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(Bob Tench while in Hummingbird)

Bobby Tench (aka Bob Gass): without doubt one of most enduring vocalists of the last thirty years also a talented guitarist and occasional keyboard/bass player.

Has worked with:

Jeff Beck, Cozy Powell, Gary Moore, Doug Brockie, Charlie Morgan, Snowy White, Feargal Sharkey, Mick Weaver, Steve Simpson, Brian Robertson, Tim Bogert, Junior Hanson, Ginger Baker (credited as Bob Gass), Zoot Money, Mel Collins, Ruby Turner, Bernie Holland, Alan Price, Maggie Bell, Linda Lewis, Esther Phillips, Herbie Armstrong, Peter Van Hooke, Carmine Appice, Henry McCullough, Paul Jones, Alvin Lee, Rebop, Peter Green, Micky Moody, Phil Spalding, Tim Hinkley, Bernard Purdie, Boz Burrell, Joe Cocker, Clive Chaman, Max Middleton, Van Morrison, Steve Marriott, Freddie King, Roger Chapman, Chris Mercer, Delisle Harper, Steve Gregory, Mickey Feat, Peter Bardens, Mick Eve, Ron Carthy, Vic Martin, Pete Wingfield, Ian Samwell-Smith, Luther Grosvenor / Ariel Bender, Kuma Harada, Tony Meehan, Jerome Rimson, Mitch Mitchell, Mike Vernon, Peter Rees, P.P. Arnold, Paul Williamson, Raphael Ravenscroft, Leon Rubenhold, Gary Husband, Tony O'Malley, Zoot Money, Jim Cregan, Poli Palmer, Conrad Isadore, Phil Chen, Robert Ahwai, Danny Thompson, Chris Spedding, Roy Davies, Bud Beadle, Wah Wah Watson, Topper Headon, Holly Johnson, Clem Clempson, Anthony Jones, Jerry Shirley, etc.

Recorded with:

Live sessions:

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Bob Tench complete discography (singles)

To contact Bobby, write to tench@selectar.net

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Thanks section

Very special thanks to: Bobby Tench, for his music and his lovely tribute to Cozy Powell that he wrote for me; Michael Peto-Shepherd for lots of info about Bobby, and for his kind words.

Special thanks to: Soren Lindberg, for info, Leon Rubenhold, for his messages.

Thanks to: Alex Gitlin for the Streetwalkers info and most of the scans; Lennart Hedenstrom for info about Bobby single.

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