Tony Stevens (bass)

Great bassist, he can also be found sometimes credited as Tone Stevens. He was born in London, September 12, 1949 (and, by the way, he is living for a few years in Spain!!).

He joined mythical blues band Savoy Brown very soon, around 1968.

They released two albums with this lineup: Blue matter and A step further. But Bob Hall leaves the band in December 1969: A new album is released, Raw Sienna. In May 1970, their singer Chris Youlden leaves, becoming a quartet. A new album, Looking in, and Kim Simmonds is left alone when the remaining members leave to form another great band, Foghat. (For those wanting to know, Kim kept on with Savoy Brown with new members, some of them to be covered in my Olympus: Andy Pyle and Paul Raymond).

Note: in 1981 it was released a live album from that Savoy Brown lineup, called Just live.

The original Foghat lineup was:

After four albums, Tony left the band in 1975, to concentrate in a career as actor.

In 1975, Andy Mackay (from Roxy Music) is asked to compose the music for a TV series, "Rock follies", about a female trio (one of the singers was the marvellous Julie Covington). Andy composed the music, but a stable band was formed to play all the music as well as appearing in the series. This band was:

Ray Russell (guitar)
Tony Stevens (bass)
Brian Chatton (keyboards)
Peter Van Hooke (drums)
Àndy Mackay (sax)
An album was released from those performances, called Rock follies. It was followed by a 2nd volume, Rock follies of 77.

After that, he formed a band with the great Joe Jammer, in a trio format (they had released an album in 1973, Bad news). Now the band was called Nobody's Business:

They released a self-titled album, and in 1979, Tony joined Maggie Bell in her new band, Midnight Flyer. One self-titled album, plus and EP, Rock'n'roll party, before splitting in 1982.

Then, he joined for a while to Cheetah, a hard rock band led by two beatiful singers from Australia.

In 1984, he joins Roger Chapman (see Geoff Whitehorn page) until 1988.

In 1993, he rejoins Foghat. The original lineup again:

In 1999, Rod Price retires from live tours, and his place is filled in concerts by friend Bryan Bassett: The sad ending for this story has been Lonesome Dave's death on February 7th, 2000. :(

Solo albums:

Albums with Savoy Brown: Albums with Foghat: Albums with Joe Jammer: Albums with Rock Follies: Albums with Nobody's Business: Albums with Midnight Flyer: Albums with Roger Chapman & The Shortlist: Sessions:
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