Impressive bassist, he knows how to play (!!), and he also has a very powerful look. He was born in Cuba, but he arrived with his family to Florida when he was very young.


This is the first known band where Rudy played.

After three years, they split. But this wasn't the final chapter for this band, as we're going to read.


Rudy was part of this famous band for a while, but I don't have details about it. Help, please!


A hard rock personality! You either love or hate his voice, but he's one of the most charismatic singers in the hard rock scene (ah, I love his voice and his albums, by the way!).

When Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake left Ozzy to join Uriah Heep, they were replaced by another smashing rhythm section.

Lindsey Bridgewater was the keyboardist for the tour promoting Diary of a madman (still recorded with Daisley and Kerslake). But, after leaving Rainbow, Don Airey (who played in Ozzy's first album) joins the band in March 1981. But, tragedy beats them when, on March 19th, 1982, Randy Rhoads dies in a plane accident. He went with their bus driver and a wardrobe assistant in a light plane, who crashed. A real tragedy; to me, Randy was a genius. Being so young, he could have reached the highest peaks in rock music. In order to complete the tour, Ozzy searchs for new guitarists. Bernie Torme is a fantastic player, but he only played 7 days with them. I think John Sykes was also called, but a young Brad Gillis was the one who stayed. This was April 1982. A pity that there isn't live material from this lineup featuring the band repertoire (I know, there's a live album without Don, but it only features Black Sabbath songs), as Brad really made a very good work.

After the tour finished, in September 1982, Ozzy decided to make a new tour (and live album) only featuring Black Sabbath songs, and Don Airey decides leaving.

They released the powerful live album Speak of the devil (released as Talk of the devil in the States, with one additional track). As I've mentioned, the album only contained Black Sabbath songs, but played in a very different approach.

After this album, Rudy left the band.

Some years after Randy Rhoads death, it was released a 2LP live, called Tribute, featuring 13 live tracks, plus 1 track in the studio featuring Randy alone. It's not stated the lineup for these recordings, but my guess is that they include Don Airey.

There's a 2CD compilation called The Ozzman comet, and Rudy appears in a live version of 'Paranoid', taken from the Tribute album. By the way, Rudy is funnily credited as Trudy Sarzo (not a mistake. Ozzy also plays the same trick with Bob Daisy (Bob Daisley) or Bill Susan (Phil Soussan).

QUIET RIOT (again)  

Rudy and his old bandmates finally decide to have another chance under Quiet Riot name. Of course, Randy Rhoads couldn't be in that lineup, but they get a new face, Carlos Cavazo.

They released a very good album, Mental health, including a rendition of Slade's 'Cum on feel the noize'. The album is dedicated to Randy Rhoads.

They also released a live video, Live in Dortmund.

In 1983, they toured the States, with Whitesnake supporting them. A good contact for the future, as we'll see...

Their next album was Condition critical. Again, including a Slade cover, 'Mama weer all crazee now'.


First news I read about this new band were from November 1985. The magazines announced that lineup was:

Kirk James came from Steeler.

But six months later, in October 1986, the lineup announced is:

The band was sometimes called M.A.R.S. in magazines. They only released one album, called Project driver.


After the problems with Driver, Rudy and Tommy Aldridge decided forming a new band, called NRG, with Danny Cordola (from Giuffria), in May 1987.

Three months later, it was announced a different lineup (August 1987):

After the release of successful album 1987, David Coverdale had fired all the musicians in the band. But he soon assembled a new band, that appears in the video of 'Still of the night' (taken from that album). The video features the brand new band (although they didn't play in the song):

A superb lineup, although very different from initial style of this great band. After recording a single, Vivian Campbell leaves the band. Their idea was to stay as a quartet, but when they were to record their new album, Adrian Vandenberg suffered some hand injuries, being unable to play for some months, and guitar maestro Steve Vai is called to play all the guitars in the album Slip of the tongue. He also stayed in the band for next tour, that came to Spain. Guests in the album: Don Airey (keyboards), Claude Gaudette (keyboards), David Rosenthal (keyboards), Tommy Funderbunk (vocals), and as 'very special guest', Glenn Hughes on vocals. It includes a new version of an old Whitesnake song, 'Fool for your loving'.

During the tour, it was announced that Rudy Sarzo was to rejoin Quiet Riot again (with this lineup: Paul Shortino (vocals), Carlos Cavazo (guitar), Rudy Sarzo (bass), Frankie Banali (drums)) after Whitesnake should finish. They projected to record a new album. But this never happened.

Greatest hits is a compilation including some song only available as a single. The list of musicians from my Olympus appearing there is very long. Let's see: David Coverdale (vocals), Micky Moody (guitar), John Sykes (guitar), Steve Vai (guitar), Dann Huff (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Rudy Sarzo (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Cozy Powell (drums), Aynsley Dunbar (drums), Denny Carmassi (drums), Tommy Aldridge (drums).


In 1993, Paul Rodgers announced a new live band, after splitting his own band The Law.

unnamed band  

After the final concerts in Whitesnake, the musicians thought of staying together, with another vocalist.

In the beginning of 1993, they met James Christian at the Frankfurt Fair, and started speaking about having their own band. I also read about a band called Sun King, but I don't know if we're speaking of the same project. Help, please!


In June 1994, after the split of Coverdale/Page, Coverdale assembles a new edition of Whitesnake, taking Denny with him.

They tour until October 1994, when the project is 'frozen' again.


The same story again. Whitesnake was to spend a long time out of the rock scene, the musicians thought of staying together, with another vocalist.

They released a self-titled album in 1994.


Rudy released an instructional video called Bass master class, under the Hot Licks series. I can't give more details, as I haven't seen it, just an ad in a magazine from 1991.

Just some rumours?

Rudy is a very famous name in rock business, and he has been mentioned many times regarding some supergroups. These are some of the ones I have in my old magazines:


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