Binky McKenzie (bass)

Very good player from the 60s, he sadly appears in very few recordings. It's extremely complicated finding data about him, so I've included here all that I know...

Sometime during September 1966 and January 1967, he replaces Cliff Barton in Alexis Korner's new band, Free At Last:

They recorded at least one track, 'Rosie', recorded in January 1967.

The band changed when Hughie Flint left in June 1967. But I have a different version about what Binky did in that period:

In December 1966, he joins Denny Laine's String Band, a trio with an added string section:

But in May 1967, Binky leaves, and the band split (there were other lineups, though).

His next project was The Huge Local Sun, a supergroup assembled by singer/poet Pete Brown:

They recorded some demos, but split before they played any gigs.

Another band with Binky was the Vince Crane Combo:

They also played with Arthur Brown.

And, after that, I've never been able to find more info about Binky. But, John McLaughlin dedicates a track to him, 'Binky's Beam' in his magnificent Extrapolation album from 1969 (Binky doesn't play there, though).



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