Mac Poole (drums)

Talented and veteran drummer, he has played with fantastic musicians along a long career. He was from Birmingham.

He was asked to join Led Zeppelin, but he turned down the offer. He played in The Dangerfield Band:

Tony Dangerfield (vocals)
Paul Green (guitar)
Gavin Barnett (bass)
Harvey Ellison (sax)
Mac Poole (drums)
Around 1969, Mac joined the band Big Bertha when Cozy Powell quits (to join Jeff Beck):
Dave McTavish (vocals)
Dave Ball (guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
They split in Summer 1971.

Around 1969, we find Mac playing for Marsha Hunt:

Marsha Hunt (vocals)
Ged Peck (guitar)
Nick Simper (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
In 1970, the whole backing band left Marsha and formed a new combo, Warhorse:
Ashley Holt (vocals)
Ged Peck (guitar)
Nick Simper (bass)
Frank Wilson (keyboards)
Mac Poole (drums)
Their first album was Warhorse, released in November 1970. Ged Peck left them after that:
Ashley Holt (vocals)
Peter Parks (guitar)
Nick Simper (bass)
Frank Wilson (keyboards)
Mac Poole (drums)
Their 2nd album was called Red sea, released in 1972. Both albums have been reissued in the late 90s, with extra material. The band split when they were making the initial recordings for a third album. All those songs are features as bonus in the CD reissue of Red sea.

In April 1972, he joined Gong:

Daevid Allen (vocals, guitar)
Gilli Smyth (vocals)
Christian Tritch (bass)
Didier Malherbe (sax, flute)
Mac Poole (drums)
+ others unknown to me. Help!
But he left them after just 3 months, in June 1972.

Around 1973, his new project is Hungry Heart, with famous partners:

Dave Walker (vocals)
Danny Kirwan (guitar)
Andy Sylvester (bass)
Paul Raymond (keyboards)
Mac Poole (drums)
But they sadly split after just one gig.

In 1973, he joined Huw Lloyd Langton in a new band called Magill:

Huw Lloyd Langton (vocals, guitar)
Pete Scott ()
Bob Rawlinson (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
But it was a short-lived band, as Huw soon moved to different projects.

Around 1976, Stan Webb (leader of Chicken Shack) starts a new project, Broken Glass:

Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Bob Rawlinson (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
They released a self-titled album, Broken Glass, with help from Miller Anderson, and produced by Tony Ashton. But in 1977, Stan Webb resurrected Chicken Shack, so Broken Glass split.

Nightlife was a band formed by Jim Roche and Ian Ellis at the end of the 70s:

I don't know how much time they stayed together.

In 1978, Mac is part of a band called Oval Exiles:

Soon after, they teamed with Mickey Jupp, rebaptizing themselves as Mickey Jupp And The Treatment: In 1980, Mac Poole rejoins Nick Simper in Nick's new band, called Nick Simper's Fandango:
Jim Proops (vocals)
Peter Parks (guitar, vocals)
Nick Simper (bass, vocals)
Mac Poole (drums)
They released the album Future times in 1980, but the band didn't go ahead apart from recording that album. Many years later, it was reissued as a 2CD set with a previous album Slipstreaming (where Mac didn't play).

In March 1987, two former members of ELO, Kelly Groucutt and Mik Kaminski, form a new band, Orkestra (originally they were called Player), and Mac joins them, as they were old friends:

Kelly Groucutt (vocals, bass)
Clive Poole (guitar)
Terry Pardoe (keyboards)
Chris Tew (keyboards)
Mik Kaminski (violin)
Mac Poole (drums)
But Mac left Orkestra in January 1988 after a tour (being replaced by Simon Fox).

In 1993, we find Mac playing in Paul Lucas band:

Sadly, the great Mick Wayne died in June 1994, in Michigan, in a house fire, so I guess the band split.

In 1996, Mac forms Rockin' Horse, a quartet playing inside a rock and roll show called 'Oh Boy! It's only rock'n'roll'. They were also the houseband for the whole show. But I don't know the other members in the lineup. Help, please!

Albums with Warhorse: Albums with Broken Glass: Albums with Nick Simper's Fandango: Sessions:
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