Jack McCulloch (drums)

Great drummer, he played in some great bands from the 70s, but best of all is that he's still around! He was born in Scotland, brother of the late, much-missed Jimmy McCulloch.
He started his musical career in 1964. He formed The Jaygars in Cumbernauld, Scotland with his younger brother Jimmy. This was the lineup:

(historical photo: The Jaygars original lineup, backstage in the Barrowlands in Glasgow - very special thanks to Frank Quin for this treasure!)
(click here for a bigger image, 48 Kbs.)

They mainly played around Glasgow and Central Scotland. They supported a lot of the big name bands on tour in the area, including The Who. This is probably where Jimmy's friendship with them started from, as they were amazed with his guitar playing even at that stage.

The band evolved, changing their name to One In A Million. This was the lineup for One In A Million:

They released 2 singles, before they split in 1968.

That same year 1968, Jack formed Andromeda with superb players:

After a temptative try to record an album produced by Pete Townsend, they were signed to Track records. Jack was later replaced by Ian McShane.
Next year, 1969, Jimmy formed a new band, Thunderclap Newman. They recorded, with the help of Pete Townshend (playing bass under the pseudonym of Bijou Drains, and producing the song) a hit #1 single, "Something in the air", in July 1969. They only released one album, Hollywood dream. The CD reissue contains the complete album, but some of the editions also include 6 bonus tracks (mainly the singles they released).

Some time later, Jimmy and his brother are together again, as they augment the lineup for the tours:

(from left to right: Jim Avery, Jack McCulloch, Andy Newman, Jimmy McCulloch, Speedy Keen)

(cover of the single "Something in the air"/"Wilhelmina")

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

They split in 1970.

Next step was a short-lived venture, called McCullochs, Struthers and Paterson. Jimmy and Jack remained together, bringing new mates:

I don't know if they recorded any material.

Then, Jack and Dave Struthers joined Andwella's Dream. Originally, an Irish band, they moved to London in 1968. They also used the abbreviated name Andwella. Jack joined around 1970, after their 2nd album. He appears in their 3rd one, People's people. This was the lineup:

After brother Jimmy McCulloch finished a tour with John Mayall, he formed his own band in October 1971. The name he chose was Bent Frame, but he changed it into The Jimmy McCulloch Band soon afterwards. This was the lineup: Their first gig was played at The Roundhouse in London.

Jack was later replaced by someone called Tony, who used to be a roadie for The Who. Does anybody know his complete name, please?

Jimmy composed some new songs with Robbie Patterson, and they started rehearsing for a future album, but the recording never happened, as Jimmy got the call from Stone The Crows.

There are a couple of tracks credited to a band called Bent Frame. The songs are "Fairylights" and "It's only me". The 2nd song was probably produced by Roger Daltrey. Rumour has it
about a single also released for the Track label. I guess we're speaking of the same band, due to Jimmy's involvement with Roger Daltrey. Can anyone confirm this point, please?

And then, I guess he retired for a while from playing, as he was called to manage Track & Fly Records for The Who.

White Line was a trio, where Jimmy rejoined his brother Jack. It was formed as a fun band, whilst Jimmy was still with Wings, around 1976.

(scan courtesy of Reggy Tan)

They released a single, credited to Jimmy McCulloch and White Line, dated 1976, 'Call My Name' (Clarke) / 'Too Many Miles' (McCulloch/Allen). They appeared on Twiggy's 'Jukebox show' and performed "Call My Name". Dave sang that song and, on the record, Jimmy sang 'Too Many Miles'.

Surprise, surprise! Now we know about the existence of a complete CD by the band!! Well, I never include complete song listings for albums, but I think this is a special case, so here it is the content of the CD:


Call My Name (Single release)
You're a Loser
Champagne Eyes
Mr. Jones
Down Bound Train
Just Another 'B' Side Song
Call My Name (Original Demo version)
The Same Mistakes Again
Too Many Miles (Single Release  - B side)
Reindeer Rockets
White Line
The Shannon and the Chesapeake
Call My Name (Live on The Twiggy Show)

The album is called WHITE LINE complete - featuring JIMMY McCULLOCH (Little Wing) on Mouse records (Mouse CD 004) copyright 1994.

And then, I don't know about any musical ventures by Jack for a very long time.

But, in the last years, he has been part of the band Montana UK, playing music with a country flavour. This was the personnel list:

When their singer left, they recruited Bex McCulloch (guess, guess, she's one of Jack's daughters), changing their name to Bex And The O'Gees: They are touring locally, and have recorded some tracks. So, we can hope that an album will be made sometime soon!


1. Can anybody help at clarifying the facts about Bent Frame band, please?

2. Were there more members of Thunderclap Newman ever?

3. I've read that Jack was also a member of a band called Wild Country. Is this true? As far as I know, they released only one single: ''Silent country / Too bad' (1970).

4. Does Jack play in Andromeda's album See into the stars? I don't have it, so I can't confirm it.

5. Mythical band The Animals reunited (without Eric Burdon) in 1992. Newspapers announced that they included a percussionist called Jack McCulloch. Is that the same person? (I guess not, but rather a relative of Animals' bassist Danny McCulloch).

Albums with Thunderclap Newman: Albums with Andwella: Albums with White Line:
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