Victor Unitt (guitar)

Fantastic guitarist, he was born on July 3, 1946. He was an original member of Edgar Broughton Band:

In November 1969, he left them to join mythical band Pretty Things, that had just lost two of their most valuable members (original member Dick Taylor, plus Twink Adler): This lineup recorded a fantastic album, Parachute, and a single, 'The good Mr. Square /  Blue serge blues' (released in April 1970, the B-side not included in the album). This lineup also contributed to the solo album by drummer Twink, and also an album by French singer Philippe DeBarges.

In July 1970, Victor left them to rejoin Edgar Broughton Band:

But, in 1973, he had left the band again.

And, since then, I haven't known of Victor Unitt. Maybe he retired from music business? Does anybody know?

Albums with Edgar Broughton Band: Albums with Pretty Things: Sessions:
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