Kenny Young (vocalist, guitarist, songwriter)

Vocalist and guitar player, although I think his best skills are at songwriting. He has provided with songs to other artists, as well as his own bands. His first known hit was writing 'Under the boardwalk' for The Drifters.

He released some solo albums in the early 70s, although he also released some solo single in the 60s.

Clever dogs chase the sun was released in 1972, and recorded by:

Last stage for Silverwood was released in 1973, with: After it, he formed the great band Fox with his mate Herbie Armstrong. It was formed around 1974, assembled with a special vocalist with a powerful look, Noosha Fox. They released two albums, called Fox, and Tails of illusion. Roger Taylor (drummer for Queen) sings backing vocals in a track by Tails of illusion.

Their 3rd album was Blue hotel, recorded with external contributions: Andy Roberts (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Bud Beadle (sax), Jay Gurden (guitar), Ann Odell (keyboards), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Glen LeFleur (drums), Martin David (drums, percussion).

Their main visual impact was Noosha, but she left the group in 1977, starting her solo career.

but soon Kenny and Herbie started their own project, called Yellow Dog. Some mates from Fox, plus the great Andy Roberts:
Herbie Armstrong (guitar, vocals)
Kenny Young (guitar, vocals)
Andy Roberts (guitar, vocals)
Jim Gannon (guitar)
Rod Demick (bass, vocals)
Gary Taylor (bass)
Gerry Conway (drums)
Their first, self-titled album, Yellow Dog, was produced by Kenny Young. Also with Gordon Smith (guitar), Phil Becque (bass), Pete Solley (keyboards), Jim Horn (horns), Johnny Van Derrick (violin), Glenn LeFleur (drums), Richard Bailey (drums).
Herbie Armstrong (guitar, vocals)
Kenny Young (guitar, vocals)
Rod Demick (bass, vocals)
Their 2nd album, called Beware of the dog, shows a quartet in the cover. It was recorded with help from many people: Phil Palmer (guitar), Micky Feat (bass), Mo Foster (bass), Jack Hall (bass), Peter Bardens (keyboards), Pete Solley (keyboards), Jim Hall (sax), Peter Van Hooke (drums), Paul Atkinson (drums), TK (drums - who is it?), Neville Roberts (reggae box), Simon Phillips (percussion), Jack Spence (percussion).

Strangers in paradise was recorded with Phil Palmer (guitar), Phil McWalters (guitar), Phil Becque (bass), Kevin Llewellyn (bass), Mark Yates (bass), Chris Parren (keyboards), Nick Glennie Smith (keyboards), Mark Steeds (keyboards), Peter Van Hooke (drums), Ricky Medlocke (drums), Mush Chimes (drums), Chris Warwick (percussion).

And, after Yellow Dog, I don't know if Kenny Young retired, or if he just worked composing songs for other artists. Help, please!

In 1989, he formed the Earth Love Fund, a benefit organization for the rainforest conservation. The other founders were musician Nick Glennie Smith and producer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven (from The Jam fame). Their first album, released under the Gentlemen Without Weapons name, was called Transmissions, in 1987. After a very successful single, 'Spirit of the forest', written by Kenny, a complete album was made with generous contributions from rock musicians.

Solo albums:

Solo singles: Albums with Fox: Albums with Yellow Dog: Albums/singles produced by him: A few songs composed by him:
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