Billy Law (drums)

I think Billy Law is from Scotland, but I haven't been able to find proper biographical data about him, or about his first bands.

In May 1962, he emmigrated to Denmark, in order to join a dixieland jazz band called The Jazz Cardinals:

In August 1962, Dieter Kock leaves: They recorded an album during summer 1962, but I cannot be sure if Billy appears there. Does anybody know?

Finally, Billy left the band around November 1962 (being replaced by none other than Viv Prince, a mythical British player from the 60s scene: Pretty Things, Denny Laine String Band, etc.).

He joined the second lineup in Long John Baldry's band called Hoochie Coochie Men (replacing Ernie O'Malley), sometime late in 1964:

By the way, there's a live track in an Eric Clapton bootleg, where a band called Liverpool Roadrunners appear, recorded in February 1964. Who are the members of that band? Baldry, Stewart, Bradford, Cliff Barton, Ian Armitt, Billy Law. What's that? A missing link?

There's an album released by the band, Long John's Blues.

In October 1964, the band changes a lot, and Billy Law leaves.

Next thing I know about him is that he joins Alex Harvey Soul Band in 1965:

I don't know if Billy appears in any of their albums, so any additional info would be very welcomed.

Later, he was a member of Alan Elsdon's Band, a jazz combo:

They played backing different jazz players, appearing in album by clarinet players Edmond Hall or Albert Nicholas. He was also a member of Edmond Hall Quartet: They released the album Edmond Hall Quartet.


1. What was the Liverpool Roadrunners? A proper band, or a one-off band?

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