RICK WILLS sessions

This is the list of the sessions I know Rick Wills appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Dave Elliott Sorry, I don't know who he is.

In his 1st album, David Elliott, we can find there Albert Lee (guitar), Caleb Quaye (guitar), Nigel Olsson (drums, see link below), Dee Murray (bass), Francis Monkman (keyboards), Dave Mattacks (drums), and the whole lineup of Cochise: Mick Grabham (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Rick Wills (bass) and Roy O'Temro (drums). 

Humble Pie For more info about this album, please visit my Clem Clempson page. Apart from the band members, we can find here Stephen Stills, Alexis Korner, Rick Wills, Doris Troy, Madeline Bell. 
Peter Frampton
This was Peter Frampton's first solo album. With help from Rick Wills (bass), Mike Kellie (drums), both joining later Frampton's Camel, plus Ringo Starr (drums), Klaus Voorman (bass), Billy Preston (keyboards), and former Frampton's bandmate in The Herd, Andy Bown (keyboards). 
Roger Moon
Roger Moon was the guitarist in the band Storyteller. Peter Frampton and Andy Bown were the producers of their first album. In his solo album, again we can find Peter Frampton and his complete backing band: Rick Wills (bass), Mickey Gallagher (keyboards) and John Siomos (drums). 
Duster Bennett
This bluesman always had great players in his albums. Fingertips features, among others, Hugh Burns (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Pip Williams (guitar), Rick Wills (bass), Boz Burrell (bass), Peter Blue (bass), Rob Robertson (bass), Nicky Hopkins (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Howie Casey (horns), Dick Parry (horns), Mike Davis (horns), John Donnelly (horns), Reg Brooks (horns), Cecil Moss (horns), Billy Graham (horns), John Huckridge (horns), John Siomos (drums), Ian Wallace (drums), Terry Stannard (drums), Phil Wainman (drums), Morris Pert (percussion), and vocals by Barry St. John, Liza Strike, Ann Simmonds and Linda Kendrick. Lot of talent here!

Alexis Korner As usual in Alexis albums, Get off my cloud contains a great musicians list: Keith Richards, Peter Frampton, Steve Marriott, Neil Hubbard and the members of Kokomo, Rick Wills, Colin Hodgkinson, the much-missed Nicky Hopkins, Morris Pert ... 
Kevin Ayers Rick still played in this album, after the separation of Kevin Ayers & The Soporifics. Great musicians here: Andy Roberts (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar, Rick's companion in Cochise), Charlie McCracken (guitar), Rick Wills (bass), Mickey Feat (bass), Zoot Money (keyboards), Bill Livsey (keyboards), Roger Pope (drums), Tony Newman (drums) and Rob Townsend (drums). 
Nicky Hopkins
Nicky and Rick played together in a Peter Frampton album. Here, we can find Kathi McDonald (vocals), Michael Kennedy (guitar), Rick Wills (bass) and Eric Dillon (drums). 
Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry was the singer in Roxy Music. He has always hired fabulous musicians, both for albums and tours. Let's stick together is his fourth album, although it comprises of outtakes, from both Bryan Ferry solo career and Roxy Music tracks.

The basic band for the album is:

Rick Wills plays bass on the song 'Sea breezes'. But we can also find Phil Manzanera (guitar on 1 track), Davy O'List (guitar on 1 track), Neil Hubbard (guitar on the track 'Casanova'), John Gustafson (bass on the song 'Re-make/Re-model'), John Porter (bass on 1 track), Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin), Mel Collins (sax), Martin Drover (trumpet), Morris Pert (percussion), Ann Odell (string arrangements), and backing vocals by Jacqui Sullivan, Helen Chappell, Paddie McHugh, Doreen Chanter, Vicky Brown, Martha Walker.

The album features a big photo (well, it was big in the vinyl format...) of Bryan Ferry with Chris Spedding and Rick Wills.

David Gilmour He is the guitarist in Pink Floyd. This first solo album is very good, with a Pink Floyd flavour. The backing band comprised David's old bandmates, Rick Wills (bass) and John "Willie" Wilson (drums). Plus Mick Weaver playing keyboards in some song. 
Mick Jones
Rick's 'boss' in Foreigner. This was his first solo album, and it includes several of his friends backing him: Ian Hunter (piano, vocals), Joe Lynn Turner (vocals), Billy Joel (keyboards), Hugh McCracken (guitar), Andy Newmark (drums), Carly Simon (vocals), Rick Wills (bass), Steve Ferrone (drums), Simon Kirke (drums).  

Sutherland Bros. This band commanded by Gavin Sutherland (bass, vocals) and Ian Sutherland (guitar, vocals), comprised at this period the fine Tim Renwick (guitar), and Rick's former bandmate in Cochise, John 'Willie' Wilson. In this their last album as a band, they had help from Mick Grabham (guitar), Andy Pyle (bass), Rick Wills (bass), and John Shearer (percussion, later in Steve Hackett band and Byron Band).  

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