Sal Maida (bass)
Sal Maida (Salvatore Maida) was born on July 29, 1948. He's probably best remembered for his time in Roxy Music, in a time where bassists didn't stay too much in the band. But, the band knew who to choose! I don't know about earlier bands with Sal, so I'll start with him joining Roxy Music in February 1973, replacing John Porter (now a famed producer): After he joined, they started a Europen tour promoting their brand new album For your pleasure (recorded still with Porter).

But the group shocks when one of their most charismatic members leave in July 1973, Brian Eno. He's replaced in August 1973 by young prodigy Eddie Jobson:

The band recorded a new album, Stranded, but Sal Maida didn't play there (they used John Gustafson on a session basis). But I once read that Sal really played in some track. Can someone confirm that point, please?

They kept on touring, as well as appearing in German TV program Musikladen (I must have a tape of some appearances somewhere!). After a new tour in America, Sal Maida left them (he was replaced by John Wetton). But some live tracks with Sal finally resurfaced in the live album Viva!, released in 1976. There are tracks recorded live by 4 different lineups!

After that, he joined American the band Milk'n'Cookies in October 1974, when they settled themselves in London:

They released a single, 'Little lost and innocent / Good friends' in February 1975, and an album was recorded, with Muff Winwood producing. But it sadly remained unreleased for almost 2 years: Milk'n'Cookies (finally released in December 1976). But the band had already split in August 1976.

Then, Sal Maida came to play in Sparks' new album, Big beat, released in October 1976. But I've never been able to know if Sal was a member of the band, or just played the sessions. Help, please!

And then, I have very big gaps in Sal's musical career, so any additional info will be very welcomed.

Velveteen was a duo comprising Sal Maida and singer Lisa Burns:

They released the album After hours, with old mate Ian North guesting. Sal also acted as producer here. 3 singles were released from the album: 'Wild rain' (1983), 'Nightline' (1983) and 'Combo boys' (1984).

And, after that, I've only got info about sessions, but no more bands. Please, help with info!


1. Did Sal join Roxy Music after February 1973? There are some sources that say John Porter is still playing in TV appearances in March 1973.

2. Can someone know who plays bass in each track from Viva! live album? I've read that Sal only plays in 'Do the strand'.

3. Was there ever a band called "Lisa Burns", commanded by Lisa? I've read a lineup comprising Lisa Burns (v), Sal Maida (b), Bruce Brody (k), Scott Zito (perc), Eddie Zyne (drums).

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