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  • Roger Chapman's Shortlist
  • David Gilmour Band
  • Willie & The Poorboys
  • Willie & The Poorboys (1985, Passport)
  • Solo albums:
  • Her father didn't like me, anyway (1979, Portrait)
  • A superb player, he entered into music history for playing the famous sax riff on Gerry Rafferty's 'Baker street' song. Who hasn't heard this tune? :)

    While a prolific studio musician, it has been hard for me tracing his live bands. So, as I know I'm missing lots of things, any help would be very welcomed!!


    This is one of the fantastic lineups of Gerry Rafferty band. This must be near 1980:


    Raf joined singer Roger Chapman (from Family fame, later in Streetwalkers, and now with his own solo career), who was assembling a live band for promoting his brand new album Chappo. Although Raf doesn't play in the album, he was chosen for the superb live band:

    A killer lineup for a great artist!


    After having released a solo album, About face, David Gilmour assembled a superb live band for touring:

    They started the tour on March 1984. Jody Liscott broke her arm on July 1984, and she was replaced for a few gigs by Sid Evans (or was Sue Addams or Sue Evans?).
    Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
    David Gilmour
    Mick Ralphs
    Gregg Dechert
    Jody Linscott
    Chris Slade
    Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
    Mickey Feat


    This was a parallel band formed by Rolling Stones then-member, Bill Wyman. Thought as an all-star band, Bill called many of his friends to play with him, both on albums and concerts. The album features all these great people:

    In March 1985, it was filmed a video, with a slightly different lineup:
    Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
    Bill Wyman
    Chris Rea
    Paul Rodgers
    Ringo Starr
    Ron Wood
    Jimmy Page
    Mickey Gee
    Geraint Watkins
    Willie Garnett
    Terry Taylor
    Charlie Watts
    John Entwistle
    Chris Jagger
    Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
    Andy Fairweather-Low
    Mel Collins
    Steve Gregory
    Ray Cooper
    Kenny Jones
    Henry Spinetti
    Terry Williams


    Raf has been guesting lately with Bobby Tench Band. ... add details!!!!!


    Her father didn't like me, anyway was his first solo album. Being a famous sessionman, it was clear that his solo album were to contain many of his companions. The list is amazingly long:

    He also released some singles:
    Apart from albums, Raf has written several books about sax playing. Some of them are:


    Press here to read about Raf Ravenscroft sessions

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    Family tree

    Coming soon (I hope so!).

    Thanks section

    Very special thanks to: Raf Ravenscroft, for his great help.

    Special thanks to: Alex Gitlin, for invaluable help and support, as always; Boris Shnitzer, for info on Raf sessions with Uriah Heep.


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