James Lascelles (keyboards)

Jimmy Lascelles is a veteran keyboardist, brother of Jeremy Lascelles. James was a member of Global Village Trucking Company. This was a band without a stable lineup that played gigs during several years, up to 1976. Their leader was Jon Owen. Colin Gibson and Pete Kirtley were members of the band for a while.

Jon Owen (guitar, vocals)
Pete Kirtley (guitar)
Colin Gibson (bass)
Jimmy Lascelles (keyboards)
Simon Stewart (drums)
+ probably others, unknown to me. Help!
They only released an album, with this lineup: Jon Owen (guitar, vocals)
Mike Medora (guitar, harmonica, vocals)
John McKenzie (bass)
Jimmy Lascelles (keyboards)
Simon Stewart (drums)
The album was called Global Village Trucking Company. Also appearing: Pete Kirtley, Jeremy Lascelles and Jim Cuomo.

The band also appeared on a live compilation, Greasy Trucker Live At Dingwalls. Another member of the band was guitarist John Etheridge.

After that, he started composing music for movies and TV.

Albums as Global Village Trucking Company:

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