Iain Sutherland (vocals, guitar, keyboards)

Brother of Gavin, he was in a band called The Mysteries, before playing for the first time with his brother in a band called A New Generation:

Iain Sutherland (vocals, guitar)
Gavin Sutherland (vocals, bass)
Christopher Kemp (keyboards, vocals)
John Wright (drums)
They released 3 singles during 1969-70, before Iain & Gavin forming a duo, appropiately called Sutherland Brothers, that later merged with Quiver in 1973. Still as a duo, they had a great hit with the superb song 'Sailing', later made famous by Rod Stewart.

Iain and Gavin produced an album by Mickey Jupp: Oxford, 1980 (featuring Dave Bronze).

Iain is mentioned as lyricist in Gary Brooker's album Echoes in the night (1985, with Tim Renwick, Eric Clapton, Matthew Fisher, Rory Gallagher, John Giblin, Henry Spinetti, B.J. Wilson).

In 1990, Iain Sutherland and Steve Hackett (ex-guitarist from Genesis) assembled an all-star band called Rock against Repatriation. It was a charity project for people from Vietnam. The single was 'Sailing', and the musicians included the members of Marillion (with Ian Mosley), Brian May (from Queen), Steve Hackett (with his band), Simon Phillips, The Moody Blues, Godley & Creme, Paul Carrack, Phil Manzanera, Mike Rutherford, Bonnie Tyler, Mark King, Curt Smith, Judy Tzuke, Pino Palladino, Jim Diamond, and the London Chamber Orchestra, among others.

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