This is the list of the sessions I know Chris Mercer appears, although I think I'm missing dozens and dozens of albums!... I've classified them into several categories to make them handier: As I know, I'm sure I'm missing dozens of albums, so I'd thank any kind of help about it.

If you read carefully, you'll find the same names along many albums. It has been a very interesting task, of course!


Linda Lewis
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

A very talented singer who collaborated with artists such as Cat Stevens, Pete Bardens (from Camel), Elton John, David Bowie, Chris Spedding, and many other artists, such as Streetwalkers and Hummingbird. On this album, we can find the late Lowell George (guitar, from Little Feat), his then-husband Jim Cregan (guitar, from Family), Danny Thompson (bass, from Pentangle), Phil Chen (bass, then in Keef Hartley Band) and Poli Palmer (flute, from Family). From Hummingbird: Bobby Tench (guitar), Robert Ahwai (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Max Middleton (keyboards) and Conrad Isadore (drums). From Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Richard Bailey (drums), Ron Carthy (trumpet), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax, keyboards). 

Freddie King To me, he was one of the greatest bluesmen ever! His albums in the 50s and 60s are a bit rough (bad sound, typical horn arrangements), but in the 70s he was rediscovered by Leon Russell, and he was backed by a lot of white bluesmen. He sadly died on December 28, 1976 from heart failure. Many great musicians have covered his songs (Eric Clapton, Peter Green, John Mayall, Chicken Shack, etc.).

Burglar was recorded in England, with top musicians. It contains collaborations by the core of Gonzalez band, plus some great guests: Bobby Tench (guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Brian Auger (keyboards), Steve Ferrone (drums). From Gonzalez: DeLisle Harper (bass), Roy Davies (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet). One track was recorded in Florida with Eric Clapton and his band: George Terry (guitar), Carl Radle (bass), Dick Sims (keyboards), Jamie Oldaker (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon and Tom Dowd (only the Florida track with Eric Clapton). As well as playing, Chris Mercer makes the horn arrangements in two songs, 'She's a burglar' and 'Come on (let the good times roll)'.

Larger than life also has a great musicians list: Wah Wah Watson (guitar), Bobby Tench (guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Steve Ferrone (drums), Jerome Jumonville (sax). And from Gonzalez: DeLisle Harper (bass), Roy Davies (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet).

Freddie King (1934-1976) was his post-humous album (including unreleased studio and live tracks), released with the help of Eric Clapton, his most famous alumnus. Again, with lots of musicians: Eric Clapton and his band: George Terry (guitar), Carl Radle (bass), Dick Sims (keyboards), Sergio Pastora (percussion), Jamie Oldaker (drums) in one side complete. Plus: Kenny Passarelli (bass), Pete Wingfield (keyboards). Two tracks were recorded in July 1974, with Freddie King and the Gonzalez guys: DeLisle Harper (bass), Roy Davies (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet), plus aid from Bobby Tench (guitar), Mike Vernon (percussion) and Steve Ferrone (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon. I love this album!! 

Charge Sorry, I don't know the lineup of this band. In the credits list, we can find several members of Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet), Steve Gregory (sax), Godfrey McLean (drums), and from Joe Cocker band: Alan Spenner (bass), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Chris Stainton (keyboards). 
Sharon Forrester
This vocalist had many guest musicians in her (first, I think) album: Phil Chen (bass), Mike Moran (keyboards), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Mel Collins (sax), Graham Preskett (mandolin), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet), Martin Drover (trumpet), Richard Bailey (drums). 
Jonathan Kelly
Sorry, I don't know who he is. He has several solo albums. In this album, he is backed by Snowy White (guitar, later in Thin Lizzy), Chas Jankel (keyboards, later with Ian Dury & The Blockheads), Peter Wood (keyboards), Max Middleton (keyboards), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet) and Mick Eve (sax). 
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This Germany-based progressive band released several albums during the 70s. The lineup was: Roye Albrighton (guitar), Derek Moore (bass), Allan Freeman (keyboards) and Ron Howden. In this album, they had several collaborations: Bob Calvert (vocals, from Hawkwind), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Steve Gregory (sax) and Ron Carthy (trumpet). 

Stealers Wheel This band was commanded by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan. But they included two former Chris Mercer colleagues, drummer Rod Coombes (from Juicy Lucy), and DeLisle Harper (from Gonzalez).

When they recorded Ferguslie Park, their second album, produced by songwriters Leiber & Stoller, Stealers Wheel was a duo: Egan & Rafferty plus some other musicians. Here, we can find: Bernie Holland (guitar), Joe Jammer (guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Peter Robinson (keyboards), Andrew Steele (drums), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax) and Steve Gregory (sax).

Their third album is Right or wrong. But they split after the null success of the album. Stuck in the middle with you must be a later compilation. 

Mike Storey He was a keyboardist who played in several albums by other people. This was his first solo album. With 3 members from Kokomo (Dyan Byrch, Frank Collins and Paddy McHugh), Michael Woods (guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Charlie Harrison (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards). And from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet), Richard Bailey (drums). 
Russ Ballard
Former Argent guitarist, now he is best known as composer. Many great bands have scored a hit with his songs.

Russ Ballard was his first solo album, after leaving Argent. With some members of Gonzalez here: Chris Mercer (sax), Mick Eve (sax) and Steve Gregory (sax).

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Winning is his second solo album. Guest musicians include: Madeline Bell (vocals), Pip Williams (guitar), Pete Zorn (bass), Dave Markee (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Dave Mattacks (drums). 

Suzi Quatro
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

A great rocker! This album was recorded with Suzy Quatro (vocals, bass), Len Tuckey (guitar), Mike Deacon (keyboards), Dave Neal (drums), plus these Gonzalez guys: Chris Mercer (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet). 

Sandy Davis Sorry, I don't who she is. This was her second solo album, where she was backed by The Average White Band (including Steve Ferrone), plus Martin Briley (guitar), and from Gonzalez: Gordon Hunte (guitar), DeLisle Harper (bass), Roy Davies (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax). 
Chris De Burgh

A fantastic artist! This very beautiful album (I like this title!!) contains these musicians: Ray Glynn (guitar), Tony Reeves (bass, from Colosseum and Greenslade), Chris Laurence (bass), Tony Hymas (keyboards, later with Jeff Beck), Phillip Goodhand-Tait (harmonium), Ken Freeman (keyboards), Lennox Laington (percussion), Barry De Souza (drums). And Chris Mercer and Mick Eve from Gonzalez play sax on one song, "The painter". My favourite songs are: "Lonely sky", "Just another poor boy", "A spaceman came travelling" and "Old friend". 

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Great guys, their songs hit the charts many times during the 70s. Now there is a revamped Slade II lineup without their frontman Noddy Holder. This album features several members of Gonzalez: Chris Mercer, Mick Eve (sax), Steve Gregory (sax), Bud Beadle (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet), Malcolm Griffiths (trombone). 

Teresa Brewer A jazz lady. She started singing in the 50s. But along the seventies, she also recorded some album with rock musicians.

In London contains great players. Guitars: Peter Frampton, Joe Jammer, Hughie Burns, Gary Taylor, Jim Ryan, Mark Warner, B.J. Cole. Percussion: Ray Cooper, Frank Ricotti. Horns from Gonzalez: Steve Gregory, Chris Mercer. Vocalists: Sue Glover, Liza Strike. Drums: Michael Giles. From Head, Hands & Feet: Albert Lee (guitar), Chas Hodges (bass), Pete Gavin (drums). And the complete Quatermass lineup: John Gustafson (bass), Pete Robinson (keyboards), Paul Hammond (drums).

David Batteau I don't know things about him, sorry. I only know of this album. With some members from Toto: David Paich (keyboards) and the late Jeff Porcaro (drums), plus Robert Ahwai (guitar), Dave Spinozza (guitar), Willie Weeks (bass), Martin Drover (trumpet), Milt Holland (percussion), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Mike Bailey (trumpet), Roy Davies (keyboards), Martin Drover (trumpet) and Steve Gregory (flute). 
Harvey Andrews
He is a folk singer. He collaborated with Dutch band Focus for a while. In this album, we can find great musicians: Bernie Holland (guitar, from Hummingbird), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Mo Foster (bass), Jim Toomey (drums), Pete Willsher (steel guitar), and from Gonzalez: Ron Carthy (trumpet) and Chris Mercer (sax). 
Jack The Lad
This band evolved from Lindisfarne. In this album, we can find the collaboration of Lindisfarne leader Ray Jackson (harmonica), Andy Bown (keyboards), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Steve Gregory (sax) and Bud Beadle (sax). 
Sirkel & Co.
Sorry, I don't know who they are, although I own the album. This album was recorded in March 1976, and produced by Robin Millar. The main lineup for this album was: Eric Sirkel (vocals, guitar), Mick Taylor (guitar), Gordon Raitt (bass), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards), Marc Frentzel (percussion, drums), and Colin Allen (drums). Plus, from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Ron Carthy (trumpet); they play in some songs. 
Elliott Murphy
He was categorized as a mixture of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. A very talented songwriter, he recorded this album in England, with noted guests and studio musicians, like Mick Taylor (guitar), Mike Moran (keyboards, once with Ian Gillan), Peter Oxendale (keyboards, later with Chris DeBurgh), Dave Markee (bass, later with Eric Clapton), Barry De Souza (drums), Phil Collins (drums), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax) and Steve Gregory (sax).  
Nutshell This was a Christian band, produced by the team Rod Edwards & Roger Hand. This album features Kevin Peek (guitar), Gordon Giltrap (guitar), John Mealing (string arrangements), John Gustafson (bass), Rod Edwards (keyboards), Mike Giles (drums), Morris Pert (percussion), plus the Gonzalez brass section, featuring Chris Mercer (who also makes the brass arrangements). It's not mentioned other Gonzalez musicians except Chris. 

Locomotive With Lyn Dobson (sax), Dick Heckstall Smith (sax), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Chris Mercer (sax), and the late Chris Wood (sax, from Traffic). 
Coast Road Drive

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

My guess is that they weren't a band, but a one-off project, but any info will be appreciated!

With Craig Austin (vocals), Steve Krieger (guitar, vocals), Les Nicol (guitar, vocals), Charlie Harrison (bass), Nicky Hopkins (piano), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Chris Mercer (sax), and Steve Chapman (drums). 

Gordon Giltrap

This fine acoustic guitarist has many albums on his own. In this one, we can find some of his usual musicians, like John G. Perry (bass), plus Chris Mercer (sax), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Jeff Daly (sax), Chris Pyne (trombone), John Bailey (guitar), Rod Edwards (keyboards), and Simon Phillips (drums). 

Cold Comfort I don't know who they are. Chris Mercer and Henry Lowther play in their album, along with Graham Matthews (vocals, percussion), Nigel Bagge (guitar,vocals), David Price (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Derek Soden (bass, guitar, vocals), Jeff Daly (sax), Rod Edwards (keyboards, violin), Ian Byron (drums). 
One of my favourite bands from the 80s, their leader Chrissie Hynde has a fantastic voice, tender and wild at the same time. They were beaten by disgrace, and two of their original members died in tragical circumstances in a brief period.

Pretenders is their first album, with great songs like "Precious", "Kid", "Tattooed love boys" and a beatiful rendition of The Kinks' "Stop your sobbing". With Henry Lowther and Chris Mercer.

Their second album Pretenders II had less success. With another Kinks' rendition, "I go to sleep", and several great songs. With Henry Lowther and Chris Mercer guesting again, as well as Jim Wilson (trumpet) and Geoff Bryant (French horn).  


Keef Hartley

For info about these magnificent albums, please visit my Keef Hartley biography pages.

(cover of The Best of Keef Hartley)

Rebop Kwaku Baah This late Nigerian percussionist belonged to the groups Traffic and Can, played together with Chris in Wynder K. Frog, and he also played in many sessions during the seventies. This was his first solo album, and he received back help from several artists who had Rebop in their albums. From Traffic: Stevie Winwood, Rosko Gee (bass) and Chris Wood (sax). From Keef Hartley Band: Junior Kerr (guitar) and Jean Roussel (keyboards). And from Gonzalez band: DeLisle Harper (bass), Gordon Hunte (guitar) and Chris Mercer (sax). Plus: Eddie Quansah (trumpet), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Conrad Isadore (drums). 
Joe Jammer
Joe Jammer once was the guitarist in Olympic Runners band, with George Chandler (vocals), DeLisle Harper (bass), Pete Wingfield (keyboards, vocals), and Glenn LeFleur (drums). Jammer and Mercer has played together in several different albums,and Joe even plays in Chris' solo abum too. This was Joe's solo album. With help from Tony Stevens (bass), Jean Roussel (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax) and Reg Isadore (drums). 

(scans courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

For info about this band, please visit my Miller Anderson bio page. 

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Elastique includes collaborations from these Gonzalez members: Chris Mercer (sax), Mick Eve (sax), Mike Bailey, Ron Carthy and Bud Beadle. The members of Strech were at that time: Elmer Gantry (vocals, guitar), Kirby Gregory (guitar, ex-Curved Air), Roshi (guitar), Paul Martinez (bass), Steve Emery (bass), John Cook (keyboards), Jim Russell (drums).

Forget the past also includes Chris Mercer on sax. 

Paul Wingfield With: Joseph Edward Wright (aka Joe Jammer) (guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), DeLisle Harper (bass), Pete Wingfield (keyboards, vocals), Chris Mercer (sax), and Glen LeFleur (drums). 
Bryan Ferry
Bryan Ferry was the singer in Roxy Music. He has always hired fabulous musicians, both for albums and tours.

Another time, another place is his second solo album. With people like: the great Mark Warner (guitar), Davy O'List (guitar, from The Nice and briefly in Roxy Music), John Wetton (bass, violin), John Porter (bass), Peter Robinson (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Alan Skidmore (sax), Jimmy Hastings (wind), Morris Pert (percussion), Bruce Rowlands (drums), Paul Thompson (drums).

Let's stick together is his fourth album, although it comprises of outtakes, from both Bryan Ferry solo career and Roxy Music tracks. The basic band for the album is:

But we can also find Phil Manzanera (guitar on 1 track), Davy O'List (guitar on 1 track), Neil Hubbard (guitar on the track 'Casanova'), John Gustafson (bass on the song 'Re-make/Re-model'), John Porter (bass on 1 track), Rick Wills (bass on the track 'Sea breezes'), Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin), Mel Collins (sax), Martin Drover (trumpet), Morris Pert (percussion), Ann Odell (string arrangements), and backing vocals by Jacqui Sullivan, Helen Chappelle, Paddie McHugh, Doreen Chanter, Vicki Brown, Martha Walker.

In your mind is his fifth album. With: Phil Manzanera (guitar), Chris Spedding (guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), John Wetton (bass), John Porter (bass), Ann Odell (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Mel Collins (sax), Martin Drover (trumpet), Ray Cooper (percussion), Morris Pert (percussion), Paul Thompson (drums), with David Skinner and Preston Hayward, plus backing vocals by Frankie Collins, Paddie McHugh, Dyan Birch (all three from Kokomo, along with Neil Hubbard), Jacquie Sullivan, Helen Chappelle and Doreen Chanter. The horn arrangements were done by Chris Mercer and Mel Collins, and strings were arranged by Ann Odell. It was recorded in London during 1976-77.   


Martha Velez Great collection of musicians for her debut: from Cream: Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce. From Traffic: Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood. From Keef Hartley Band: Keef Hartley (drums), Spit James (guitar), the late Gary Thain (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax). From Jimi Hendrix band: Mitch Mitchell (drums). From John Mayall: Johnny Almond (sax). From Free: Paul Kossoff (guitar). From Chicken Shack: Stan Webb (guitar), Andy Silvester (bass), Christine McVie (keyboards), Dave Bidwell (drums). Plus: Brian Auger (organ). The cream of British blues-rock. 
Shawn Phillips
Contribution include several guest musicians like: Mick Weaver (keyboards), Pete Robinson (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax) and 3 members of Traffic: Stevie Winwood (keyboards), Chris Wood (sax) and Jim Capaldi (drums).

Faces is his 6th album, it contained his hit "We", and it includes collaborations from Caleb Quaye (guitar), Glenn Campbell (steel guitar, from Juicy Lucy), Leland Sklar (bass, later with James Taylor and Phil Collins), Joe Sample (keyboards, from Crusaders), Steve Winwood (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Henry Lowther (trumpet, from Keef Hartley Band), Sneaky Pete Kleinow (steel guitar, from The Byrds), Ed Greene (drums), etc.

Spaced also has multiple guest players and session men. Sneaky Pete Kleinow (steel guitar, from The Byrds), Chuck Rainey (bass), Paul Jackson (bass), Leland Sklar (bass), Joe Sample (keyboards), Peter Robinson (keyboards, from Quatermass), Johnny Almond (flute, sax), Chris Mercer (sax), Jim Horn (sax), Michael Baird (drums), Michael Clarke (drums, from The Byrds), Russ Kunkel (drums), Bruce Rowlands (drums). 

Dr. John A great artist and performer. Born Mac Rebennack, he has always had the respect of the musicians. This album includes guest collaborations from the complete Eric Clapton band these days, Derek & The Dominos: Eric Clapton (guitar), the late Carl Radle (bass), Bobby Whitlock (keyboards) and Jim Gordon (drums). Plus Mick Jagger (vocals), Graham Bond (sax), Ronnie Barron (keyboards), Steve York (bass), Jesse Boyce (bass), Victor Brox (keyboards), Calvin 'Fuzzy' Samuels (bass), Wayne Jackson (horns), Chris Mercer (sax), Jerome Jumonville (sax), Bobby Keys (sax), etc. Backing vocals by Doris Troy, P.P. Arnold and Shirley Goodman. 
Jimmy Dawkins
Veteran Chicago guitar bluesman, he is backed here with some great British blues-rock musicians, like Joe Jammer (guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Bob Brunning (bass, he was the original bassist in Fleetwood Mac), Tony Stevens (bass), Chris Mercer (sax, and also keyboards), Dick Parry (sax) and Reg Isadore (drums), plus producer Mike Vernon on percussion. 
Gerry Lockran
This album by this great singer includes a superb guest list: Ronnie Wood (guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Junior Hanson (guitar), Henry McCullough (guitar), Mick Ralphs (guitar), Andy Pyle (bass), Chrissie Stewart (bass), Jean Roussel (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Ron Berg, Bruce Rowland (drums). 
Roger Morris
Its name indicates it was Roger Morris' first album. With several members of Juicy Lucy: Rod Coombes (drums, later in Strawbs), Glenn 'Ross' Campbell (steel guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), and Chris Mercer (sax). Plus some other great musicians: Keith West (guitar, from In Crowd and Tomorrow), John Weider (guitar, from Eric Burdon & The Animals, Family and Stud), Johnny Almond (sax, from Mark-Almond), DeLisle Harper (bass, from Gonzalez) and Bruce Rowland (drums). 
Chicken Shack

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This great blues-rock band (Stan Webb still keeps the band active!). When this album was recorded, they were a trio: Stan Webb (guitar, vocals), Bob Daisley (bass) and Paul Hancock (drums). This album had the help from Tony Ashton (keyboards) and Chris Mercer (sax). 

Murray Head A very fine singer, he sang lead in one of the roles for Jesus Christ Superstar. He has featured a quiet career, being his biggest hit the fantastic song "Say it ain't so, Joe".

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Nigel lived features the talents of Mark Warner (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Peter Giles (bass), Dave Wintour (bass), Peter Robinson (keyboards), Ray Cooper (percussion), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Chris Mercer (sax), Cozy Powell (drums), Barry De Souza (drums), Michael Giles (drums, from King Crimson), Glen LeFleur (drums), plus Sue Glover and Kay Garner (Murray companion in 'Jesus Christ Superstar') on vocals.

Jokes/voices mark the reunion of Murray Head and Chris Mercer since 1973 (as far as I know). With the great Jeff Beck playing here too, plus Alun Davies (guitar), Richard Thompson (guitar), Geoffrey Richardson (guitar), Simon Nicol (guitar), Bob Weston (guitar), Pat Donaldson (bass), Dave Pegg (bass), Gary Taylor (bass, guitar), John G. Perry (bass), Bruce Lynch (bass), Rupert Hine (harmonica, keyboards), Dave Mattacks (drums), Andy Newmark (drums), Trevor Morais (drums), Jeff Allen (drums), Morris Pert (percussion), Paul Samwell-Smith (percussion, vocals), and backing vocals by Dyan Birch, Suzanne Lynch, Nick Barraclough, Anne Barraclough, Anthony Head

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This is a great band from Wales. With the great lineup: Mickey Jones (guitar), Deke Leonard (guitar), Ken Whaley (bass) and Terry Williams (drums). Chris Mercer played in the sessions for this album, played a sax solo on one song, "Rock'n'roll you Out", but at the last moment, it was wiped off the master tapes and substituted by a blues harmonica, played by one of the local no-name musicians. Why? !!!

Bloodstone A veteran soul band, they started in the sixties. This album contains guest appearances by Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Pip Williams (electric sitar, strings, later a producer for Status Quo, Sensational Alex Harvey Band or Kiki Dee). Produced by Mike Vernon, it was recorded during April and May 1973. The CD reissue contains 4 tracks previously released on the album called Bloodstone
Steve Swindells
Keyboardist, he played in Pilot and String Driven Thing. He also was later in the Hawklords (a mutation from band Hawkwind). This was his 1st solo album. We can find here people from Van Der Graaf Generator: Nic Potter, Guy Evans, plus Caleb Quaye (guitar), John Gustafson (bass), Danny Thompson (bass, from Pentangle), Chris Mercer (sax), Simon King (drums, from Hawkwind), and Doris Troy on vocals. 

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This band originally included Glenn Hughes, later to be famous in Deep Purple. By the time this album was recorded, the lineup was: Mel Galley (guitar, vocals, later in Whitesnake), Rob Kendrick (guitar, vocals), Pete Wright (bass), Dave Holland (drums, later in Judas Priest). Chris Mercer plays sax here. 

Golden Earring
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This veteran Dutch band had some great hits in the 70s. This album includes Chris Mercer's collaboration on sax. 

Dan McCafferty
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

He has always been the lead singer in great band Nazareth. This was his only solo album. With lots of his companions: Manny Charlton (guitar, from Nazareth), Roger Glover (bass, from Deep Purple, he was Nazareth's usual producer), Zal Cleminson (guitar, from Sensational Alex Harvey Band; later himself joined Nazareth), Hugh McKenna and Ted McKenna (keyboards and drums, also from SAHB), Chris Mercer (sax), Graham Preskett (violin), etc. 

G.T. Moore the reagge guitar Which is the connection with Chris Mercer? I don't know, but some years later, G.T. Moore was in band with Gonzalez drummer, Richard Bailey (the band was Poly Styrene, for if someone wants to know, around 1980). Chris Mercer plays sax here, in their second album. The musicians appearing here are: G.T. Moore (guitar, vocals), Martin Hayward (guitar), Tom Whyte (bass), Tim Jones (keyboards), Tony Redunzo (drums, vocals), plus Chris Mercer (sax). 
Paul Travis
This guitarist was backed here by part of the band Back Street Crawler (Terry Wilson on bass, John 'Rabbit' Bundrick on keyboards, Tony Braunagel on drums), plus some other musicians like Sandy Davis (vocals), Eddie Quansah (sax) and Chris Mercer (sax). 
Smith & D'Abo

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Mike D'Abo was a member of Manfred Mann. He also appears with Chris in the 'Jesus Christ Superstar' album, playing King Herod role. Mike Smith was the vocalist for 60s band Dave Clark Five. In this album, we can find: Ray Russell (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Dave Markee (bass), Chris Mercer (sax), Malcolm Griffiths (trombone), Barry De Souza (drums), among others. 

William Lyall
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The late Billy Lyall was a member of Bay City Rollers, and later he was the keyboardist in succesful Scottish band Pilot. He later collaborated with Alan Parsons (Pilot's producer), and made his only solo album, with help from many musicians: his old friends from Pilot Ian Bairnson (guitar) and David Paton (bass), plus some others, such as Robert Ahwai (guitar), Ray Russell (sitar), Phil Chen (bass), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Barry De Souza (drums) and Phil Collins (drums). He sadly died in December 1989, of an AIDS-related illness. The album was reissued on CD with two bonus tracks (the single versions of 'Maniac' and 'Solo casting'). 


At the time of recording this album, this was the lineup for T.Rex:.

Other guests in the album: Gloria Jones (backing vocals, Marc Bolan's girlfriend), Scott Edwards (bass), Steve Currie (bass), Paul Humphrey (drums), Paul Fenton (drums), Davey Lutton (drums), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Steve Gregory (flute), Bud Beadle (flute, sax), Colin Jacas (backing vocals).

Nasty Pop Sorry, but I have no idea about who they are. Chris Mercer also plays here. 
Eddie Quansah
Trumpet player, he played in several albums where Chris Mercer also played. This must be his first solo album, recorded with Jimmy Chambers (vocals), Junior Kerr (guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Rebop (percussion), Colin Bass (bass, later in Camel), Jerome Rimson (bass, later with the late Phil Lynott), Terry Wilson (bass), Chris Mercer (bass), Kofi Ayivor (drums), Tony Braunagel (drums). 
Chanter Sisters
Doreen Chanter and Irene Chanter appear in lots of albums as guest vocalists. They recorded their own albums. In this one, they had fantastic backing musicians: Ray Russell (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar, later in Jack Bruce band), Micky Moody (guitar, from Whitesnake, and once in Juicy Lucy with Chris Mercer), Dave Markee (bass), John Giblin (bass), Martin Drover (trumpet), Chris Mercer (sax), Ray Warleigh (sax), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Tony Hymas (keyboards), Ray Cooper (percussion), Simon Phillips (drums), Henry Spinetti (drums). 
Band assembled by Julian Marshall and Kit Hain. I think they only recorded this album. With great guest musicians: Phil Palmer (guitar), Chris Mercer (sax), Geoff Westley (keyboards), Frank Ricotti (percussion) and Peter Van Hooke (drums). 
Jim Rafferty
He is Gerry Rafferty's brother (from Stealers Wheel fame). Lots of great musicians in this album, apart from Jim & Gerry:  Madeline Bell (vocals), Kay Garner (vocals), Gerry Rafferty (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar), Tim Renwick (guitar), Laurence Juber (guitar, from Wings), B.J. Cole (steel guitar, from Cochise), Gary Taylor (bass), Herbie Flowers (bass), Rod Clemens (bass), DeLisle Harper (bass), Rab Noakes (bass), Brian Odgers (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Don Airey (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Mel Collins (sax), Graham Preskett (violin, keyboards), Pick Withers (drums, from Dire Straits), Dave Mattacks (drums), Barry Morgan (drums), Henry Spinetti (drums) and Peter Van Hooke (drums).

Uriah Heep

The lineup in this album was: John Lawton (vocals, from Lucifer's Friend), Mick Box (guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass, from Spiders from Mars), Ken Hensley (keyboards, guitar, vocals), and Lee Kerslake (drums). They are always great!! Recorded from April to August 1978, Chris Mercer plays sax solo on the song "Save it". My favourite songs are "Love or nothing" and "I'm alive". 

Walker Brothers Oh, they were great!! I love this band, his classics like "The sun ain't gonna shine anymore", "Make it easy on yourself", "My ship is coming in", and his fantastic renditions of some other's classics, like "Love minus zero" (Bob Dylan) and "Summertime", etc. Scott Walker (born Scott Engel) has a superb voice. This happened in the 60s, but they also recorded new albums, like this one, in the 70s. With musicians such as Big Jim Sullivan (guitar), Les Davidson (guitar), Chris Mercer (sax), Alan Skidmore (sax), Mo Foster (bass), Morris Pert (percussion), Peter Van Hooke (drums). 
Paul Brett
He has many solo albums, but, sorry, I don't have any of them, so I can't tell you things about him. Chris Mercer plays here, along with Ray Warleigh (sax), and Graham Jarvis (drums). 
Gary Brooker

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This was the first solo album by Procol Harum leader, Gary Brooker. It includes guest appearances by Tim Renwick (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Bruce Lynch (bass), Dave Mattacks (drums), as well as horns by Gonzalez. Although the album doesn't mention the list of horn players, Chris Mercer played there, as he told me. 

Bonnie Tyler This was Bonnie's next album after her big success "It's a heartache". Great studio musicians here: Hughie Burns (guitar), the great, late Martin Jenner (steel guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Dave Markee (bass), Chris Mercer (sax), Henry Spinetti (drums). 
Deke Leonard

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Deke was the lead guitarist in the superb Welsh band Man. He also recorded his own albums, like this one. With some members of his former band Man, like Martin Ace (bass), John McKenzie (bass), Malcolm Morley (keyboards) and Terry Williams (drums, later in Rockpile and Dire Straits). Several then-current companions of Terry Williams in Rockpile, Dave Edmunds (guitar), Billy Bremmer (guitar) also played here. More musicians: Chris Mercer (sax), Ron Aspery (sax, from Back Door, watch my Colin Hodgkinson page for details), Chris Parren (keyboards), Martin Drover (trumpet), Doreen Chanter (backing vocals), etc. 

Chris Spedding A great guitarist. As he'll have his own page in my Olympus, I only mention here that this album has collaborations from Phil Lanzon (keyboards, now in Uriah Heep), Paul Westwood (bass), Chris Mercer (sax) and Dave Mattacks (drums). 
Gerry Rafferty
Snakes and ladders was recorded with: Bryn Haworth (slide guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Richard Brunton (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Pete Zorn (bass), Ian Lynn (keyboards), Billy Livsey (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Raf Ravenscroft (sax), Chris Mercer (horns), Liam Genockey (drums), Richard Harvey (recorders), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Betsy Cook (backing vocals). 
Paul DeLay
Paul DeLay is a blues singer and harmonicist. Chris Mercer plays in two of his albums, as far as I know.


Danny McCulloch's Friends This is an album which remained unreleased until now. Danny McCulloch once was bassist in Eric Burdon & The New Animals. Here, he plays with Chris Spedding (guitar), Gary Wright (keyboards), Herbie Flowers (bass), Chris Mercer (sax), and Ray Cooper (percussion). 
Too Slim & The Taildraggers
A recent album where Chris appears, as it was recorded in Portland, where he lives. 

Chris Mercer himself has told me he has played in albums by The Maytals, Bob Marley, Doris Troy, Jess Roden, Mick Taylor, Alan Parsons, Chris Rea, Moody Blues, Billy Ocean, Squeeze and Paul Nicholas, but I still need to find out which albums are. If anyone can help... :)  


VV.AA. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote this magnificent and world-wide famous score. There has been many different versions (including a Spanish one), but to me, the best is the original version. The list of participants is really impressive: Ian Gillan (vocals, from Deep Purple), Chris Spedding (guitar), Madeline Bell (vocals), Lesley Duncan (vocals), Yvonne Elliman (vocals), John Gustafson (vocals), Murray Head (vocals), Tony Ashton (vocals), Victor Brox (bass, from Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Chris Mercer (sax), Paul Raven (vocals), Bruce Rowlands (drums), Alan Spenner (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Mike D'Abo (vocals, from Manfred Mann), Henry McCullough (guitar), etc. 
Another Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice score. With many great performers: Julie Covington (vocals), Barbara Dickson (vocals), Paul Jones (vocals, from Manfred Mann, and later in Blues Band), Mike D'Abo (vocals), Hank Marvin (guitar, from The Shadows), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Henry McCullough (guitar), the great Ray Russell (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Tony Stevens (bass), Mike Moran (keyboards), Ann Odell (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Simon Phillips (drums), Barry Morgan (drums), Peter Van Hooke (drums), Roy Wood (backing vocals), etc. 
This album was recorded live in the Festival from the same name. Chris' current band, Pin and the Horn-Its, play here, as well as two other bands: Too Slim & The Taildraggers, and Jones Phelps.  

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