Everything that I say on this page I stand behind 100%, you may have no belief in the powers that flow through my body but I insist, I see the past as if it were tomorrow!!!!
I must warn you the past is filled with many horrible events, you might not believe some of the things that have
transpired, I find them shocking even though I have experienced them hundreds of times in my own mind. But then as we all know, coming from the future, the past looks bright indeed!!!
In the mid twentieth century more economically developed countries developed economic super-power restaurants and busineses, like for instance McDonalds, not to choose martyrs, but they are one of the standouts. McDonald's has made a fortune out of crushing small time restaurant franchises and overtaking every area of every profitable city in all of North America and in major metropolitan cities in foreign countries. Although they seem to give back to the comunity through charity organizations, they are not to be mistaken as caring loving people. Their love of money far outweighs anything else. They obviously realise that if they don't continue to grow they will become stagnant and begin to lose market value, then a small percentage of the overfed stuffed shirts would be forced to live in reasonable quarters instead of the massive amounts of land they infest. The same could probably be said for any large or growing corporation that takes the kill or be killed aproach. The most horrible part of it all is the destruction of our rainforests. Click on the ugly guy to learn more about the state of the rainforests of
the twentieth century.
You may know these two as the dictators of the enslaved world of the twenty first century but in the twentieth century they were host and co-host of the most entertaining game show on Television. They worked hard day and night to bring high
quality programming to people who took them for granted, and stubbornly refused to laugh at their tame unoffensive humor. You of course knew already that Pat Sajak bought out the new world and now owns a share in each of your measly hides. But
in the twentieth century he was collecting assets and gaining political influence in
circles which watched his show. Pat will never be a moment from our thoughts now but you must remember he didn't have the backing of the major terrorist organizations yet. To learn a little more about the past of the Earth/Planet Superstar's major stockholder click on the gloriously simple animation to the left.
At the end of the Vietnam War, one of the worst misuses of military force in our time, a noble effort turned into tragedy. As the American's were pulling all of their personel out of the country they had little space to take any Vietnamese who were desperately trying to flee the country before communist rules were set into place by the North Vietnamese. They would land their helicopters on the American ships but the Americans would simply push the helicopters into the ocean, leaving many to drown.The Americans proved to be not completely heartless though, they approved the use of one of their precious helicopters to lift approximately 120 babies out of the country, the idea was to take the little ones to America and put them in foster homes and such, it was to be called Operation Baby Lift. But fate stretched forth it's wretched hand and knocked the helicopter from the sky, killing all babies and military personel aboard.
God Bless America

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