Complete list of albums where Bob Tench appears:

  Artist                                 Title                                             Year        Label                       Cat #                             Release          
Gass Gass 1970 Polydor 2383022 UK
Jeff Beck Rough and Ready** 1971 Epic 46419 UK/US
Jeff Beck Jeff Beck Group** 1972 Epic 46899 UK/US
Ginger Baker Stratavarious* 1972 Atco 7015 UK
Hanson Now Hear This 1973 Manticore 43507 UK
Linda Lewis Fathoms Deep** 1973 Raft 48501 UK
Freddie King Burglar** 1974 Polydor 2394140 UK/US 
Freddie King Larger Than Life** 1974 Polydor 2394163 UK/US
Hummingbird Hummingbird 1975 A&M 68292 UK/US 
Streetwalkers Downtown Flyers 1975 Vertigo 6360123 US
Streetwalkers Streetwalkers 1975 Vertigo 6360123 UK
Streetwalkers Red Card** 1976 Vertigo 9102010 UK
Hummingbird We can't go on meeting like this 1976 A&M 68383 UK/US
Widowmaker Widowmaker 1976 Jet JetLp UK 
Hummingbird Diamond Nights 1977 A&M 64661 UK/US 
Freddy King 1934-1976** 1977 Polydor 2394192 UK
Streetwalkers Vicious But Fair** 1977 Vertigo 9102012 UK
Streetwalkers Live Streetwalkers 1977 Vertigo 6641703 UK
Van Morrison Live at the Roxy 1978 WarnerBros WBMS102 UK/US
Boxer Bloodletting 1979 Virgin V2073 UK 
Van Morrison Wavelength** 1979 WarnerBros K56526 UK/US
Gass Gass (reissue) 1979 Polydor 2383022 UK 
Eric Burdon Darkness Darkness 1980 Polydor 2344157 GER
Humble Pie On to Victory** 1980 Atlantic 38122 UK/US 
Axis Point Boast of the town 1980 RCA PL25277 UK
Humble Pie Go for the throat** 1981 Atlantic 38131 UK/US
Topper Headon Waking up 1985 Mercury MERH83 UK
Various artists Live in world 1986 EMI CHA100 UK
Van Morrison Wavelength (reissue) 1987 WarnerBros 2-3212 UK/US 
Freddie King 1934-1976 (reissue) 1988 RSO P28W25033 JAP
Roger Chapman Walking The Cat** 1989 Maze/Spv 084631 GER
Van Morrison  Live at the Roxy 1989 Seagull SEAGU009 ITAL
Streetwalkers Best of 1990 Vertigo 8466611 UK
Jeff Beck Beckology** 1991 Legacy 4893912 UK 
Roger Chapman Hybrid and Lowdown** 1991 Polydor 8671172 UK
Streetwalkers Red Card (reissue) 1991 Repertoire RK4147WP GER
Humble Pie Go for the throat (reissue) 1991 Atco 381312 UK
Humble Pie On to Victory (reissue) 1991 Atco 381222 UK
Streetwalkers Vicious but fair (reissue) 1992 Seeformiles CD352 UK
Freddie King Burglar (reissue) 1992 BGO BGOCD137 UK
Roger Chapman Walking The Cat (reissue) 1993 Castle CLACD372 UK
Streetwalkers BBC in concert** 1994 Windsong WINDCD061 UK
Alan Price Covers 1994 AP AP 1001 UK 
Hummingbird Hummingbird 1994 A&M POCM197 JAP
Freddie King 1934-1976 (reissue) 1994 Polygram 8318172 UK
Alan Price A Gigsters Life For Me** 1995 Indigo IGOCD2048 UK
Various artists Rattlesnake guitar (Peter Green tribute)** 1995 Viceroy 8021 UK
Jeff Beck Rough and Ready (reissue) 1995 Columbia CD32037 UK
Linda Lewis Fathoms Deep (reissue) 1996 Reprise WPCR535 JAP
Jeff Beck Jeff Beck Group (reissue) 1996 Epic EK31331 US
Van Morrison Wavelength (reissue) 1997 Polygram 2537258 UK
Various artists Rattlesnake guitar (reissue) 1997 Viceroy 8021 UK
Jeff Beck Beckology (reissue) 1998 Lightyear 54190 UK
Ruby Turner Call me by name** 1998 Indigo IGOXCD511 UK 
Ginger Baker Do what you like* ** 1998 Polygram 558542 UK
Van Morrison Wavelength (reissue) 1998 Polydor POCP2612 JAP
* Appears as Bob Gass

** Currently available through HMV and Virgin megastores.

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