This is the list of the sessions I know Francis Monkman appears... I've classified them into several categories:


801 / Phil Manzanera He was the guitarist in Roxy Music, and also the leader in 801 (where Francis played).

Listen/now was a studio album, originally conceived for 801. It was composed while Phil was recovering from an accident. It included many guests, bandmates and friends: Tim Finn (vocals, from Split Enz, later in Crowded House), Kevin Godley & Lol Creme (vocals, from 10CC, later they formed the duo Godley & Creme), Eddie Jobson (keyboards), Billy Livsey (keyboards, from Gallagher & Lyle), Mel Collins (sax), Dave Mattacks (drums. And from different encarnations of 801 band: Simon Ainley (guitar), Bill McCormick (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Brian Eno (keyboards) and Simon Phillips (drums).

K-scope was Phil's 2nd solo album, and it included several of these same musicians. With Kevin Godley & Lol Creme (vocals), brothers Tim & Neil Finn (vocals), Simon Ainley (guitar), John Wetton (bass, vocals), Bill McCormick (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), David Skinner (keyboards), Mel Collins (sax), Simon Phillips (drums), Paul Thompson (drums).

Guitarissimo (1975-1982) includes tracks recorded during that period, thus Francis appearing here again.

Manzanera collection is a compilation 2CD, trying to cover all stages of Phil's career, including a few tracks from Roxy Music. Lots of great musicians. I'll only mention the ones who are in my Olympus: Chris Spedding (guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), John Wetton (bass, vocals), John Gustafson (bass), Pino Palladino (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Simon Phillips (drums), Andy Newmark (drums).

John Williams He was Francis companion in Sky. Three parts of the band here: John Williams (guitar), Herbie Flowers (bass) and Francis Monkman (keyboards). Also with Laurence Juber (guitar), Les Thatcher (guitar), Richard Harvey (recorder, from Gryphon), Stuart Elliott (drums), Barry Morgan (drums). Francis wrote the title track, and this succesful venture was the seed for Sky.

Darryl Way

This is Darryl's first solo album, co-written and played with Francis Monkman on keyboards. Ian Mosley guests here. 

Brian Eno This is a collection of unreleased live takes where Eno performs. There are 5 tracks performed by The Winkies, plus one track recorded live in 1976 by 801 at Reading Festival, 'I'll come running'. So, that's why Francis appears in this album.


Dave Elliott Sorry, I don't know who he is.

In his 1st album, David Elliott, we can find there Albert Lee (guitar), Caleb Quaye (guitar), Nigel Olsson (drums, see link below), Dee Murray (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards, previously in Curved Air), Dave Mattacks (drums), Chris Karan (drums), and the whole lineup of Cochise: Mick Grabham (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Rick Wills (bass) and Roy O'Temro (drums). 

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This was the album released by the band after their first major change in the original lineup (no original members already here). With the superb Annie Haslam (vocals), Jon Camp (bass, guitar), John Tout (keyboards), Terence Sullivan (drums). Francis Monkman plays keyboards in one (lenghty) song, 'Rajah Khan'. 

Johnny Nash A very good singer, in this album he's backed by part of Bob Marley band, as well as by John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, who writes some songs here. Francis Monkman also plays synthesizer and bass guitar along the whole album, although uncredited. 

Harvey Andrews He's a British artist, who started singing folk music. He has also worked with Focus. This is his 3rd album, and it includes great musicians: Paul Keogh (guitar), Graham Cooper (guitar), Roy Babbington (bass, then in Soft Machine), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Phil Kenzie (sax, later in Rod Stewart band), Graham Preskett (violin, mandolin), Terry Cox (drums, from Pentangle), Dave Mattacks (drums), Chris Karan (drums). 

B.J. Cole He's a superb steel guitar player, and someday he'll have his own page in my Olympus. For now, you can read more info about him as he was part of Cochise, along with Mick Grabham and Rick Wills.

I think this was his first album. It includes appearances by: Mick Audsley (guitar, vocals), Keith Baker (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Tristan Fry (percussion, later in Sky with Francis), Robert Kirby (keyboards), Graham Preskett (violin), Danny Thompson (bass, from Pentangle), and Mike Giles (drums, from King Crimson). 

Al Stewart
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

He's a great artist, I love him. His albums usually have great guests. This one too. With: Isaac Guillory (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Dave Swarbrick (mandolin, from Fairport Convention), Brian Odgers (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Tim Hinkley (keyboards), Rick Wakeman (keyboards), Bob Sargeant (keyboards), Roger Taylor (percussion), Frank Ricotti (percussion), and most of Quiver band: Tim Renwick (guitar), Bruce Thomas (bass), Peter Wood (keyboards) and John 'Willie' Wilson (drums, previously in Cochise). 

David Courtney This pianist and composer has written songs for Leo Sayer or Roger Daltrey. Here we can find: Russ Ballard (guitar), David Gilmour (guitar), Paul Keogh (guitar), Alan Parker (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Andrew Powell (keyboards), Jean Roussel (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Brian Odgers (bass), Richard Harvey (horns), Morris Pert (percussion), Barry DeSouza (drums), Barry Morgan (drums), Tony Burrows (backing vocals) and the members of Pilot. 

Alan Parsons Project
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

He was famous because of having been the engineer for Beatles and Pink Floyd. He started his succesful career as an artist, under the nickname Alan Parsons Project. It was really a duo, with Eric Woolfson (though, currently, Eric doesn't collaborates with Alan any more). Not forgetting about great orchestrations by Andrew Powell. As a famous engineer and producer, Alan called many of his friends to play and sing in his albums. This, their first album, was based on Edgar Allan Poe poems. Here, we can find: Arthur Brown (vocals), Orson Welles (narration. Yes! the actor!), Terry Sylvester (vocals, ex-Hollies), John Miles (vocals, guitar), Laurence Juber (guitar, later in Wings), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Andrew Powell (keyboards). From Pilot (Alan was Pilot's producer): Ian Bairnson (guitar), David Paton (bass), the late Billy Lyall (keyboards) and Stuart Tosh (drums). From Ambrosia (yes, also produced by Alan): David Pack (guitar), Joe Puerta (bass), Christopher North (keyboards), Burleigh Drummond (drums). 

Jim Rafferty He is Gerry Rafferty's brother (from Stealers Wheel fame). Lots of great musicians in this album, apart from Jim & Gerry:  Madeline Bell (vocals), Kay Garner (vocals), Gerry Rafferty (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar), Tim Renwick (guitar), Laurence Juber (guitar, from Wings), B.J. Cole (steel guitar, from Cochise), Gary Taylor (bass), Herbie Flowers (bass), Rod Clemens (bass), DeLisle Harper (bass), Rab Noakes (bass), Brian Odgers (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Don Airey (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax), Mel Collins (sax), Graham Preskett (violin, keyboards), Pick Withers (drums, from Dire Straits), Dave Mattacks (drums), Barry Morgan (drums), Henry Spinetti (drums) and Peter Van Hooke (drums).

Kate Bush

She has a great voice and talent. This was her second album, and although not as succesful as the 1st one, it contained great songs. Produced by Andrew Powell. With the great Ian Bairnson (guitar), David Paton (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), Stuart Elliott (drums), Charlie Morgan (drums). 

Louis Clark He's a great arranger and orchestra conductor, also plays keyboards. First time I heard of him was in the ELO albums. This album includes: Kevin Peek (guitar), Ricky Hitchcock (guitar), the great Roy Wood (playing sitar!), Francis Monkman (keyboards), John Tout (keyboards, from Renaissance), Nick Pentelow (sax), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Simon Phillips (drums), Pete Van Hooke (drums). 

Blonde on Blonde

Blonde on Blonde were a female duo: Nina Carter and Frankie Ward. Great musicians list: Nigel Jenkins (guitar), Alan Jones (bass), Dave Markee (bass), Jerome Rimson (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Dave Lawson (keyboards), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Pete Van Hooke (drums), Graham Jarvis (drums), and on backing vocals: Chris Rainbow, Stephanie De Sykes and Claire Terry. It includes a rendition of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole lotta love' (it was released as a single, I also have it!), and one song, 'Woman is free', was from the soundtrack of a movie called 'Golden lady'. Recorded in the summer of 1979 in London.

Ah, I almost forgot... Not to be confused with the band of the same name that recorded in the late 60s and early 70s.

(cover of 'Whote lotta love' single)


(scans courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

A superb band. Andy Latimer, his leader and guitarist, plays in one of Francis solo albums. This album is produced by Tony Clark and Haydn Bendall, who also were Sky's producers. The list of musicians is very interesting: Andy Latimer (guitar, vocals, flute), Chris Rainbow (vocals), the fantastic Anthony Phillips (he was the original guitarist in Genesis), Peter Bardens (keyboards), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), David Paton (bass), Simon Phillips (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums), Graham Jarvis (drums). Francis Monkman plays in one song.

Chris De Burgh
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Another great artist. With Ian Bairnson (guitar), Chris Laurence (bass), David Paton (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Andrew Powell (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Stuart Elliott (drums).

Brian Bennett He was The Shadows drummer for several decades (after replacing original drummer, Tony Meehan in October 1961). The album has the subtitle: "a journey into discoid funk". As well as Brian Bennett playing all kinds of percussion, the album features Francis Monkman on keyboards and Alan Jones. The synthesizers were programmed and realized by Francis. This album was reissued as a 2in1CD album, along with Rock dreams album (Dec 97, SeeForMiles). 
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey was a member of Gryphon, a British band that played traditional folk music. He performed a Vivaldi concert on recorder. Francis plays harpsichord on this one. Don't know the date of the release.


VV.AA. This was a project that assembled several musicians. With Demis Roussos (vocals, from Aphrodite's Child), Hugh Burns (guitar), Ray Russell (guitar), Alan Jones (bass, from The Shadows), Dave Markee (bass), Paul Westwood (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Ann Odell (keyboards), Paul Buckmaster (keyboards), Tony Hymas (keyboards), Graham Preskett (violin), Brother James (percussion), Ray Cooper (percussion), Morris Pert (percussion), Simon Phillips (drums), Barry DeSouza (drums).

I don't know if the album was credited to Family of Love (I don't have it). Can anyone tell me that, please? 

VV.AA. (original soundtrack)

This was the soundtrack from the movie starring Peter Frampton and The Bee Gees. As many musical movies, it has its ups and downs, as no every performer was a real singer (Steve Martin, for example). But it has its fine moments. Originally a 2LP (my copy includes a big (& ugly) poster), it has 28 tracks, all of them written by The Beatles. Arranged and produced by George Martin, it features Billy Preston, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith or Paul Nicholas. But the great thing is when you check the credits list. With great surprises there. The regular musicians team comprises:

Robert Ahwai (guitar)
Peter Frampton (guitar solos)
Wilbur Bascomb (bass)
Max Middleton (keyboards)
Bernard Purdie (drums)
+ Tower of Power Horn Section:
Greg Adams (trumpet)
Emilio Castilio (sax)
Mick Gillette (trombone, trumpet)
Steve Doc Kupka (sax)
Lenny Pickett (sax)
That is, many former Jeff Beck bandmates. And the list of featured guests is: Jeff Beck (guitar), the superb Larry Carlton (guitar), Ricky Hitchcock (guitar), Ray Russell (guitar), Fred Tackett (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Ray Cooper (percussion), Victor Feldman (percussion), and from Toto: David Hungate (bass), David Paich (keyboards) and Jeff Porcaro (drums).

Musicians mentioned in this page that I have projected to cover in my site someday: And short tributes to:

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