Tex Makins (bass)

He was part of the magnificent British scene of mid 60s, playing with many musicians that later gained big fame. He was born in 1940.

The first band Tex played in was the Johnny Makins Skiffle Group, the lineup being:

Around 1957, he joins the Rick Richards' Skiffle Group: Surprisingly, a recent album by this combo, Shake it daddy, has been issued, containing unreleased tracks from 1957!

After that, Rick Richards moved to another band, The Worried Men (Adam Faith had been their singer too), and asked Tex to join them too.

Tony Meehan left them to join The Vipers, and was replaced by Brian Bennett. It's funny that both Meehan and Bennett were later in The Shadows. Next band I know with Tex is Vince Eager backing band: They only did a pantomime season in Southport and used a local drummer, whose name isn't remembered.

Several lineups happened, this one being a different one:

But, the musicians left Vince Eager to team with singer Marty Wilde, under the new name of Marty Wildes' Wildcats. This was 1958: After a 2 months tour with Wilder, Tex assembled a new band with some friends, all being great musicians: They were approached by great rocker Vince Taylor to be their band: Next band by Tex was called The Beat Boys: Another lineup was this one: With them, Tex played for many of the singers under management of Larry Parnes: Dickie Pride, Billy Fury, Duffy Power, Eden Kane, The Viscounts, Julian X, Johnny Gentle, Sally Kelly, John Leyton, Jerry Dorsey (more known later as Engelbert Humperdinck), Tommy Bruce, Davy Jones (not he of the Monkees) and Eddie Cochran.

Next band was returning to play with Vince Eager, now under the name of Vince Eager's Quiet Three:

Colin Green was later replaced by Kenny Packwood: Then, Tex came back to play again with Vince Taylor: Tex also played with Johnny Duncan And The Bluegrass Boys: One of the most successful singers managed by Larry Parnes was Billy Fury, so a band was assembled in June 1961 to back him in a stable basis, The Blue Flames: But Billy Fury style was not the most appropiate for these young musicians, so Fury went with The Tornados in December 1961. The Blue Flames became a band of its own in February 1962, with Georgie Fame taking vocals and leadership: They were also joined sometimes by sax player Earl Watson (they were friends and Earl's band usually shared stage with them in the same clubs).

In May 1962, Colin Green left them, being replaced by great guitarist Joe Moretti. The lineup was also augmented with great ones Mick Eve and Neeomi 'Speedy' Acquaye:

Soon after, the guitarist left, and John McLaughlin (later to become a jazz guitar maestro) arrived. In July 1962, they expand their lineup with a 2nd sax player: In October 1962, Tex leaves the band (being replaced by Boots Slade) to travel to France, and joins local star Johnny Halliday, under the name Johnny Halliday's Golden Stars: But Tex Makins returns to The Blue Flames in October 1963, asked by Georgie: For a while, Red Reece became ill, and he was replaced by Tommy Frost and Roy Mills. Another occasional band member was trumpet player Eddie Thornton.

This lineup released their 2nd album, Fame at last, in 1964. But more changes happened in the band in April 1964:

Jimmy Nicol was later famous for being the drummer who played with The Beatles in that Australian tour when Ringo couldn't make it. When Nicol left the band, a great musician arrives, Phil Seaman. A great loss for the band was Mick Eve who left them in July 1964. But Seaman wasn't able to play all of the time, so Micky Waller was brought to play when Seaman wasn't available. Waller (and Seaman) left in September 1964. Another different lineup in October 1964, marking the reunion with an old friend, Colin Green (who was the original guitarist in the band). A new musician is added in November 1964, sax player Glenn Hughes. And another musician adds in March 1965, old mate Eddie Thornton: But in December 1965, Tex Makins and Bill Eyden leave (Tex was replaced by Cliff Barton). Then, Tex joined The Sidewinders with old mate Johnny Marshall: They even played backing Stevie Wonder!

Next band was assembled with the fantastic Boz Burrell on vocals. They were called Panorama:

He also formed a band with Viv Prince, called Jungle Soup: Later Viv went to Morocco, and Jimmy Scott left. The rest of the band reformed and called itself The Last Supper, with Carl Chambers on drums (who was also playing in the band Tomorrow with future star Olivia Newton-John): Next step was playing as part of the backup band for The Flowerpot Men, a nice, sweet band full of vocal harmonies. He replaced Nick Simper. This had to be around 1968 or 1969: And then, I haven't known more things about his musical career, sadly.


1. Does Tex play in Johnny Kidd & The Pirates classic 'Shaking all over'?

2. Does anybody know about sessions made by Tex? Being such great player, it's impossible he wasn't hired for albums!!

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