Gavin Sutherland (vocals, guitar, bass)

Brother of Iain, first time he played with his brother was in a band called A New Generation:

Iain Sutherland (vocals, guitar)
Gavin Sutherland (vocals, bass)
Christopher Kemp (keyboards, vocals)
John Wright (drums)
They released 3 singles during 1969-70, before Iain & Gavin forming a duo, appropiately called Sutherland Brothers, that later merged with Quiver in 1973. Still as a duo, they had a great hit with the superb song 'Sailing', later made famous by Rod Stewart.

After their breakup with Quiver, they released another album as a duo, and after that, Gavin has released two solo albums, as well as appearing in some album with friends, such as Clive Gregson (alone and with his band Any Trouble).

Iain and Gavin produced an album by Mickey Jupp: Oxford, 1980 (featuring Dave Bronze).

Gavin also appears playing bass in several albums by the heavy metal band called Demon, as they had lost their bassist, and they were friends (drummer John Wright was a member of Demon, and John and Gavin played together in A New Generation, see above). He was not a real member of the band though.

Currently, Gavin now specialises in writing and recording original music and sound for film, television, video, radio, new-media and audioweb projects.

Not only that, because Gavin has just released a brand new album called Diamonds and gold. For those who want to get a copy, please visit Gavin's own site at

Albums as The Sutherland Brothers:

Solo albums: Albums with Demon: Some sessions:
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