BOB TENCH sessions

This is the list of the sessions where Bobby Tench appears... I've classified them into several categories:


Junior Hanson Guitarist and singer, Junior Hanson had his own group Hanson around 1973-1974. Bobby collaborates on this album appearing with Clive Chaman and members from Traffic (Rebop and Chris Wood). 
Roger Chapman
More than ten years after the separation of Streetwalkers, Bobby Tench plays again on a Roger Chapman album.

Walking the cat contains help from Steve Simpson (guitar), Micky Moody (guitar), Tim Hinkley (keyboards), Mick Rogers (guitar, from Aviator, Manfred Mann Earth Band and Greenslade), Alvin Lee (guitar, from Ten Years After), Mark Feltham (harmonica, from Nine Below Zero and Box of Frogs), Nick Pentelow (sax).

Bobby Tench also appears in Chapman's next album, Hybrid and lowdown. Again, full of good musicians: Micky Moody, Steve Simpson (guitar), Nicky Hopkins, Tim Hinkley, plus Phil Spalding (bass, from Original Mirrors, Mike Oldfield band and GTR), Peter Stroud (bass, currently with Peter Green), Nick Pentelow (sax), and John Lingwood (drums, from Brian Auger band, lately in Company of Snakes and still with Roger Chapman). 

Axis Point

Bob Tench appears as a guest on this album from the band of fellow companion Charlie Whitney. This band also included Rob Townsend (drums, from Family, later in The Blues Band), Charlie McCracken (bass, from Stud) and Eddie Hardin (from Wizzard Convention fame, and ex-member of Spencer Davis Group). There is another guest: Ron Aspery (sax, from Back Door).  


Ginger Baker He was the mythical drummer in Cream.

Stratavarious was recorded in 1972, This album features African musicians Fela Ransome-Kuti and Alhaji JK Brimar, as well as drummer Guy Warren. Bobby is credited as Bob Gass (taking the name from his first band), and he writes 'Ju ju', also co-writing 'Something nice' with Ginger.

Do what you like was released in 1998. This album comprises material from different albums. Disc 1 was recorded live at the infront of Royal Albert Hall, January 1970 (originally released as Ginger Baker's Air Force in February 1970). Disc 2 includes: a live song from a single, 6 tracks (taken from Ginger Baker's Air Force 2, released in October 1970), an outtake for the 2nd album plus 6 tracks from the Stratavarious album featuring Bobby, and including 'Ju ju' and 'Something nice'.

Linda Lewis

A very talented singer who collaborated with artists such as Cat Stevens, Pete Bardens (from Camel), Elton John, David Bowie, Chris Spedding, Streetwalkers and Hummingbird. On this album, we can find the late Lowell George (guitar, from Little Feat), Jim Cregan (guitar, from Family), Danny Thompson (bass, from Pentangle), Phil Chen (bass) and Poli Palmer (flute, from Family). From Hummingbird: Bobby Tench (guitar), Robert Ahwai (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Max Middleton (keyboards) and Conrad Isadore (drums). From Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Richard Bailey (drums), Ron Carthy (trumpet), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax, keyboards). 

Freddie King Thought by many to be one of the great bluesmen and favoured by artists such as Eric Clapton, Peter Green, John Mayall, Chicken Shack, etc. Freddie was rediscovered in the 1970's by Leon Russell, and produced his best work backed by Bobby and many white bluesmen. Freddie King died on December 28th 1976 from heart failure.

Burglar was recorded in England, with top musicians. It contains collaborations by the core of Gonzalez band, plus some great guests: Bobby Tench (guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Brian Auger (keyboards), Steve Ferrone (drums). From Gonzalez: DeLisle Harper (bass), Roy Davies (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet). One track was recorded in Florida with Eric Clapton and his band: George Terry (guitar), Carl Radle (bass), Dick Sims (keyboards), Jamie Oldaker (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon and Tom Dowd (only the Florida track with Eric Clapton). Bobby co-writes a couple of songs, 'Texas flyer' and 'Pulp wood'.

Larger than life also has a great musicians list: Wah Wah Watson (guitar), Bobby Tench (guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Steve Ferrone (drums), Jerome Jumonville (sax). And from Gonzalez: DeLisle Harper (bass), Roy Davies (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet).

Freddie King (1934-1976) was Freddie's post-humous album (including unreleased studio and live tracks), released with the help of Eric Clapton. Again, lots of musicians: Eric Clapton and his band: George Terry (guitar), Carl Radle (bass), Dick Sims (keyboards), Sergio Pastora (percussion), Jamie Oldaker (drums) in one side complete. Plus: Kenny Passarelli (bass), Pete Wingfield (keyboards). Two tracks were recorded in July 1974, with Freddie King and the Gonzalez guys: DeLisle Harper (bass), Roy Davies (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet), plus aid from Bobby Tench (guitar), Mike Vernon (percussion) and Steve Ferrone (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon.

Bobby is credited on all tracks from Burglar and Larger than life. He is also credited on the majority of tracks from Freddie King (1934-1976).

Widowmaker This band was formed by Ariel Bender (aka Luther Grosvenor, ex-Mott the Hoople and Spooky Tooth guitarist), Huw Lloyd Langton (guitar, ex-Hawkwind), Bob Daisley (bass, later in Rainbow and Uriah Heep), Steve Ellis (vocals), Paul Nichols (drums). This was their first album, and it includes appearances by Zoot Money (keyboards), Bob Tench and Roger Chapman. 
This band was assembled by the great Mike Patto. The lineup for Bloodletting included Bobby as well as Ollie Halsall, Keith Ellis, Chris Stainton, Tony Newman, Boz Burrell and Tim Hinkley. 
Topper Headon
Nicky "Topper" Headon was the drummer in The Clash. This is his only solo album, with guests including Bob Tench (vocals and guitar), Jimmy Helms (vocals), Mickey Gallagher (keyboards, long time The Clash collaborator), Jerome Rimson (bass) and Martin Dobson (sax). 
Ruby Turner

This recently released album is the follow up to the highly acclaimed Guilty album. The band for this recent release is:

Ruby Turner (vocals, backing vocals)
Bobby Tench (guitar, backing vocals)
Boz Burrell (bass)
Zoot Money (keyboards, backing vocals)
Sam Kelly (drums)
With special guest appearances by Stan Webb (guitar, from the legendary blues band Chicken Shack) and Andy G. Williams (piano). The album has been produced and mixed by Zoot Money. It was recorded during the summer of '98. There is an outstanding piano/vocal track called 'You were never mine' (Tench/Nicholson/McClinton) arranged by Bobby.


VV.AA. This double album was made in benefit of The Anti-Heroin Project. The royalties from this record were dedicated to recovery centres in UK. A long list of musicians: I'll name only a few: Bobby Tench (backing vocals), Mel Collins (sax), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Steve Harley, Gary Barnacle (sax), Elkie Brooks, Robin Gibb, Jim Diamond, Bobby Whitlock (from Derek & The Dominos), Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr's son), Chas and Dave (Chas Hodges & Dave Peacock), and John McCoy. 

This fantastic album pays tribute to Peter Green. It's a double album (29 songs), with lots of veterans from the blues-rock scene. It includes one of the latest appearances of the late Rory Gallagher. With Savoy Brown, and members from Foghat (the late 'Lonesome' Dave Peverett & Rod Price), Spooky Tooth, Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson, and Mick Abrahams), Snowy White (from Thin Lizzy he also played with Peter Green around 1977), Arthur Brown (the one who had a big hit with 'Fire' in the late 60s), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, Luther Grosvenor with Jess Roden and Mike Kellie, Dick Heckstall-Smith, the great Ken Hensley (from Uriah Heep), jazz-fussion player Ray Gomez, to name a few. From the new generations, great appearances by bass-master Billy Sheehan (from Talas, UFO, David Lee Roth band and Mr. Big), the late Bobby Chouinard (drums, from Billy Squier band and Gary Moore band), Stu Hamm (bass, from Joe Satriani and Steve Vai bands), Jonathan Mover (drums, from GTR, Joe Satriani band, now with his own band Einstein), and Roy Z (from his own band Tribe of Gypsies, also touring for a while with Iron Maiden vocalist, Bruce Dickinson).

On Bobby's first album, Gass, Peter Green appeared as a guest. More than twenty years later, Bobby Tench pays tribute to Peter. Bobby appears in two tracks.

In the song 'Whatcha gonna do':

In the instrumental song 'Albatross':


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