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He's a fantastic keyboardist. He's the son of famous jazz pianist Jan Johansson, and brother of drummer Anders Johansson. Young and talented, I first heard him in first Yngwie Malmsteen album, Rising Force. It was a fantastic album, superb playing by Yngwie, drummer Barriemore Barlow and singer Jeff Scott Soto, plus Jens playing electric and acoustic keyboards, and making classical arrangements. It was like a spell on me, and I kept buying all Yngwie albums since then. Unfortunately, Jens left Yngwie after the release of their live album, around 1989. I miss the 'fights' between Yngwie's guitar and Jens' keyboards. :)

Next thing I found by him was playing in the Deep Purple tribute, Smoke on the water. He played in all the songs, and his rendition of original Jon Lord's work is really amazing. I love this album.

Later, he joined Dio, played in one album, and he is currently in Finnish band Stratovarius since 1995. A great band, by the way, with superb musicians such as guitarist Timmo Tolki and drummer Jorg Michael.

He also has his own solo albums, alone or with his brother, the great drummer Anders Johansson. I still haven't been able to get the album they recorded with guitar axe Allan Holdsworth, called Heavy machinery. He also plays in some albums by Swedish bass maestro, Jonas Hellborg.

I met Jens in September 1997, when he came to play in my city with Stratovarius (and Dutch band Elegy). It was a great concert, the last of their tour. Superb playing, and real fun, as the roadies were kidding with the musicians (one of them "stole" the drum cymbals one by one when the concert was to finish), Elegy musicians appeared on stage dressed like women as a surprise while Stratovarius were playing, etc. I stayed all the concert just near Jens side of the stage, because I wanted to speak with him after the concert. I spoke with the tour manager, and he told me Jens would try to come. But security guards didn't allow me to stay, so before leaving, I spoke with the Elegy drummer (sorry, guy, don't know your name, but my BIG THANKS to you!!), he told me Jens was having a shower, so I told him I should stay in the outside, waiting. My surprise came when, half an hour later, Elegy drummer came with Jens! He signed all my CD covers, and we spoke for some minutes. I took some photos with him (Jens, finally I never got the photos from that guy :( ), we spoke about his brother Anders, about Yngwie, Stratovarius, etc. He finally came in again, because they were to hold a party to celebrate the end of the tour. I waited till security guards left the hall, one hour later, and I rushed in again. Jens and the other guys didn't say a word about it, so we were allowed to stay. I spoke with several of the musicians (Timo Tolkki, Jorg Michael), all of them are real nice. Timo Tolkki told me that Stratovarius next project was to release a live album. Two hours later, they went to their hotel, and I went to my home, feeling myself happy!

Stratovarius finally released that 2CD live, Visions of Europe! A superb live album, where the whole band is really superb! Thanks for giving me the chance of remembering that night!


Their next studio album by Stratovarius again! It's called Destiny, and it's superb (as always!!).

After a compilation, they have another superb album, Infinite.

Hey, Jens! Come to my city again!!! :) :)

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