Roy Markowitz (drums)

Prolific drummer, he appears as sessionmen in many albums, as we're going to read. I haven't been so lucky at finding info about his bands. He was born in New York.

First band I've been able to trace with him was The Catskills, a big band. This was their lineup at the end of 1965:

Next thing I know is when he joined Janis Joplin in her new group, Kozmic Blues Band, in December 1968: In January 1969, Bill King left, being replaced by a great player, Richard Kermode: Marcus Doubleday is replaced by Terry Hensley before February: This was another lineup in March 1969, with bassist Keith Cherry on temporary basis: In April 1969, Brad Campbell is back, and they add another sax player, Cornelius 'Snooky' Flowers: But soon after, Roy left the band (being replaced by Lonnie Castille) before they recorded any album. But some tracks have been appearing in posthumous albums, as we can read below.

By the way, I have an album called Janis, from the soundtracks of the motion picture of the same name. There are 3 tracks recorded live with The Kozmic Blues Band, from a concert in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1969, but as it's not stated the complete date, I can't know if Roy is featured there. Does anybody know?

He rejoined The Catskills for a while with Eddie Ashman, but I don't know about the lineups. Any help would be appreciated.

He also started playing in sessions, mostly in Bearsville Studios (property of Todd Rundgren).

We can find Roy again in 1973, backing British 60s star Petula Clark for a while:

And then, I haven't been able to find more bands with Roy. But he has been playing in many albums, usually with his friends Red Kaplan, Stu Woods or John Miller.



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