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This is the list of the sessions I know Rudy Sarzo appears... I've classified them into several categories: Rudy has helped many Latin rocks bands to release their own albums, as we can read.


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Sam Kinison Sam Kinison is a famous comedian in the States, who has many friends among the heavy metal musicians. This album features appearances by: Lanny Cordola (guitar), Leslie West (guitar), Slash (guitar), Dweezil Zappa (guitar), Robert Sarzo (guitar, from Hurricane), C.C. De Ville (guitar, from Poison), Jimmy Bain (bass), Rudy Sarzo (bass), Randy Jackson (bass), David Bryan (keyboards, from Bon Jovi), Kim Bullard (keyboards), Mike Baird (drums), Jody Cortez (drums), Fred Coury (drums, from Cinderella), and backing vocals by Eddie Money, Tommy Funderbunk, Gary Falcone, David Cumming, Billy Trudell, Richie Zito, Chuck Wright.



Original soundtrack This was a terror movie directed by Wes Craven. The soundtrack was very heavy. Alice Cooper contributed writing some songs, such as 'No more Mr. Nice Guy' (Megadeth), 'Sword and stone' (Bonfire), 'Demon bell' (Dangerous Toys), 'Love transfussion' (Iggy Pop). There is also songs from the bands Saraya, Voodoo X or Dead on. Plus, a sort of heavy supergroup, called Dudes of Wrath, singing and playing the title track ('Shocker'). The lineup for Dudes of Wrath was: This info is taken from a magazine I have, not from the soundtrack, as I don't have it (never found it here). If someone can confirm the info, please write to me!!

VV.AA. As you can guess, this album is a tribute to the band Queen. Lots of great musicians in this album: Jeff Scott Soto (vocals, from Takara), Glenn Hughes (vocals), Paul Shortino (vocals), Yngwie Malmsteen & Mark Boals (guitar & vocals), Lemmy (vocals, from Motorhead), Robin McAuley (vocals), Jake E. Lee (guitar), Bruce Bouillet (guitar, ex-Racer X), Chris Impelliteri (guitar), Bob Kulick (guitar), Ted Nugent (guitar), Robbie Krieger (guitar, from The Doors), Marty Friedman (guitar, from Megadeth), Rudy Sarzo (bass), Tony Franklin (bass), Ricky Phillips (bass), Carmine Appice (drums), Tommy Aldridge (drums), Jay Schellen (drums), as well as some members from Anthrax. From Dream Theater: James Labrie (vocals), John Petrucci (guitar). From Kiss: Bruce Kulick (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums).

Rudy plays in three songs with these lineups:

In 'Another one bites the dust':

In 'Tie your mother down': In 'Keep yourself alive':

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