Nick Pentelow (sax)

Prolific horn player, you can find him in many albums, especially blues albums. He was born on June 10, 1951 in Guildford, but he soon moved to Birmingham.

At the beginning of his career, he played with a band called Gypsies Kiss, based at Cannon Hill ArtS Centre in Birmingham:

Occasionally, Charlie Grima (later in Wizard with Nick) would jam with the band.

Later, Nick and Mark Bristow went to play with a combo called Scratch Band:

In 1972, he rejoins Stuart Scott in another band, Pendulum: In July 1972, he joins genius Roy Wood (just leaving his own creature, ELO) who was to form his next band, Wizzard: They released the album called Wizzard Brew in 1973.

Soon after, Hugh McDowell rejoins ELO again, thus leaving Wizzard:

Later same year, in November 1973, there is another change in lineup. Bill Hunt leaves: They released a 2nd album called Eddy & The Falcons.

After a 3rd album, See my baby jive, in February 1975, Roy Wood changes to a different project (The Wizzo Band), and Nick goes to play in Steve Gibbons Band. The lineups were changing all the time, as many friends of Steve Gibbons came to play with them when they were available.

As far as I know, Nick Pentelow recorded 3 albums with Steve Gibbons. Down in the bunker was released in 1978, Saints and sinners in 1979. A new album is released in 1980, with this lineup:

The album was called Street parade. There are two different editions, as the German release hasn't the same tracks as the British release.

A big gap here! Help with info, please!!

In 1981, he's a member of the band Juice on the Loose:

They released a self-titled album with this lineup.

Another big gap again! Help with info, please!!

In April 1990, the lineup for Gary Moore band is:

For some concerts, they were joined by the late Albert Collins, who appeared as a guest in Gary's blues albums. The tour finished in September 1990.

During 1991 and 1992, he tours as part of the live horn section for the great band Blodwyn Pig:

Mick Abrahams (guitar, vocals)
Jim Leverton (bass)
Dave Lennox (keyboards)
Nick Pentelow (sax)
Gordon Murphy (sax)
Clive Bunker (drums)
Next lineup for Gary Moore Band was in March 1992: In April 1995, after some adventures with Jack Bruce, Gary Moore resurrects his Midnight Blues Band, with his friends: Gary's next album is a full tribute to Peter Green, including Peter Green's original songs as well as a version that Peter played with Fleetwood Mac, the beautiful 'Need your love so bad'. Its title is Blues for Greeny.

There was also released a live video from the subsequent tour. Called Blues for Greeny live (1996, Warner), it was recorded on April 27, 1995.

But Gary Moore's next step was another great change. He leaves the blues direction, turning into a more poppy style, and Nick doesn't stay in his band.

In 1995, Bernie Marsden assembles a superb band to release a tribute to Peter Green, later released as Green & blues. The band was:

In the late 90s, Nick has been playing in studio albums by Japanese trio Dreams Come True. But when they needed a horn section for live concerts in July 1996, they used these same musicians as in the studio albums: As every year, Gary Brooker assembles a band to play some charity gigs in December 1998. Impressive lineup: In September 1999, Nick Pentelow returns to Roger Chapman & The Shortlist for a two months tour: Albums with Wizzard: Albums with Steve Gibbons: Albums with Juice on the Loose: Albums with Roger Chapman & The Shortlist: Albums with Chuck Farley: Albums with Gary Moore: Live videos with Gary Moore: Albums with Bernie Marsden: Sessions:
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From the superb site Knights in Blue Denim: The British Blues Scene '68 - '70 (by Christer Fridhammar & Vanja), we have:

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