This is the list of the sessions I know Keef Hartley appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Champion Jack Dupree Champion Jack Dupree was a great bluesman and pianist. He died in 1992, when he was 82, and he still played live concerts! The album From New Orleans to Chicago was produced by Mike Vernon, so he brought here musicians he used to work with. John Mayall and Eric Clapton were brought from The Bluesbreakers, plus Eric Clapton, Malcolm Pool and Keef Hartley (both from The Artwoods) and Tony McPhee (from The Groundhogs)

In Scoobydoobydoo, Keef is funnily credited as "Big Chief Drumstick"! :) With more Mayall musicians: Mick Taylor (guitar) and Alan Skidmore (sax). 

John Mayall This album was a special one. John Mayall called some of his past musicians to play with him again for a one-off project. Most of them attended the call, and we can find here great names: The album was recorded between the 15th and 25th of November 1970. The deluxe inner booklet included Mayall's comments about all the musicians, as well as lots of photos. This is what Mayall says about Keef:

"Keef, the English Indian Chief of all time, and noted and respected bandleader, was first to report for duty to the English recording studio when Larry, Harvey and I arrived. He entrenched himself in a screened off corner of the room for the 3 nights we were there and played valiantly from thenceforth. A man of excellent wit and good humor, he became a fountainhead of cheerful spirit and the freedom and relaxation of the music was largely due to his presence. I've known Keef for a really long time, and ever since we met in a transport cafe on the road when he was just about ready to leave his seat in the Artwoods, we've had a long lasting friendship. He came to work for me whilst Peter Green was the guitar spearhead, and I believe he holds the record as the musician who worked with me for the longest straight period of time. Since 1968 he has struggled through the welter of rock groups competing for him and is now firmly established on the music scene as the leader of the band appropiately known as Keef Hartley. So far he has three albums to his credit and is even now doing special concert appearances with his own band."

As far as I know, this album hasn't been reissued on CD. Why? It's a great one! I love it!!! 

Michael Chapman Savage amusement was recorded with Tim Renwick (guitar), Andy Latimer (guitar, from Camel), Rick Kemp (bass), Peter Wood (keyboards), and Keef Hartley (drums).

The man who hated mornings was recorded with Andy Latimer (guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), and Keef Hartley (drums).  


Martha Velez Great collection of musicians for her debut, Fiends and angels: from Cream: Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce. From Traffic: Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood. From Keef Hartley Band: Keef Hartley (drums), Spit James (guitar), the late Gary Thain (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Chris Mercer (sax). From Jimi Hendrix band: Mitch Mitchell (drums). From John Mayall: Johnny Almond (sax). From Free: Paul Kossoff (guitar). From Chicken Shack: Stan Webb (guitar), Andy Silvester (bass), Christine McVie (keyboards), the late Dave Bidwell (drums). Plus: Brian Auger (organ). The cream of British blues-rock. 
Vinegar Joe

This band was commanded by the singers Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer, who had contributed to Keef Hartley solo album Lancashire hustler. After their first self-titled album, in which Keef also plays as a guest, they lose two members, and without a permanent drummer, they record a live album, Rock 'n Roll gypsies, with help from Keef.

Dana Gillespie English singer and actress, she was born Dana Richenda Antoinette de Winterstein Gillespie!!! She started his singer career in 1969, and David Bowie helped her in 1974. Keef plays in these two albums Dana released for RCA, under the Mainman label.

(image courtesy of Dana Gillespie)

In Weren't born a man, we can find Jim Ryan (guitar), Paul Keogh (guitar), Dave Wintour (bass), Pat Donaldson (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Rick Wakeman (keyboards), Bobby Keys (sax), Ray Cooper (percussion), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Terry Cox (drums), Barry DeSouza (drums) and Keef Hartley (drums), plus Rosetta Hightower, Lisa Strike and Joanne Williams on backing vocals. It includes a David Bowie cover, 'Andy Warhol'.

(image courtesy of Dana Gillespie)

Again, Dana reunited a superb list of musicians in Ain't gonna play no second fiddle. With Bob Weston (guitar, from Fleetwood Mac), John Turnbull (guitar), John Porter (guitar), Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin), Mickey Gallagher (keyboards), Phil Chen (bass), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Mel Collins (sax, from Kokomo), Jody Linscott (percussion), Simon Phillips (drums), plus the members of Kokomo on backing vocals: Dyan Birch, Frank Collins and Paddy McHugh. Keef plays uncredited here! 

Lothar Meid He was singer in Amon Duul II. This was his first solo album. Don't know how Keef was involved here!  

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