Dave Wendells (guitar)

Veteran guitarist, he played with some mythical bands from the 60s, but sadly, he seems to have disappeared from music scene...

Around 1960, he was a founder member of The Crescents:

After a while, their singer left, being replaced by Johnny Dell: They split early in 1962 when Mick Underwood left.

In April 1962, he replaced Bernie Watson in The Savages, for some weeks:

A powerful lineup! He was replaced by Ritchie Blackmore in May 1962.

Then, he replaced Bernie Watson again, this time in Cliff Bennett's Rebel Rousers. This was December 1962:

In November 1963, the lineup is augmented by the great Roy Young: In July 1964, Frank Allen left them to join The Searchers: In June 1965, Wendells (and Thompson) left, after having recorded 6 singles with the band.

Soon later, Wendells joined Lulu & The Luvvers, but I don't have details about the exact period and lineup. Help, please!

After that, he started working as session man for producer Derek Lawrence, usually with his old mates from The Savages. I'm sure Dave must appear in many recordings from that period, but I haven't been able to compile a list of works. If anyone has more info, it would be very appreciated.

In 1967, there's another band project with Carlo Little, called Soul Survival:

They released the album Soul sounds, but the band life was very short.

In May 1970, he's mentioned as part (again) of Lord Sutch band, this time called Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends:

This if the first gap in Dave's musical career. I can't find info about these years, sorry.

Around 1973 or so, next project was with old mate Carlo Little; a band called Hurricane:

Around 1974, he joined one of the last lineups of Love Affair: They split in 1975, without having recorded any material.

In 1978, Dave plays with Frankie Reid for some BBC sessions, with a fantastic lineup:

Frankie Reid (vocals)
Dana Gillespie (vocals)
Dave Wendells (guitar)
John Hawken (keyboards)
Matthew Fisher (keyboards)
Sid Phillips (sax)
Tony Hall (sax)
Carlo Little (drums)
Two songs by them appear in the collective album It's only rock'n'roll, vol. 2. Other artists appearing: the great Geraint Watkins, Memphis Bend, Whirlwind, James Booker, etc.


1. Was Dave Wendells a member of Roy Young Band? It's strange that he appears in both albums by the band, if he wasn't a member, and provided they already had Harvey Hinsley in their lineup...

2. Has he played with The Searchers?

3. Does he appear in any Luvvers material? And, did he join The Luvvers before the band parted ways with Lulu?

Albums with Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers:

Albums with Soul Survival: Albums with Frankie Reid Band: Sessions:
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