This is the list of the sessions I know Denny Carmassi appears... I've classified them into several categories:


Although Denny was later a member of Whitesnake, he's not in this earlier compilation because of that. It's because David Coverdale re-recorded one of his biggest hits, 'Here I go again', with session musicians (Dann Huff (guitar), Bill Cuomo (keyboards), Denny Carmassi (drums)). The list of musicians from my Olympus appearing there is very long. Let's see: David Coverdale (vocals), Micky Moody (guitar), John Sykes (guitar), Steve Vai (guitar), Dann Huff (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Rudy Sarzo (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Cozy Powell (drums), Aynsley Dunbar (drums), Denny Carmassi (drums), Tommy Aldridge (drums).

Sammy Hagar

After leaving Van Halen, Sammy came back to his solo career again. This new album comprises a kind of reunion for Montrose, with Ronnie Montrose, Bill Church and Denny Carmassi in one track. The Japanese edition has a bonus track (live in the studio), but I don't know if Denny is there too, as I don't have it. Other musicians in the album: Mickey Hart (from Grateful Dead), Huey Lewis, etc.  


Randy Meisner He was the original bassist in The Eagles. This was his second solo album, with his friend J.D. Souther on vocals, plus John Corey (guitar), Byron Berline (violin), the much-missed Nicky Hopkins (keyboards), Mitchell Froom (keyboards), Ernie Watts (sax), Phil Kenzie (sax), and from Heart: Ann & Nancy Wilson (vocals), Howard Leese (guitar) and Denny Carmassi (drums). 
Kim Carnes
She gained fame with his rendition of the song "Bette Davis eyes". In this album we can find great session musicians: from Toto, Steve Lukather (guitar), David Paich (keyboards), Steve Porcaro (keyboards), plus John Waite (vocals, from The Babys and Bad English), Waddy Watchel (guitar), Bill Cuomo (keyboards), Duane Hitchings (keyboards, from Cactus), Craig Krampf (drums, once in Flo & Eddie), plus Heart's rhythm section, Mark Andes (bass) and Denny Carmassi (drums). 
Al Stewart
Al Stewart is a great composer and singer. This album, where he is backed by his band Shot in the Dark, contains some guest appearances (as his band hadn't a permanent drummer). With Steve Chapman (drums), Denny Carmassi (drums), Harry Stinson (drums), plus Phil Kenzie (sax). It's not my favourite album from Al, but anyway it contains several magnificent songs. 
Stevie Nicks
The tender voice in Fleetwood Mac. This was her third solo album, with lots of great musicians here, basically sessionmen from LA: Les Dudek (guitar), Mike Campbell (guitar, from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Danny Kortchmar (guitar), Michael Landau (guitar), Waddy Watchel (guitar), Kenny Edwards (bass, from Linda Ronstadt's band), Bob Glaub (bass), Mike Porcaro (bass), Bill Cuomo (keyboards), Bill Payne (keyboards, from Little Feat), Greg Phillinganes (keyboards), Benmont Tench (keyboards, also from The Heartbreakers), Steve Jordan (drums), Denny Carmassi (drums), Andy Newmark (drums), Russ Kunkel (drums), to name only a few. 
Joe Walsh
This great musician hasn't been very lucky with his solo albums, although I don't know why. This one contains many of his friends playing with him: the fantastic Waddy Watchel (guitar), Randy Newman (keyboards), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), David Margen (bass, ex-Santana), Tim B. Schmidt (vocals, Joe's companion in The Eagles), Rick Marotta (drums), the late Jeff Porcaro (drums, from Toto), Jim Keltner (drums), and Heart's rhythm section: Mark Andes (bass) and Denny Carmassi (drums). 
38 Special
This Southern-rock band was commanded by Donnie Van Zandt (current singer in the revamped Lynyrd Skynyrd). I suppose Denny Carmassi plays here (as well as Jim Vallance) because they lost their original drummer, Steve Brookins, in 1986. 

Cinderella is a hard rock band who was categorized as a hairy glam band. I don't agree, I think they were a good rockin' band, with a good guitarist (Jeff LaBar). Sorry, I had to say that.

Their lineup was: Tom Keifer (vocals, guitar), Jeff LaBar (guitar), Eric Brittingham (bass), Fred Coury (drums). This was their second album, and it seems that their current drummer had problems in the studio, so they invited top session drummers for the album, Cozy Powell and Denny Carmassi. Great songs in it. Produced by Andy Johns. 

Randy Newman Randy Newman is a great composer. He tried to write a full musical work, backed with lots of his friends: Don Henley (vocals), Elton John (vocals), Bonnie Raitt (vocals), James Taylor (vocals), Linda Ronstadt (vocals). Superb musicians: Waddy Watchel (guitar), Mike Landau (guitar), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Larry Klein (bass), Leland Sklar (bass), Steve Tavaglione (sax, later in Frank Gambale band), Billy Payne (keyboards), Benmont Tench (keyboards), Randy Waldman (keyboards), Denny Carmassi (drums), Kenny Aaronoff (drums), Jim Keltner (drums), Carlos Vega (drums). 
Ted Nugent
Here, Denny rejoins one of his former companions in St. Paradise, the great Derek St. Holmes, who was again in Ted Nugent's band for a while. This album was recorded with three different drummers: Gunner Ross, Benny Rappa and Denny Carmassi.


Original soundtrack This movie was starred by Eddie Murphy. The soundtrack contains songs by Ratt, Ashford & Simpson, and the Heart lineup appears here (Ann Wilson (vocals), Nancy Wilson (vocals, guitar), Denny Carmassi (drums)).  

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