Ernie O'Malley (drums)

Ernie is probably most known for his relationship with Rod Stewart in the early 60s.

Around January 1964, Long John Baldry forms Hoochie Coochie Men from the ashes of Cyril Davies R&B All Stars Band:

After a while, Ernie O'Malley was replaced by Billy Law.

There's an album released by the band, Long John's Blues, but I think Ernie doesn't play there, but his replacement, Billy Law.

Next thing I read about him is a band called Quiet World in 1970 (originally called The Quiet World of Lea and John), where there was a young guitar genius, Steve Hackett:

They released an album, The road.

And later, nothing else... Does anybody know more info about him?


1. Does anybody know about recording sessions with Ernie, please?

Albums by Quiet World:
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