), Leo Warrington (horns), Russell George (violin), John Siomos (drums), Al Rogers (drums), plus vocals by Maria Bray, Jodi McCracken, Scot McCracken, Michelle Prosky, Janet Sapadin.

I don't know if this was a studio project, or a real band with Siomos. Does anybody know?

Duster Bennett This bluesman always had great players in his albums. Fingertips was his last album (he died soon after), and it features, among others, Hugh Burns (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Pip Williams (guitar, arrangements), Rick Wills (bass), Boz Burrell (bass), Peter Blue (bass), Rob Robertson (bass), Nicky Hopkins (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Howie Casey (horns), Dick Parry (horns), Mike Davis (horns), John Donnelly (horns), Reg Brooks (horns), Cecil Moss (horns), Billy Graham (horns), John Huckridge (horns), John Siomos (drums), Ian Wallace (drums), Terry Stannard (drums), Phil Wainman (drums), Morris Pert (percussion), and vocals by Barry St. John, Liza Strike, Sue, Peter Thorup, Ann Simmonds and Linda Kendrick. Lot of talent here!

Norman Feels Sorry, I don't know who he is. Recorded with Doug Rodrigues (guitar), Robert White (guitar), Eddie Willis (guitar), David Williams (bass), James Allen Smith (keyboards), John Trudell (trumpet), Angelo Carlisi (sax), Robert Cowart (sax), Lanny Austin (sax), Felix Resnick (violin), Alvin Score (violin), Beatriz Staples (violin), Eddie Brown (percussion), John Siomos (drums), Uriel Jones (drums), and backing vocals by Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent and Pamela Vincent. 
Rick Derringer
One of my favourite guitarists (someday he'll have his own pages in my Olympus).

The album Spring Fever was recorded with Dan Hartman (vocals), Allan Nichols (vocals), Doris Still (vocals), Johnny Winter (guitar), Edgar Winter (keyboards, vocals, sax), David Johansen (harmonica), Toots Thielemans (harmonica), Paul Prestopino, John Siegler (bass), Chick Corea (keyboards), John Siomos (drums), Bobby Caldwell (drums).

Rock & roll hoochie koo: the best of Rick Derringer is a very good compilation, comprising tracks from his solo career as from his band Derringer. The list of players is long: Dan Hartman (vocals), Jerry LaCroix (vocals, sax), Todd Rundgren (vocals, producer), Allan Nichols (vocals), Joe Walsh (guitar), the underrated Danny Johnson (guitar), Edgar Winter (keyboards, vocals, sax), Kenny Aaronson (bass, vocals), John Siegler (bass), Randy Jo Hobbs (bass), Kenny Passarelli (bass), Donnie Kisselbach (bass), Neil Geraldo (this time playing keyboards), Roger Powell (keyboards), Paul Harris (keyboards), Benjy King (keyboards), John Siomos (drums), Vinny Appice (drums), Bobby Caldwell (drums), Joe Vitale (drums), Myron Grombacher (drums), Bobby Ramirez (drums), Chuck Ruff (drums, percussion), Jimmy Wilcox (drums), Joe Lala (percussion), Kasim Sulton (backing vocals), Tasha Thomas (backing vocals), Carl Hall (backing vocals).

Tufano & Giammarese Dennis Tufano (currently in Farm Dogs with Jim Cregan) teamed with Carl Giammarese (guitar, vocals), releasing this album, with help from superb session players: Jay Graydon (guitar), Waddy Wachtel (guitar), Ray Parker (guitar), Chuck Rainey (bass), Jerry Scheff (bass), Bill Dickinson (bass), Richard Tee (keyboards), Tom Scott (sax), Chuck Findley (trumpet), Dick Hyde (trombone), John Siomos (drums), Ralph McDonald (percussion), Alan Estes (percussion). 
Terry Reid
A great singer (and guitarist). This album, produced by Chris Kimsey, was recorded with mate Doug Rodriguez (guitar), Lee Miles (bass, long time member of Terry Reid band), Denise Williams (bass), James E Johnson (keyboards), Sterling Smith (keyboards), John Siomos (drums, percussion), and backing vocals by Dianne Chandler, Denise Williams, Maxine Willard.

Guthie Thomas This one's for Sarah features Ron Wood (guitar), Ted Pearlman (guitar), Mark Edelson (guitar, vocals), Chris Plunkett (bass), Joel Diamond (keyboards), Mark Dawson (harmonica, vocals), Jim Ryan (violin), John Siomos (drums), Howie Wyeth (drums), Clare Bathe (vocals), Albert Cecere (vocals).

I'm not sure, but I guess that Through the years is a compilation, as it contains almost the same musicians as This one's for Sarah.


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