Ivan Zagni (guitar)

First band I know about Ivan was called The Continentals. They were a band from Norwich, in the early 60s. They had many different lineups, but one of them included superb vocalist Mike Patto.

and in 1966, they sign with Decca, changing their name to The News. This was the lineup that recorded two singles:

Andy Fields (vocals, keyboards)
Ivan Zagni (guitar)
Harvey Platt (bass)
Denny Royal (drums)
The singles were: 'The entertainer' (1966) and 'I count the tears' (1966). After that, Andy Fields left, being replaced by Peter Miller: Peter Miller (vocals)
Ivan Zagni (guitar)
Harvey Platt (bass)
Denny Royal (drums)
But they split very soon after the new recruitment.

Jody Grind was a band formed by Tim Hinkley around 1969. This was the lineup at the time their first album, One step on, was recorded:

Ivan Zagni (guitar)
Tim Hinkley (keyboards)
Barry Wilson (drums)
The band has no bassist, so a friend of them, Louis Cennamo, played in a few songs. Also appearing, David Palmer (arrangements). After the album, Zagni and Wilson formed a new band with Cennamo (who had just left Renaissance), called Bogomas: Ivan Zagni (guitar)
Louis Cennamo (bass)
Barry Wilson (drums)
They didn't last too long together, and six months later, they parted ways.

Blue Whale was a new band formed by Aynsley Dunbar in 1969, only keeping Tommy Eyre from his former band (Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation):

Robert Fripp (cerebrum in King Crimson) almost joined the group.  They released an album, Blue whale, in a progressive style, with long jamming songs. But Aynsley dissolved the band, when he got a call from Frank Zappa to join forces. Coincidentally, the album contains a long version of Zappa's 'Willie the pimp'.

And, sadly, I've never heard of Ivan Zagni again, except for an Elton Dean released in 1997. Can someone help here, please? I've heard he retired back to Norwich, but some years ago, he went to live to New Zealand.

 Albums with Jody Grind: Albums with Blue Whale:
  • Blue Whale (1972; CD reissue: 1997) (with Aynsley Dunbar, Paul Williams, Tommy Eyre, Roger Sutton)
  • Other albums:
  • Elton Dean (Three's a company, two's a crowd, 1997 - although recorded sometime in the 70s)

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