Shaun Murphy (backing vocals)

Very talented vocalist, her real name is Sheryl Murphy, but she has used different names along her career (mostly Shaun Murphy, but also: Stoney, Stoney Murphy, Shaun Mariani, etc.). She started in a band called Feminine Touch (yes, an all-girls band), joining the band Wilson Mower Pursuit in 1969:

Stoney Murphy (vocals)
Paul Koschtial (guitar)
Rick Stahl (guitar)
Jo Bedo (bass)
Steve Boughton (drums)
After that, she was part of the Detroit cast for 'Hair', along with Meat Loaf. Around 1971, they teamed, forming the duo Stoney & Meat Loaf (one album):
Meat Loaf (vocals)
Stoney (vocals)
After the duo split, she joined Bob Seger band.

In 1995, she joins as a full fledged member of Little Feat, replacing their latest singer, Craig Fuller, who left the band in 1993:

Shaun Murphy (vocals)
Paul Barrere (guitar, vocals)
Fred Tackett (guitar)
Bill Payne (keyboards, vocals)
Kenny Gradney (bass)
Sam Clayton (percussion)
Richie Hayward (drums)
Still members of Little Feat, Shaun and Bill Payne also toured with former boss Bob Seger in 1996, with prolific, excelent drummer Kenny Aaronoff (hey, you play in every new album I get!):
Bob Seger (vocals, guitar)
Tim Mitchell (guitar)
Mark Chatfield (guitar)
Chris Campbell (bass)
Craig Frost (keyboards)
Bill Payne (keyboards)
Tim Cashion (keyboards)
Alto Reed (sax)
Kenny Aaronoff (drums)
Shaun Murphy (backing vocals)
Laura Creamer (backing vocals)
Karen Newman (backing vocals)

Along her career, she has also toured with Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Michael Bolton, Eddie Money, Bruce Hornsby.

Albums as Stoney & Meatloaf:

Albums with Eric Clapton: Albums with Little Feat (as backing vocalist): Albums with Little Feat (as a full time member): Some sessions as Stoney: Some sessions as Shaun Mariani: Some sessions:
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