Keith Murrell (vocals)

Powerful singer, he has been lead singer in several bands, although he lately works more as background vocalist in many sessions.

Airrace was a band assembled by Jason Bonham:

Their album, Shaft of light, contained powerful AOR, especially due to Keith Murrell strong vocals.

He joins Lionheart in August 1985:

By that time, guitarist Steve Mann also played in a parallel band, Stratus (with members of fantastic band Praying Mantis).

A new lineup is assembled in early 1986:

And, in April 1986, Steve Mann and Rocky Newton leave the band, to join Macauley Schenker Group. Then, Keith joins Mama's Boys in 1987: They released an album called Growing up the hard way, but in 1988, Keith left the band who reverted as a trio again.

After that, he concentrated in session work, also singing backup vocals for Cliff Richard.

In April 1986, he could be seen singing in the musical Time, starring Cliff Richard. This was the original cast:

An album was released from the musical in 1986, although with different members, and I don't know if Keith appears there, as I don't have it. Any help, please? The album features Cliff Richard, Freddie Mercury, Leo Sayer, Julian Lennon, Ashford & Simpson, Murray Head, Chris Thompson, Miriam Stockley, among others.

After some time, the musical carried on with David Cassidy instead of Cliff Richard, but I guess that's when Keith left too.

Albums with Airrace:

Albums with Mama's Boys: Sessions:

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