Mickey Keen (guitar)

Underrated guitarist, his skills can be heard in a bunch of good albums (many times credited as Mickey Keene, although my guess is that the correct spelling is Keen).

Around 1965, he was part of Division Two, a band with superb musicians:

They recorded an album that year, Discotheque, and then became the backing band for The Ivy League, a vocal band: Hudson-Ford was a duo comprising Richard Hudson (vocals, guitar) and John Ford (guitar, bass). They had been playing together for years, first in Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, later joining the fantastic band The Strawbs. They left them to start a solo career as a duo. For their first album, called Nickelodeon, they used some additional musicians, such as Mickey Keen (guitar), Chris Parren (keyboards), Rick Wakeman (keyboards). After that, they asked Keen and Parren to join them as live band: Their second album was Free spirit, and then Mickey Keene left them.

And sadly, I haven't able to find more info about him, except for a few sessions for the Rod Edwards & Roger Hand production team. If anyone can give me more info about him, I'd be very grateful.

Well, that's something... In 1999, he teams again with old mate Tony Burrows, under the appropiate name Hit Squad. Lots of (great) veterans here:

They've released a new album, but don't have it, so I can't confirm if Mickey is playing on it. Help, please!

Albums with Division Two:

Albums with "Hair" cast: Albums with Hudson-Ford: Sessions:
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