Gabriel Magno (keyboards)

Great keyboardist, he appears in fantastic albums by Ted Nugent and If, as we're going to read.

Gabriel started his musical career performing with a 9-piece band in a private club in Beverly Hills called McInerney's, which was half owned by the singer, Robert Goulet.

It was at this point that he sent a demo tape to Lew Futterman, who was about to produce Ted Nugent's next album. He was accepted out of 14 other keyboard players, flown to Detroit and driven by limo to Ted's ranch where they played together and they all knew this was going to be
good. He was accepted and began rehearsals for recording the Call Of The Wild  album. On it he played Hammond B3, piano, synthesizer and flute. He's the only musician that played flute on any of Ted Nugent's recordings.

After the album, he went on tour as one of the Amboy Dukes.

Ted Nugent (vocals, guitar)
Andy Jezowski (vocals)
Rob Grange (bass)
Gabriel Magno (keyboards)
Vic Mastrianni (drums)
But six months later, Ted fell face first on stage from a bleeding ulcer and he was ordered by the doctor to stop touring for 6 months.

It was at  that point, Gabriel auditioned for and got the job as keyboardist with If. In August 1973, this was the new lineup:

They stayed in London four months to do concerts with If and to record Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces, before starting their American and Canadian tour. The album was recorded with help from bassist Walt Monaghan (from Mick Abrahams Band), who was to substitute Mike Tomich sometime later. Their following (and last) album was called Tea break is over, back on your 'eads. After several succesful tours, they finally call it a day in 1975.
I'm trying to locate a copy of a televised If concert. The concert was held in the States in 1974 (or maybe even 1975). It was held in the Midwest of Eastern America, and on the same ticket was The Eagles, Chamber Bros., Stories and Renaissance. It was hosted by legendary Wolfman Jack.
Please, I need to locate a copy of this concert. If someone can help me, please, write me to 
After leaving If, Gabriel settled in Chicago for a couple of years. He formed a group called Chameleon, where he was writing all the original music.
They opened a concert for Quicksilver Messenger Service ("Have Another Hit Of Fresh Air"). After a while, he dissolved the band. But there's a song available by them in the collective album WKQX Hometown album.

Then he went to New Jersey for 6 months and formed a four piece band doing his original songs.

His next step was moving to California in 1979. There, he formed a new band, called TXR. They played all the major rock clubs in Hollywood, including Gazzari's, Troubadour, Whiskey A Go-Go and more. Clancy Grass, the former lead singer of the recording group The Hondells ("Little Honda"), became their manager. This was a 5 piece rock band doing all Gabriel's original songs. Elektra/Asylum records paid for a 2 song demo recorded at Pasha Studios in Hollywood (same studio Quiet Riot recorded their albums).

After this band, Gabriel Magno formed a duo with a drummer and he was a duo in all the major clubs in L.A. for 13 years, before settling in Las
Vegas in 1994. Here, he performed at the MGM Grand, Mirage, Palace Station and numerous other hotels, as a single on keyboards, guitar and vocals.

He has also co-written two songs in Los Angeles for Rich Little (the impersonator) on Capitol Records. He also did session work in Los Angeles.

Gabriel is currently writing again and will once more try to secure a record deal. This time as a single artist, not as a band...

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