IAN MOSLEY sessions

This is the list of the sessions I know Ian Mosley appears... I've classified them into several categories:


Darryl Way

This is Darryl's first solo album, co-written and played with his former Curved Air bandmate, Francis Monkman on keyboards. Ian Mosley guests here. 

Juan Martin He's an acoustic guitarist. This album includes most of Gordon Giltrap Band at that time: John Gustafson (bass), John G. Perry (bass), Rod Edwards (keyboards), Ian Mosley (drums), plus Tony Hymas (keyboards) and Simon Phillips (drums), both from Jeff Beck Band.  
VV.AA. - Rock against repatriation In 1990, Iain Sutherland (from Sutherland Brothers) and Steve Hackett (ex-guitarist from Genesis) assembled an all-star band called Rock against Repatriation. It was a charity project for people from Vietnam. The single was 'Sailing', and the musicians included the members of Marillion (ex-member Fish, plus Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley), Brian May (from Queen), Steve Hackett (with his band), The Moody Blues, Godley & Creme, Paul Carrack, Phil Manzanera, Mike Rutherford, Bonnie Tyler, Mark King, Pino Palladino, Simon Phillips, Curt Smith, Judy Tzuke, Jim Diamond, and the London Chamber Orchestra, among others.


In the album, there are 4 tracks recorded in 1978 by Caravan guitarist, the superb Pye Hastings, with the Gordon Giltrap band. That includes John Gustafson (bass), Rod Edwards (keyboards) and Ian Mosley (drums), plus mate Jimmy Hastings on sax. 


Adrian Snell He is a guitarist and keyboardist. In this album, he is backed by some of the musicians from Gordon Giltrap band: Eddie Spence (keyboards), John G. Perry (bass) and Ian Mosley (drums), plus Shirley Roden (vocals). With Frank Ricotti (percussion) and Nick Pentelow (sax). 
Sally Oldfield
A great and fine vocalist, although she seems to be condemned to be known just as "Mike Oldfield's sister". In this album, she's backed by great players: Alan Murphy (guitar), Paul Westwood (bass), John G. Perry (bass), Hans Zimmer (keyboards), Nick Glennie Smith (keyboards), Mel Collins (sax), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Graham Jarvis (drums), Pierre Moerlen (drums, from Gong), Ian Mosley (drums), Peter Van Hooke (drums). 
Big Big Sun
This band included some famous musicians: Richard Cottle (keyboards, ex-David Bowie) and Gary Ferguson (drums, ex-Gary Moore).  

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