Pete Thompson (drums)

Very competent drummer.

Around 1972, Roden and Blunt left the band. Robbie joined Silverhead, replacing their original guitarist, Steve Forest:

Michael Des Barres (vocals)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Rod Davies (guitar, vocals)
Nigel Harrison (bass)
Pete Thompson (drums)
They released a 2nd album, Sixteen and savaged, but the band broke up in 1974.
(Shotgun. From left to right: Denny Ball, Ian Gibbons, Ken Hensley, Derek Marshall, Pete Thompson)
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In 1980, Denny joins Shotgun, the band assembled by Ken Hensley when he left Uriah Heep (after 11 years in the band).

Ken Hensley (vocals, guitar)
Derek Marshall (guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
Pete Thompson (drums)
But the band's life was very short, and they didn't make any recording. Made one concert tour of UK. Great reviews.

There is a video of the band performing Ken Hensley’s single taken from Ken's Free Spirit album.

Robert Lee Kolb (from Dallas) came over to play a couple of shows in England. Line-up included Shotgun members:

Robert Lee Kolb (vocals, guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
Pete Thompson (drums)
+ singers and a sax player

Sometime between 1980 and 1981, Clem joined Ken Hensley (from Uriah Heep), but the group life was very short.

Ken Hensley (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Clem Clempson (guitar)
Milt Muth (bass)
David Michael (keyboards)
Pete Thompson (drums)

The new lineup (for next two albums: Passion and Take what you need) is:

Robin Trower (guitar)
Davey Pattison (vocals)
Dave Bronze (vocals, bass)
Pete Thompson (drums)
Thanks to a live album, we can know that Pete was backing singer Melanie around April 1989:
Melanie (vocals, guitar)
Alan Ross (guitar)
Justin Myers (bass)
Neil Palmer (keyboards)
Pete Thompson (drums)
Chris Staines (backing vocals)
Kay Langford (backing vocals)
On air is a live album from BBC recordings. It contains tracks from 3 different dates: 1969, 1975, and 1989. The four tracks from 1989 feature the lineup mentioned just above.

Next thing I know about Pete is playing with superb vocalist Paul Cox. This is the lineup that records the fantastic Ain't nothin' doin':

Paul Cox (vocals)
Roger Cotton (guitar, keyboards)
Andy Brown (bass)
Pete Thompson (drums)
Recorded with many guests: Mark Simkins (guitar, vocals), Mark Clements (bass), Gary Moberley (keyboards), Steve Jackson (drums), Nick Payn (sax, flute), Martin Drover (trumpet, flugelhorn), Derek Nash (sax), Jennie Evans (backing vocals), Debbie Miller (backing vocals), Al McLean (backing vocals). As I've said, a great album, produced by Roger Cotton (from Peter Green's Splinter Group). The album contains nice renditions of Robin Trower/Frankie Miller ('This love is mine') or John Hiatt, to name a few.

Albums with Silverhead:

Albums with Robin Trower: Albums with Melanie: Albums with Paul Cox: Sessions:
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1. Was Pete a member of Pete Haycock's Climax, or he maybe played in Total climax in a session basis?

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