Kevin Westlake (drums)

Drummer, as well as very accomplished songwriter (he wrote songs with Mickie Most and Mort Schuman, among others).

The first band I've been able to trace with him is Johnny B. Great & The Quotations:

Billy Bremmer (guitar, vocals)
Kevin Westlake (drums)
+ others unknown to me. Help!
He later joined The Ingoes, and they changed their name to Blossom Toes: Brian Godding (guitar, vocals)
Jim Cregan (guitar)
Brian Belshaw (bass)
Kevin Westlake (drums)
They recorded their first album, We are ever so clean, with an orchestra.

Still in 1967, Westlake left (being replaced by Poli Palmer). Kevin released a solo album. He also recorded a single as Kevin Westlake & Gary Farr: 'Everyday / Green' (1968), with Gary Farr (leader in Gary Farr & The T-Bones).

There's a 2LP compilation called Blossom Toes Collection. There's also another album credited to Blossom Toes, New day, but it was really recorded by the band B.B. Blunder (we'll read about them right now) (in fact, it's a reissue of B.B. Blunder's Worker's playtime).

In 1971, three of the original members of Blossom Toes reunite again, this time under the name B.B. Blunder:

Brian Godding (guitar, vocals)
Brian Belshaw (bass)
Kevin Westlake (drums)
They released the album Workers' playtime, before splitting again. The album contains guest appearances by Julie Driscoll (vocals), Brian Auger (keyboards), Marc Charig (trumpet), Nick Evans (trombone), Barry Jenkins (drums), Graham Smith (percussion), Brother James (percussion), and special appearance by the great Mick Taylor (guitar).

In September 1973, the great Ronnie Lane started his own solo project, after leaving Faces at the peak of their career. The band was called Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance, and Kevin switched from drums to guitar here:

Soon after, Chrissie Stewart leaves, being replaced by Biddy Wright: After releasing an album, Anyone for anymore, Gallagher & Lyle left the band to perform as a duo. The new lineup in May 1974 is: But just one month later, June 1974, more changes and additions: But the lineup was too numerous to be a good idea, and in July 1974, Ronnie abandons the idea (he was to keep the band name, carrying on with different musicians).

You never can tell is a 2CD featuring BBC sessions plus live tracks. Thirteen tracks were recorded live in 1974 (the Lane/Simpson/Belshaw/O'Lochlainn/LeFleur lineup). Four tracks were recorded live in 1976 (the Lane/Simpson/Belshaw/Hart/Davey lineup), and 6 more songs were recorded live also in 1976 (the same lineup plus a very special guest, old mate Ian McLagan on keyboards). Other musicians featured in this album are: Steve Simpson, Billy Livsey, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Chrissy Stewart, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle, Kevin Westlake.

The compilation Kuschty Rye - the singles 1973 - 1980 was released in 1997, and Steve Simpson is featured in 7 tracks, along with the musicians above mentioned, plus Cal Batchelor, Henry McCullough, Eric Clapton, Carol Grimes, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle, Kevin Westlake, Billy Livsey, Steve Bingham, Ken Slaven, Chrissy Stewart, Alun Davies. It also contains two bonus live tracks recorded on March 1975.

In 1976, Kevin released his own solo album, Stars fade (in hotel rooms), recorded with some of his mates:

And I don't know more about him since then. Any info would be very appreciated! I've read he also played with Eclection for a while, but I can't find confirmation about it.

Own albums:

Albums with Blossom Toes: Albums with B.B. Blunder: Albums with Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance or Ronnie Lane alone: CHECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!
  • Anyone for anymore (Jul 74, with Bruce Rowland)
  • You never can tell (Jul 97, with Steve Simpson, Glen LeFleur, Brian Belshaw, Ian McLagan, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Chrissy Stewart) (2CD)
  • Kuschty Rye - the singles 1973 - 1980 (Aug 97, with Steve Simpson, Cal Batchelor, Henry McCullough, Eric Clapton, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Chrissy Stewart) (compilation)
  • Sessions:
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