DENNY LAINE sessions

This is the list of the sessions I know Denny Laine appears... I've classified them into several categories:


Susie and the Red Stripes As I've explained in the biography page, this was projected to be Linda McCartney's solo album. Recorded in 1973 with her husband Paul, and Denny Laine. Finally, the album never was released, and this single was released in 1977. 
Mike McGear
Mike is Paul's brother. Backed here by complete Wings lineup: Paul McCartney (vocals, guitar, bass), Denny Laine (guitar, vocals), Jimmy McCulloch (guitar, vocals), Linda McCartney (keyboards, vocals), Geoff Britton (drums), plus Gerry Conway (drums). 
The Country Hams
Another pseudonym for Wings. It was a song produced by Paul, and written by his father. Wings lineup here is: Paul McCartney (vocals, guitar, bass), Denny Laine (guitar, vocals), Jimmy McCulloch (guitar, vocals), Linda McCartney (keyboards, vocals), Geoff Britton (drums). 
George Harrison
This album was recorded just after John Lennon's death. George Harrison composed a precious song about his early days with Lennon and McCartney, called "All those years ago". In this song, we can find Paul, Linda McCartney and Denny Laine on backing vocals. Other great musicians in the album: Willie Weeks (bass), Herbie Flowers (bass), Gary Brooker (keyboards), Al Kooper (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Neil Larsen (keyboards), Tom Scott (horns), Ray Cooper (percussion, drums, and keyboards!), Jim Keltner (drums), Ringo Starr (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums). A great album. 
Paul McCartney
As far as I know, Denny appears in these Paul albums, after Wings separation.

Tug of war includes collaborations from Stevie Wonder (vocals), the late Carl Perkins (vocals, guitar), Denny Laine (guitar, bass, keyboards), Eric Stewart (guitar, from 10CC), Stanley Clarke (bass), Andy Mackay (horns, from Roxy Music), Ringo Starr (drums), Steve Gadd (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums).

Pipes of peace includes collaborations from Michael Jackson (vocals), Eric Stewart (guitar), Denny Laine (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Stanley Clarke (bass), Jerry Hey (horns), Andy Mackay (sax), Ernie Watts (sax), Ringo Starr (drums), Steve Gadd (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums). 

Linda McCartney This was the posthumous solo album by Linda McCartney. It includes tracks recorded along the years (from 1972 to 1998). Denny Laine plays in 6 tracks: 'Wide prairie', 'New Orleans', 'I got up', 'Seaside woman', 'Oriental nightfish' and 'Cook of the house'. Other musicians involved are Paul McCartney (of course) and Wings members Jimmy McCulloch, Henry McCullough, Denny Seiwell, Joe English, Laurence Juber, plus Robbie McIntosh, Davey Lutton, Mick Bolton, Ian Maidman, Geoffrey Richardson, etc. 

Carmine Appice Carmine Appice is one of the drummers with greatest curriculum. He has played with everybody. So it's not strange that now that he's releasing his own albums, they're full of renowned musicians. He's releasing albums under the "Guitar Zeus" monicker. Carmine and Denny have played together in World Classic Rockers, and they're currently working together in a soundtrack, as we can read in Denny biography page.

Guitar Zeus 2 - Channel Mind Radio is his most recent release, and it includes guest appearances by: Denny Laine (in the song 'Cruisin''), Stevie Salas (from his own band Stevie Salas Colorcode), Zakk Wylde (from Ozzy Osbourne band and now, with his own band Pride And Joy), Warren DeMartini (ex-Ratt), Richie Sambora (from Bon Jovi), Stuart Smith, Ted Nugent, Neal Schon (from Journey), C.C. DeVille (from Poison), John Norum, Ty Tabor (from King's X), Dweezil Zappa, Vivian Campbell (from Def Leppard), Kenji Kitajima. The Japanese version of the album has two bonus tracks, and that's where Paul Gilbert appears, in a track called 'Where you belong'.


Eddie Hardin Eddie Hardin is the mythical musician from Spencer Davis Group, Hardin-York, and Axis Point. Among his solo albums, he developed the superb saga Wizard's Convention, always with fantastic musicians.

Wizard's Convention 2 was recorded in 1995, with Tony Ashton, Mike D'Abo, John Entwistle, Chris Farlowe, Paul Jones, John Lawton, Denny Laine, Mo Foster, Phil Manzanera, Chris Thompson, Zak Starkey (Ringo's son), and Snowy White.

Wizard's Convention 3 was recorded again with a superb lineup: Eddie Hardin (vocals, piano), plus vocals by Liz Hardin, Emma Hardin, Maggie Bell, Billy Ocean, Iris Williams, Lynn Sheppard, Denny Laine, Jimmy Helms, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes. The musicians include Ray Fenwick (guitar), Roger Glover (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), Ronnie James Dio, Tony Ashton, Mo Foster (bass), Ric Lee (drums), Rick Van Der Linden (keyboards), Zak Starkey (drums, guitar), Mark Nauseef (percussion), Les Binks (drums), Henry Spinetti (drums), Pete York (drums), Tony Newman (drums).

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Wind in the willows was a project conceived by the great Eddie Hardin, since 1976. Based on a musical translation of a novel, Eddie Hardin and Zak Starkey started working on it in 1985. With a great list of musicians: Ray Fenwick (guitar), Steve Hackett (guitar), Chris Thompson (guitar, vocals), John Entwistle (bass), Mike O'Donnell (bass), Steve Richardson (bass), Tony Ashton (keyboards, vocals), Don Airey (keyboards), Jon Lord (keyboards), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax), John 'Bimbo' Acock (sax), Pete York (drums), and vocals by: Maggie Bell, Graham Bonnet, Tony Barton, Donovan, Joe Fagin and Val McKenna. In 1991, there was a live performance at the Zeitfestival Freiburg in Germany, and seven years later, it was released as Wind in the willows - a rock concert. The great lineup is very similar to the studio version: Ray Fenwick (guitar), Tony Ashton (keyboards, vocals), Don Airey (keyboards), Jon Lord (keyboards), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax), Pete York (drums), and vocals by: Maggie Bell, Graham Bonnet, Donovan, Joe Fagin. This CD release also includes two studio bonus tracks from the original sessions, featuring Denny Laine (song 'The life we left behind') and Billy Ocean.

I've read that Denny plays in albums by Rosetta Hightower, Martha Velez, Gary Wright, and Ric Grech, but I don't know in which ones. Please, help me!


VV.AA. This was a maxi-single where a massive all-star was assembled in aid of the Bradford City disaster fund. The list of people involved in the song is immense: Gerry Marsden (from Gerry & The Pacemakers, he was the one who made famous this song in the early 60s), Tony Christie, Denny Laine, Tim Healy, the late Gary Holton (from Heavy Metal Kids), Ed Stewart, Tony Hicks (from Back Door), Kenny Lynch, Colin Blunstone, Chris Robinson, A. Curtis, the fantastic Phil Lynott (from Thin Lizzy, you're very missed!!!), Bernie Winters, Girlschool, Black Lace, John Ottway, Rick Wakeman (from Yes fame), Baron Knights, Tim Hinkley, Brendan Shine, John Verity (from Argent), Rolf Harris, Rob Heaton, Patrick McDonald, Smokie, Bruce Forsythe, Johnny Logan, Colbert Hamilton, Dave Lee Travis, Rose Marie, Frank Allen, Jim Diamond (from Ph.D), Graham Gouldman (from 10CC, also the producer here), Pete Spencer, Chris Norman, Gerard Kenny, The Nolans, Graham Dene, Suzy Grant, Peter Cook, The Foxes, Jess Conrad, Kin Kelly, Motorhead, John Entwistle (from The Who), Jimmy Hennie, Joe Fagin (mispelled Joe Fagan), David Shilling, Karen Clark, Gary Hughes, Zak Starkey (misspelled as Zac), the great Eddie Hardin, Paul McCartney, Kiki Dee, Keith Chegwin, and John Conteh.

The maxi-single contains two versions of 'You'll never walk alone' (long and short version), plus some messages. 

VV.AA. This was a project conceived by Lea Hart, singer in the band Fastway. He assembled many musicians and friends to play in the album. Denny Laine sings one song, "I wish it could be Christmas everyday". The featured singers were: John Sloman (from Uriah Heep), Paul Di'Anno (vocals, ex-Iron Maiden, Gogmagog, Battlezone, Killers, Di'Anno, Praying Mantis, and several more), Steve Overland, Kim McAuliffe (from Girlschool), and Ray Callcut. Other musicians there: Jem Davis, Jamie Wright, Denise Dufort, Guy Bailey (from Quireboys), Carlos Creator (hey, this guy is Spanish, I think!!), Fast Eddie Clarke (he was Lea Hart companion in Fastway; once he was Motorhead's guitarist), Tim 'Nibbs' Carter (from Saxon), Misha Calvin, etc. The album has also been reissued with a different cover under the name Metal Christmas.

It's not the only project of this kind assembled by Lea Hart. You can just take a look to Neil Murray sessions page, where you can find the similar album The legendary heavy metal label (also known as N.W.O.B.H.M.).


Forcefield This was a studio-only project, commanded by Ray Fenwick and the much-missed Cozy Powell. You'll find more info about Forcefield in my pages about Cozy.

Their first album includes a song co-written by Denny Laine with Ray Fenwick and Pete Prescott, "Black cat".

Their third album, To Oz and Back, includes two more songs written by Denny Laine, "Stay away" and "Wings on my feet".

Musicians mentioned in this page that I have projected to cover in my site someday: And short tributes to:


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