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This is the list of the sessions I know Ric Grech appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Harold McNair This flute player was Ric companion in Ginger Baker's Airforce, and played in lots of Donovan and Alexis Korner albums, plus some other albums from albums with members in my Olympus, like Steamhammer (Micky Waller), Cressida (with Iain Clark, the fabulous drummer, once in Uriah Heep). With Colin Green (guitar), Keith Tippett (piano), Ric Grech (bass), Tony Carr (drums), plus the rhythm section from Pentangle, Danny Thompson (bass) and Terry Cox (drums). He died soon after this album, in 1971. 
Graham Bond
A great keyboardist and sax player, a pity he died back in 1974. This album features great players: his wife Diane Stewart on vocals, plus John Moorshead (guitar), Kevin Stacey (guitar), Steve York (bass), Alex Dmochovski (bass), Ric Grech (bass), John Gross (sax), Jerry Salisbury (harmonica), Keith Bailey (drums), Pete Bailey (percussion), Godfrey McLean (drums), Aliki Ashman (vocals), Annette Brox (vocals), Victor Brox (vocals). 
Steve Winwood
Winwood is not really a new album, but a compilation of songs from earlier Steve bands, including Blind Faith.

Finer things is a 4CD box set with songs from Steve's long career. I only mention the other members in my Olympus: Dave Mason (of course), Joe Walsh, Ric Grech and Steve Ferrone. 

Jim Capaldi This album is Jim's solo debut. It includes lots of friends. From Traffic: Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Ric Grech, Rebop, Jim Gordon, Chris Wood. From Muscle Shoals: Roger Hawkins, David Hood, Barry Beckett (all three were to join Traffic sometime later), Jimmy Johnson (guitar). Plus some others, like Sue Glover & Sunny Leslie (vocals), the great Paul Kossoff (guitar), Trevor Burton (bass), Bob Griffin (keyboards), and Mike Kellie (drums). 
Ex-Family members Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney put together a new project: Streetwalkers. The original idea was to keep the band as a duo (Chapman and Whitney). They recorded the first album, Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers, with several former companions in Family: John Wetton (bass, then in King Crimson, and later in Uriah Heep and many others great bands), Ric Grech, Jim Cregan, Poli Palmer, as well as Boz Burrell, Ian Wallace & Michael Giles (all from King Crimson), Tim Hinkley, Neil Hubbard and Max Middleton, etc. 
Ron Wood/Ronnie Lane
This soundtrack, although it was released in 1976, was started to be recorded in 1972. Mahoney's last stand album is credited to Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane. Ron and Ronnie are accompanied by many fellow musicians: Pete Townshend (guitar, from The Who), Ric Grech (bass and violin), Ian McLagan & Kenny Jones, Benny Gallagher (bass, from Gallagher & Lyle), the late Ian 'Stu' Stewart, Micky Waller (drums), etc. 
Ginger Baker
This album was released in 1977, with several Ginger musicians from the past: Ric Grech (bass) and Snips (vocals), plus the magnificent Chris Spedding (guitar), Herbie Flowers (bass), Kuma Harada (bass), DeLisle Harper (bass), Derek Wadsworth (trombone), Alan Skidmore (sax), and others. 
Eric Clapton
This superb 4CD box set, contains lots of unreleased tracks, covering the whole career of Eric Clapton from their beginning in The Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (with Hughie Flint), Cream, Blind Faith (with Ric Grech), Derek & The Dominos, and his solo career (thus including Dave Mason and Chris Stainton). I only mention here the guys from my Olympus.  

Gordon Jackson Here we can find the original Traffic lineup: Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood, plus members of Family: Ric Grech, Jim King and Poli Palmer. Could this be the origin of Ric's choice for Blind Faith? Who knows. More great guests: Julie Driscoll (vocals), Luther Grosvenor (vocals), Robbie Blunt (sitar), and Remi Kabaka (percussion). 
Rossetta Hightower
Yes, she's one of the female voices in the famous Joe Cocker hit 'With a little help from my friends'. She also sang in some other albums by Wendell Richardson (guitarist from Osibisa and Free), Yvonne Elliman, Kevin Ayers, Baker-Gurvitz Army, and she sang in some other album where Ric appears. She also released her solo album, with Colin Green (guitar), Henry McCullough (guitar), Ric Grech (bass), Gordon Beck (keyboards, a long time Allan Holdsworth collaborator), Ken Craddock (keyboards), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Harold McNair (flute), Jim Price (trumpet), Bobby Keys (sax), Bruce Rowlands (drums). 
Alice Cooper

Once I read that this album contains guest cameo appearances by Donovan, Marc Bolan, Ric Grech and Keith Moon, but my Spanish LP copy doesn't have credits, so I can't be sure. Can anyone check it for me, please? 

Muddy Waters Muddy Waters arrived to London to record some sessions with avid British alumni. With some members of Muddy's band, such as Sammy Lawhorn (guitar) and Carey Bell (harmonica). Great names here: Rory Gallagher (guitar), Ric Grech (bass), Steve Winwood (keyboards), Mitch Mitchell (drums), plus Rossetta Hightower on vocals.

London revisited seems to be a collection of some other tracks from the same sessions. 

Gram Parsons This fantastic and fine musician, sadly passed away in 1973, when he was only 26. He was a member of The Byrds, and later a founder member of The Flying Burrito Brothers. As far as I know, he only recorded two solo albums while he lived, GP and Grievous angel, but his legend grow immensely after his death, and like some other great names, his discography is still increasing nowadays. Ric Grech was a great friend of Gram, and that's why he appears in his offcial albums, as well as in almost every collection of demos or outtakes.

(cover of two-fer CD, with albums GP and Grievous Angel)

GP was Gram's solo debut. With his then girlfriend Emmylou Harris, and some Byrds-related musicians, members of Elvis Presley band, and some other country-rock musicians, like Buddy Emmons (steel guitar), the great James Burton (guitar), Byron Berline (violin), Glen D. Hardin (keyboards), Al Perkins (steel guitar), Ron Tutt (drums), and John Guerin (drums). With a song written by Ric, 'Kiss the children', who also co-produced the album along with Gram. It was recorded September-October 1972.

His second album, Grievous angel features again Emmylou Harris, James Burton, Byron Berline, Glen D. Hardin, Al Perkins, plus Linda Ronstadt (vocals), Herb Pedersen (guitar), Emory Gordy (bass), Bernie Leadon (guitar, from The Eagles). There's a song co-written by Ric and Gram, 'Ohh Las Vegas'. Ric is not credited in the album, but I think he must be there, just my guess... Recorded during Summer 1973. It contains a really superb rendition of 'Love hurts', sung as a duet by Gram and Emmylou.

Sleepless nights comprises unreleased songs from The Flying Burrito Brothers. Well, really, the album is credited to Gram Parsons & The Flying Burrito Brothers. Again, with Emmylou Harris, James Burton, Ric Grech, Byron Berline, Glen D. Hardin, Al Perkins, Ron Tutt, plus Herb Pedersen (guitar), Emory Gordy (bass), . And from The Flying Burrito Brothers: Bernie Leadon (guitar), Chris Hillman (bass), Sneaky Pete Kleinow (steel guitar), Michael Clarke (drums).

Warm evenings, pale mornings, bottled blues is a retrospective of Gram's complete career, including his early bands.

Cosmic American music is a compilation of demos recorded around 1972. Ric Grech appears here, as well as Emmylou Harris.

Sorry for the long explanation, but Gram deserves it! 

Bee Gees

They always were great! This album contains their usual guitarist, Alan Kendall (guitar), plus guest appearances by Sneaky Pete Kleinow (steel guitar), Tommy Morgan (harmonica), Jerome Richardson (flute), Jane Getz (piano), Jim Keltner (drums). Ric Grech plays great parts of violin and bass in the song "While I play". 

Eddie Harris Eddie Harris was a jazz tenor sax player, who died in November 1996. Although mostly of his albums are really jazz stuff, he also tried a bit in the rock scene. This album is also known as The Eddie Harris London sessions. Ric Grech performs in only one song, along with Jeff Beck (guitar), Albert Lee (guitar), Steve Winwood (keyboards), Loughty Amato (percussion) and Ian Paice (drums). Other great musicians who appear in the album: Neil Hubbard (guitar), Boz Burrell (bass), Zoot Money (keyboards), and from Yes: Chris Squire (bass), Tony Kaye (keyboards) and Alan White (drums). 
Viv Stanshall
The late Viv Stanshall was the leader in the Bonzo Dog Dadah Band. This was his solo debut, helped by Steve Winwood, who brought here his fellow companions in Traffic: Jim Capaldi, Ric Grech and Rebop. Plus Madeline Bell & Doris Troy (vocals) and Neil Innes (guitar, keyboard, from Bonzo Dog Band). 
Rod Stewart

Smiler is Rod's 6th album, with Ron Wood, Martin Quittenton (guitar), Micky Waller (drums), Pete Sears (piano), Kenny Jones (drums), Ray Jackson (mandolin), Ric Grech (here, playing violin), Spike Heatley (bass), Andy Newmark (drums, later with Roxy Music, Nils Lofgren, Roger Waters and countless others), Willie Weeks (bass) Ray Cooper (percussion), Elton John (piano and vocals in his own song 'Let me be your car'), Dick Powell (violin), Doreen Chanter (vocals) and the Memphis Horns.


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