This is the list of the sessions I know John Gustafson appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Yvonne Elliman Hawaii-born singer, she once was Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar original album. Later, she joined Eric Clapton band, and she was re-discovered due to the huge success of Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Food of love must be her 3rd solo album, with many fantastic musicians: John Gustafson (bass) and Peter Robinson (keyboards) (both from Quatermass), Mick Grabham, Caleb Quaye, Pete Townshend, Ann Odell (keyboards, from Blue Mink), Ray Cooper and Morris Pert (on percussion), Rossetta Hightower (vocals), Michael Giles (drums, from King Crimson), and later members of Penguin Cafe Orchestra (the recently deceased Simon Jeffes - he died in December 1997 - and John G. Perry).

Her recent compilation The best of Yvonne Elliman includes performances by many of the musicians who have played in her albums. The list is so long: Lee Ritenour, Steve Cropper and Donald 'Duck' Dunn (Booker T. & The MG's), Dr. John, Steve Hunter, Lowell George and Richie Hayward (Little Feat), Davey Johnstone and Dee Murray (Elton John band), etc. 

Andy Mackay He was the sax from Roxy Music. This was his first solo album. With several companions from the band: Phil Manzanera, John Porter, Eddie Jobson, Paul Thompson, John Gustafson, and some other guests: Lloyd Watson (guitar, from Manzanera's band 801), and Roger Glover (bass), Brian Chatton (keyboards), Bruce Rowlands (drums). 
Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry was the singer in Roxy Music. He has always hired fabulous musicians, both for albums and tours. Let's stick together is his fourth album, although it comprises of outtakes, from both Bryan Ferry solo career and Roxy Music tracks.

The basic band for the album is:

John Gustafson plays bass on the song 'Re-make/Re-model'. But we can also find Phil Manzanera (guitar on 1 track), Davy O'List (guitar on 1 track), Neil Hubbard (guitar on the track 'Casanova'), John Porter (bass on 1 track), Rick Wills (bass on the track 'Sea breezes'), Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin), Mel Collins (sax), Martin Drover (trumpet), Morris Pert (percussion), Ann Odell (string arrangements), and backing vocals by Jacqui Sullivan, Helen Chappell, Paddie McHugh, Doreen Chanter, Vicky Brown, Martha Walker.

Axis Point They were a group with members of Spencer Davis Group, Taste, Family and Streetwalkers: Charlie Whitney (guitar), Charlie McCracken (bass), Eddie Hardin (keyboards, vocals), Les Binks - later replaced by Rob Townsend (drums). I suppose John Gustafson (additional vocals) played with them because he was involved with the Spencer Davis Group around 1974. 
Juan Martin
He's an acoustic guitarist. This album includes most of Gordon Giltrap Band at that time: John Gustafson (bass), John G. Perry (bass), Rod Edwards (keyboards), Ian Mosley (drums), plus Tony Hymas (keyboards) and Simon Phillips (drums), both from Jeff Beck Band.   
Ian Gillan
I think What I did on my vacation is a compilation of Gillan and Ian Gillan Band, but don't know if it contains unreleased tracks, as I don't have it.

Naked thunder features John in backing vocals and Peter Robinson on keyboards. By the way, the list of musicians include two more guys from my Olympus: Tommy Eyre (keyboards) and Simon Phillips (drums), as well as great guitarist Steve Morris and friend Roger Glover.

Cherkazoo and other stories was an album assembled of unreleased tracks. Ian Gillan had recorded a never-released soundtrack for an animated children film, the story of "Cherkazoo". There are 8 tracks from that soundtrack, and the album (up to 18 songs) was filled with more outtakes from Gillan's early solo career. The list of musicians included is not known completely. Some of the musicians credited are: Bernie Holland (guitar), Dave Wintour (bass), Andy Steele (drums), Mike Moran (keyboards), Roger Glover. So, why have I included this album in John Gustafson sessions? Because there is a track co-written by Gillan/Glover/Gustafson, "Monster in paradise". It was part of that children soundtrack, but Gustafson also used it in his album by Hard Stuff.


In the album, there are 4 tracks recorded in 1978 by Caravan guitarist, the superb Pye Hastings, with the Gordon Giltrap band. That includes John Gustafson (bass), Rod Edwards (keyboards) and Ian Mosley (drums), plus mate Jimmy Hastings on sax. 

Phil Manzanera Manzanera collection is a compilation 2CD, trying to cover all stages of Phil's career, including a few tracks from Roxy Music. Lots of great musicians here. I'll only mention the ones who are in my Olympus: Chris Spedding (guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), John Wetton (bass, vocals), John Gustafson (bass), Pino Palladino (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Simon Phillips (drums), Andy Newmark (drums).


Mick Farren Mick Farren was the singer in Deviants (later evolved into Pink Fairies). Carnivorous circus must be his first solo album, with help from Pink Fairies companions, the mythical drummer Twink and bassist Steve Took (ex-T.Rex), plus John Gustafson (bass), Victor Brox (keyboards, from Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation), and Paul Buckmaster making arrangements.

I'm not sure, but Partial recall must be a compilation, hence Gustafson's appearance. Other noted appearances: Chrissie Hynde (vocals, leader of The Pretenders), Wilko Johnson (guitar, ex-Dr. Feelgood), Sonja Kristina (vocals, from Curved Air), and Twink (drums). 

Chi Coltrane She's a pianist, and in her second album, we can find sessionmen like Merry Clayton (vocals), Lee Ritenour (guitar), Emory Gordy (bass), Larry Knetchel (bass, from Bread), Joe Puerta (bass), Klaus Voorman (bass, from Plastic Ono Band and Manfred Mann), John Gustafson (bass), Chris Karan (drums), Barry DeSouza (drums), Jim Gordon (drums), Jim Keltner (drums), etc. 
Ann Odell
Great keyboardist, she was a member of band comprising session musicians called Blue Mink. She was later in Bryan Ferry Band. This was her only solo album. With Gary Boyle (guitar, later in Isotope), Caleb Quaye (guitar), Ray Fenwick, John Gustafson (bass) and Peter Robinson (both from Quatermass), Ray Cooper, Barry DeSouza (drums) and Bruce Rowland (drums). 
As far as I know, they only released this album, with Janne Schaffer (guitar), John Gustafson (bass) and Bjorn Jayson Lindh (flute). 
Steve Swindells
Keyboardist, he played in Pilot and String Driven Thing. He also was later in the Hawklords (a mutation from band Hawkwind). This was his 1st solo album. We can find here people from Van Der Graaf Generator: Nic Potter, Guy Evans, plus Caleb Quaye (guitar), John Gustafson (bass), Danny Thompson (bass, from Pentangle), Chris Mercer (sax), Simon King (drums, from Hawkwind), and Doris Troy on vocals. 
Allan Clarke
Allan Clarke was the singer in the great 60s band The Hollies. In this solo album, we can find Madeline Bell & Liza Strike (vocals), Ray Glynn (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Herbie Flowers (bass), John Gustafson (bass), Peter Robinson (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Tony Newman (drums). 
Kevin Ayers
This album from the former guitarist/singer in Soft Machine was recorded with his great friend Ollie Halsall, some other fellow companions like Mike Oldfield (guitar, bass), Nico (vocals), Cal Batchelor (guitar), John G. Perry (bass), Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Lol Coxhill (sax), Mike Giles (drums) and session musicians: Mike Moran (keyboards), Steve Nye (keyboards), Rupert Hine (keyboards), Trevor Jones (bass), John Gustafson (bass), Ray Cooper (percussion), Doris Troy & Rosetta Hightower (vocals), etc. 
Jerry Lee Lewis
"The Killer", Jerry Lee Lewis, backed here with LOTS of great musicians: the much-missed Rory Gallagher, Tony Ashton (keyboards), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Joe Jammer (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Alvin Lee (guitar), Albert Lee (guitar), Chas Hodges (guitar), John Gustafson (bass), Gary Taylor (bass), Klaus Voorman (bass), Peter Robinson (keyboards), Andy Bown (keyboards), Gary Wright (keyboards), Matthew Fisher (keyboards), Kenny Jones (drums), Mike Kellie (drums), etc. 
Janne Schaffer
Swedish guitarist, he used to be Abba's studio guitarist. In this album, we can find the Baltik musicians (Janne, Gustafson and Lindh) plus Peter Robinson and several more Swedish musicians. 
Steve Hackett

A superb and very beautiful album. He is the former guitarist of Genesis. This album, recorded between June/July 1975, includes collaborations from Genesis companions Mike Rutherford (bass) and Phil Collins (drums, vocals), plus: John Hackett (flute, keyboards), John Acock (keyboards), Sally Oldfield (vocal), with Percy Jones (bass on 1 track), Johnny Gustafson (bass on the song "Star of Sirius"). I love it!!! 

Ian Hunter This was Ian's first solo album, since his departure from Mott the Hoople. Recorded with The Hunter-Ronson Band:
Ian Hunter (vocals, guitar)
Mick Ronson (guitar, vocals)
Jeff Appleby (bass)
Peter Arnesen (keyboards)
Dennis Elliott (drums)
John Gustafson plays bass in one track, Lounge lizard.

Teresa Brewer A jazz lady. She started singing in the 50s. But along the seventies, she also recorded some album with rock musicians.

Music music music has collaborations from: Larry Carlton (guitar), Joe Jammer (guitar), Jim Ryan (guitar), Ray Cooper (percussion), Victor Feldman (percussion), Hal Blaine (drums). From Head, Hands & Feet: Albert Lee (guitar), Ray Smith (guitar), Chas Hodges (bass). From Quatermass: John Gustafson (bass), Paul Hammond (drums).

In London contains great players. Guitars: Peter Frampton, Joe Jammer, Hughie Burns, Gary Taylor, Jim Ryan, Mark Warner, B.J. Cole. Percussion: Ray Cooper, Frank Ricotti. Horns from Gonzalez: Steve Gregory, Chris Mercer. Vocalists: Sue Glover, Liza Strike. Drums: Michael Giles. From Head, Hands & Feet: Albert Lee (guitar), Chas Hodges (bass), Pete Gavin (drums). And the complete Quatermass lineup: John Gustafson (bass), Pete Robinson (keyboards), Paul Hammond (drums).

16 most requested songs is a compilation, thus including Gustafson here. 

Nutshell This was a Christian band, produced by the team Rod Edwards & Roger Hand. This album features Kevin Peek (guitar), Gordon Giltrap (guitar), John Mealing (string arrangements), John Gustafson (bass), Rod Edwards (keyboards), Mike Giles (drums), Morris Pert (percussion), plus the Gonzalez brass section, featuring Chris Mercer (who also makes the brass arrangements).
Rick Wakeman
The great keyboard whiz. Cost of living features Jackie McAuley (guitar), John Gustafson (bass), Tony Fernandez (drums). Private collection is a compilation of many unreleased tracks. John appears here, but as I don't have the album, I don't know if he plays in some unreleased track (probably).  

I've read in Alex Gitlin's page about John that he has played in albums by Gene Pitney, Rolf Harris and Shirley Bassey (I don't know which ones). Can anyone help? I think he has also worked with Eddie Jobson, but can't find this info now!


VV.AA. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote this magnificent and world-wide famous score. There has been many different versions (including a Spanish one), but to me, the best is the original version. John Gustafson was one of the lead vocalists, in the role of Simon Zealotes. The list of participants is really impressive: Ian Gillan (vocals, from Deep Purple), Chris Spedding (guitar), Madeline Bell (vocals), Lesley Duncan (vocals), Yvonne Elliman (vocals), Murray Head (vocals), Tony Ashton (vocals), Victor Brox (bass, from Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Chris Mercer (sax), Paul Raven (vocals), Bruce Rowlands (drums), Alan Spenner (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Mike D'Abo (vocals, from Manfred Mann), Henry McCulloch (guitar), etc. 
Another ambitious project by authors Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice. As always, great musicians involved: the late Gary U.S. Bonds (vocals), Ollie Halsall (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Geoff Westley (keyboards), Bruce Rowlands (drums), etc.  

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