Dave Winthrop (sax, flute)

He was born on November 27, 1948, in New Jersey. He joined Supertramp around April 1971:

Roger Hodgson (vocals, guitar)
Rick Davies (vocals, keyboards)
Frank Farrell (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Kevin Currie (drums)
They released their 2nd album, Indelibly stamped, and some live songs can be found in the movie Extremes (although they don't appear in the soundtrack released). But in February 1973, all the members left Hodgson & Davies alone, who carried on with a new lineup.

Chicken Shack is a fantastic band that has always been led by great guitarist Stan Webb. The band was resurrected in 1977, with Dave in the lineup:

Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Paul Martinez (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
They recorded an album, The creeper, with help from Tony Ashton.  After a while, Martinez left, and his replacement is Ray Knott: Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Ray Knott (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
but Knott left the band very soon. That's when Steve York joined, in 1978: Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Steve York (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
This lineup released the album That's the way we are. In 1979, all the members left the band.

In 1979, Dave joins The Bucks:

Pat Rafferty (vocals, keyboards)
Tony Wandsworth (vocals, guitar)
Geoff Lincoln (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Archie Brown (sax)
Jeff Rich (drums)
But they split after a few months, in July 1979. Then, Dave Winthrop joined Secret Affair: Ian Page (vocals, keyboards, trumpet)
David Cairns (guitar)
Dennis Smith (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Seb Shelton (drums)
They released two albums, Glory boys (in 1979, with help on vocals by fantastic singer Maggie Ryder) and Behind close doors (in 1980). Their drummer left in 1980, but they still released a 3rd album, Business as usual.

In 1986, Dave surprisingly rejoins Chicken Shack:

Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Jan Connolly (bass)
David Wilkinson (sax)
John Gunzell (drums)

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