Mike Rutherford (guitar, bass)

The original bassist in mythical progressive band Genesis. Since they turned into a trio, he also got the guitarist role in the studio recordings. Still a member of Genesis, this is his parallel band. A bass virtuoso, I think he just should give the guitar role to other people, just my 'umble opinion.

In July 1989, there's a very interesting concert in Surrey, England, with this impressive lineup:

Gary Brooker (vocals, keyboards)
Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)
Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar, vocals)
Mike Rutherford (guitar)
Dave Bronze (bass)
Mel Collins (sax)
Frank Mead (sax)
Steve Winwood (keyboards, vocals)
Phil Collins (drums, vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
Danny Hammond (percussion)
Vicki Brown (backing vocals)
Sam Brown (backing vocals)
Margo Buchanon (backing vocals)
Carol Kenyon (backing vocals)
They sang and played some classics from the bands of some of the members (Procol Harum, Traffic, Sam Brown, etc.).

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