Ed Spevock (drums)

Powerful drummer, he went to school with Peter Green.

First credit about him is playing with the soul band The Amboy Dukes in the sixties:

Later, he was in a band called Salt and Pepper: He joined Pete Brown and Piblokto! around 1970: But the band was disbanded very soon. Pete Brown joined Graham Bond for a while, and Spevock went with them. They released an album credited to Bond + Brown, with the title of Two heads are better than one. The album also contained guest appearances by great guitarist Mick Hutchinson, plus backing vocals by Mick Walker, Sue Woolley and Erica Bond.

He joined fantastic band Babe Ruth around 1973:

They released their 2nd album, Amar caballero. With lots of guest players: Bud Beadle and Steve Gregory were both old mates of Ed (in Amboy Dukes), plus Ron Carthy (trumpet), Keith Christie (trombone), Jack Ellory (flute), Chris Holmes (keyboards), Duncan Lamont (flute), Gaspar Lawal (percussion), Nick Mobbs (percussion), Brian Warren (flute), Dave White (flute).

Soon later, they get a 5th member, keyboardist Steve Gurl:

Their 3rd album was a self-titled one, Babe Ruth, featuring one song written by Ed, 'Sad but rich'.

After several lineup changes, Alan Shacklock leaves the band in 1975, and the great Bernie Marsden joins them:

They release a new album, Stealin' home. Again, including a fantastic song written by Ed, 'Fascination'.

Soon later, Haan and Hewitt leave the band, and Bernie Marsden assumes the leading role.

A new album is released, Kid's stuff. Bernie called some of his former friends in Cozy Powell's Hammer to play here: Neil Murray (bass) and Don Airey (keyboards), plus percussionists Frank Ricotti, Chris Karan and Tony Carr. But after this new album, the band finally splits. Then, he gets a call from old schoolmate Peter Green, who asked him to form a band, but after some rehearsals, the idea was dropped.

In 1977, Stan Webb resurrects mythical band Chicken Shack, and Ed is the drummer:

Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Paul Martinez (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
They recorded an album, The creeper, with help from Tony Ashton.  After a while, Martinez left, and his replacement is Ray Knott, Ed's old mate in Babe Ruth: Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Ray Knott (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
but Knott left the band very soon. That's when Steve York joined, in 1978: Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Steve York (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
This lineup released the album That's the way we are. In 1979, all the members left the band.

He was also a member of The Peddlers. Another band was Lion, a project with old mate Jenny Haan. But I don't have info about the musicians, so any help will be very appreciated.

He has also played along the years in several musical works, such as 'Are you lonesome tonight?' and others.

Ed was a member of Enigma, a British band whose life spawns over two decades, with many different musicians. Ed was a member of the band, with this lineup:

Marie Grimshaw (vocals)
Terri Harwood (vocals)
Martin Jay (guitar, vocals)
Brad Lang (bass)
Neil Drinkwater (keyboards)
Stewart Curtis (sax, flute)
Ed Spevock (drums)
Roger Odell (drums)
I don't know how much time (and when) Ed spent with the band. Help, please!

He also played in the musical 'Disgracefully yours' by Richard O'Brien (from The Rocky Horror Show fame) in 1996. This was the cast of musicians (the band was named The Black Angels):

Richard O'Brien (vocals)
Les Davidson (guitar)
Bill Robinson (bass)
Dave Brown (keyboards)
Nick Payn (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
Some of the songs from the show were later played in Richard O'Brien's album from 1999, Absolute O'Brien, where Spevock plays in two songs. The album was produced by the great Pip Williams, and other musicians featured are: Les Davidson (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar), Kevin McAlea (keyboards), Bias Boshell (keyboards), Rob Melvin (keyboards), Andy Brown (bass), Bill Robinson (bass), Nick Payn (sax), Pete Beachill (trumpet), Guy Barker (trumpet), Bob Jenkins (drums), and Sappho Korner on backing vocals.

Ed Spevock currently plays with a Steely Dan tribute band funnily named Stealing Dan (and Don). The lineup is:

Robin Bibi (vocals, guitar)
Jeremy Duning (guitar)
Keith Murphy (bass, vocals)
Chris Clark (keyboards)
Dave Land (trumpet)
Geoff Driscoll (sax)
Stewart Curtis (sax)
Bob Mckay (sax)
Richard Pardy (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
Hans Ferrao (drums)
Guitarist Robin also leads his own Robin Bibi Band, featuring Ed from time to time: Robin Bibi (vocals, guitar)
Ed Spevock (drums)
Hans Ferrao (drums)
Chris Bellshaw
Geoff Cooper
Tony Marten
Martin York
Paul Robinson
Ed is also a founder of Baroque to Rock, a music school for children, along with: Steven Chapman
John Atkinson
Jeremy Duning (guitar)
Ed Spevock (drums)

Albums with Brown + Bond:

Albums with Babe Ruth: Albums with Chicken Shack: Albums with Richard O'Brien: Sessions:
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