Gary Moberley (keyboardist)

Superb keyboardist, he comes from Australia.

In 1966, he was a member of Australian band The Ramrods:

Barry Connors (vocals)
Barry Brady (guitar)
Ken Kramer (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Quentin Chadwick (drums)
They released two singles in 1966, that were reissued as an EP, in 1988.

In 1968, he joins another band from Sydney, Aesop's Fables:

Cheryl Blake (vocals)
Jimmy Doyle (guitar)
Michael Lawler (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Russell Dunlop (drums)
The band split in 1969. But in February 1970, they reform again, with new musicians: Brenda Glover (vocals)
Brian Holloway (guitar)
Owen Booth (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Russell Dunlop (drums)
In April 1970, Holloway left: Brenda Glover (vocals)
Les Stacpool (guitar)
Owen Booth (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Russell Dunlop (drums)
Some months later, Charlie Tumahai replaced Owen Booth: Brenda Glover (vocals)
Les Stacpool (guitar)
Charles Tumahai (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Russell Dunlop (drums)
But they finally parted ways in October 1970. Then, Moberley joined the band Honky Tonk, with his old mate Brian Holloway: Brian Holloway (guitar)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
+ others unknown to me. Help!
In the mid seventies, he joined John Miles Band: John Miles (guitar)
Bob Marshall (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Barry Black (drums)
Around 1977 or so, Doreen & Irene sang live with John Miles, with this lineup (recording a live album): Gary left John Miles in December 1977 (being replaced by Brian Chatton).

In 1979, he joined The Sweet:

Andy Scott (guitar, vocals)
Steve Priest (vocals, bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Mick Tucker (drums)
But, after a couple of albums, they dissolved.

Then, Gary acted as musical director for many American artists, while they were touring Europe. Singers such as Rufus Thomas, The Platters, Eddie Floyd, Arthur Conley, or the mighty Wilson Pickett.

Mike Paice was one of the founders of Welsh band Red Beans and Rice. After some time, they relocated in London, and that's when Steve York and Dino Coccia joined:

Laverne Brown (vocals)
Jeff ? (guitar)
Steve York (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Mike Paice (sax, harmonica)
Dino Coccia (drums)
Steve York played with them approximately around 1980. They made a single on the Chiswick label, ´That driving beat´.

In the mid 80s, he played with new wave band ABC. This was the lineup for 1985:

Martin Fry (vocals)
Mark White (guitar)
Don Snow (keyboards)
Gary Moberley (Fairlight programming)
Keith Leblanc (drums)
He appears in their album How to be a zillionaire, alongside with several guests: David Williams (guitar), Guy Barker (trumpet), Brad Lang (bass), Chris Witten (drums), former member David Palmer (drums). I really don't know if he was a member of the live band, or if he only played as sessionman here.

In November 1989, he's part of the Bee Gees backing live band for a concert that was released on two videos, One for all. This was the lineup:

Barry Gibb (vocals, guitar)
Robin Gibb (vocals)
Maurice Gibb (vocals, keyboards)
Alan Kendall (guitar)
Tim Cansfield (guitar)
George 'Chocolate' Perry (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Vic Martin (keyboards)
Michael Murphy (drums)
Tampa Murphy (backing vocals)
Linda Harmon (backing vocals)
Phyllis St. James (backing vocals, percussion)
Some of these live tracks also appeared in a Bee Gees 4CD boxset, Tales from the Brothers Gibb: a history in song 1967-1990.

My friend Christer Fridhammar (please, visit his incredible site - link below), tells me that Gary was a member of Hershey & The Twelve Bars in 1997, with this lineup:

Richard 'Hershey' Shirman (vocals, harmonica)
Mike Summerland (guitar, vocals)
Ernie Hayes (guitar)
Al McLean (bass, vocals)
Gary Moberley (keyboards, vocals)
Alan Coulter (drums)
In 1999, we find him in the band Paul Cox & Soul Intention: Paul Cox (vocals)
Mike Summerland (guitar) (sometimes Mark Simpkins)
Al MacLean (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Nick Payn (sax)
Martin Drover (trumpet)
Steve Dixon (drums)
But some gigs are played during 2000 just as a duo, Paul Cox & Gary Moberley.

In 1999, he also joins the reincarnation of 60s band The Foundations:

Colin Young (vocals)
Alan Warner (guitar)
Steve Bingham (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Tony Laidlaw (sax)
Sam Kelly (drums)
+ horn section unknown to me.
After a while, they changed the lineup when Colin Young left: Hue Montgomery (vocals)
Alan Warner (guitar)
Steve Bingham (bass)
Gary Moberley (keyboards)
Steve Dixon (drums)
+ horn section unknown to me.
And, if he wasn't busy enough, he also plays in Ray Minhinnet's Band, with other great veterans from the British scene: Gary is still playing with Paul Cox, having recorded two albums with him, Ain't nothin' doin' and Real world, released in 2001.

Singles with The Ramrods: AAlbums with John Miles: Albums with The Sweet: Albums with ABC: Albums with Bee Gees: Albums with Paul Cox: Sessions:
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