(detailed list of sessions) 
This is the list of the sessions I know Tommy Eyre appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Sessions with former/current bandmates:

Carol Grimes Apart from playing with Tommy in Babylon band, she once was the singer in Delivery, a band whose members later joined famous Canterbury bands, such as Caravan, Soft Machine or Matching Mole. In this album, we can find Jess Roden (vocals), Archie Legget (vocals), Graham Bell (vocals, harmonica, from Bell & Arc), Sam Mitchell (guitar), Ron Cornelius (guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Roger Ball and Malcolm Duncan (sax, from Average White Band), and session musicians from the Nashville scene: Mac Gayden (guitar), Tommy Cogbill (bass), Bob Wilson (keyboards), Kenny Buttrey (drums), Karl Himmel (drums). 
Jon Mark
Guitarist Jon Mark was the member of Mark-Almond, as I've already explained here. This was his first solo album, after Mark-Almond split. With Tommy Eyre (keyboards), and some unexpected guests: Ron Carter (contrabass, a great, veteran jazz musician), Larry Knetchel (keyboards, he once was in Bread, he's the piano player in Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bridge over troubled waters'), Victor Feldman (percussion), Hal Blaine (drums, he used to play with Elvis Presley), Andy Narell (steel drums, now performing as a new age artist). 
This was his former band. Jon Mark and Johnny Almond reunited in 1975, and Tommy Eyre guests in this album, along with: Wolfgang Melz (bass), Greg Bloch (violin), Gary Barone (trumpet), Jock Ellis (trombone), Billy Cobham (drums), Jim Gordon (drums), Milt Holland (percussion). 
John Martyn
Scottish singer, guitarist and songwriter, born Iain McGeachy, he has lots of albums of his own.

Grace and danger was released after a three year hiatus, and it's a very good album. With John Giblin (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Dave Lawson (keyboards) and Phil Collins (drums, also producer). As we can read in Tommy bio page, he then joined John Martyn live band for promoting this album. 

MSG (Michael Schenker Group) Around April 1982, great axeman Michael Schenker had The SAHB rhythm section together in his band (Chris Glen and Ted McKenna): Graham Bonnet (vocals)
Michael Schenker (guitar)
Chris Glen (bass)
Ted McKenna (drums)
So when they started recording a new album, Assault attack, former colleague Tommy Eyre was called to play keyboards. 
Ian Gillan
Naked thunder was recorded with great guitarist Steve Morris, friend Roger Glover, Tommy Eyre (keyboards) and Simon Phillips (drums). It also features John Gustafson on backing vocals and Peter Robinson on keyboards. After the album was recorded, Tommy joined Ian Gillan's band, as we can read in the bio page. 
Other sessions:

Chris Harwood I don't know this artist. In this album, we can find very good musicians: Dave Lambert (guitar), Peter Banks (guitar), Geoff Matthews (guitar), Roger Sutton (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Mike Moran (keyboards), Ian McDonald (flute, sax), Pete York (drums). 
Gillie McPherson
This was the debut album for this Irish folksinger. Album produced by exquisite bassist Danny Thompson, who got a great array of musicians to back her: Jon Mark (guitar), Johnny Almond (sax, flute), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Spike Heatley, Roy Babbington (bass), Dave Cousins (), Tony Carr (percussion). 
Roger Morris
Its name indicates it was Roger Morris' first album. With several members of Juicy Lucy: Rod Coombes (drums, later in Strawbs), Glenn 'Ross' Campbell (steel guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), and Chris Mercer (sax). Plus some other great musicians: Keith West (guitar, from In Crowd and Tomorrow), John Weider (guitar, from Eric Burdon & The Animals, Family and Stud), Johnny Almond (sax, from Mark-Almond), DeLisle Harper (bass, from Gonzalez) and Bruce Rowland (drums). 
Laurie Styvers
Female singer and keyboardist, this album includes a superb list of players: Mick Cox (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar, from Fotheringay and Fairport Convention), Pete Willsher (steel guitar), Alan Parker (guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Chrissie Stewart (bass), Gary Taylor (bass, from The Herd), Tristan Fry (percussion, later in Sky with Francis Monkman and Herbie Flowers), Henry Spinetti (drums), Andrew Steele (drums, from The Herd), and the backing vocals from Kokomo: Dyan Birch, Frankie Collins and Paddy McHugh. The album was produced by Hugh Murphy. 
Jack The Lad
Jack The Lad was a spinoff band from Lindisfarne. In 1973, three members of Lindisfarne (Rod Clements, Ray Laidlaw and Simon Cowe) leave the band to form Jack The Lad along with Bill Mitchell. Simon Cowe (vocals, guitar)
Billy Mitchell (vocals, guitar)
Rod Clements (vocals, bass)
Ray Laidlaw (drums)
This was their first album, and it contains collaborations by fine singer Maddy Prior (from Steeleye Span) and Tommy Eyre (keyboards on three tracks, 'Plain dealing', 'Fast lane driver' and 'Song without a band'). The album was produced by Hugh Murphy.

Ah, for those interested in knowing... The three members rejoined Lindisfarne again in 1978, after four albums as Jack The Lad. 

Gary Shearston Welsh (although he live in Australia for several years - hence the album title) folkie singer aand guitarist. He has several albums, but this is the one with more famous credits for backing musicians. Appearing here, John Turnbull (guitar), Rod King (pedal steel guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Graham Smith (violin), Andrew Steele (drums), Jon Field (percussion). 
Gabor Szabo
Gabor Szabo is a superb jazz guitarist. This is a live album recorded at The Troubadour in Hollywood, California, and for some reason unknown to me, Tommy is featured as a guest in a track (the bassist Wolfgang Melz played with Mark-Almond, but not in the same period as Tommy). This was the live lineup: Gabor Szabo (guitar)
Wolfgang Melz (bass)
John Dentz (drums)
Mailto Correa (percussion)
Guests are (one track each): Charles Lloyd (flute), Tony Ortega (flute), and Tommy Eyre (keyboards). 
Tim Rose
This British singer and songwriter is most remembered by writing the classic 'Morning dew', The list of musicians includes: Andy Summers (guitar, later in The Police), Ray Martinez (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Paul Cobbald (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Dave Charles (drums), Tina Charles (backing vocals).

The CD reissue contains two bonus tracks, 'Hey Joe' and 'Morning dew'. 

Barry Melton I'm not going to explain too much of him now, as he'll someday have his own page in my Olympus. He was the guitarist in Country Joe & The Fish. In this album, he's accompanied by Ray Martinez (guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards) , and the rhythm section from Help Yourself: Ken Whaley (bass, later in Man) and Dave Charles (drums, later also in Hawkwind). 
This great band included superb musicians along their long career.

Nomadness was recorded around 1975. The band lineup was, at that time:

Dave Cousins (guitar, vocals)
Dave Lambert (guitar, vocals)
Chas Cronk (bass)
Rod Coombes (drums)
Mailto Correa (percussion)
They had just lost their keyboardist John Hawken, so that's why so many keyboardists are guesting in the album: Rick Wakeman (keyboards, former member), Tommy Eyre (keyboards) and John Mealing (keyboards, from superb band If). Also featuring Jack Emblow (accordion), Tony Carr (percussion). A pity this album has never been reissued on CD

Halcyon days is a 2CD compilation, and it includes some obscure tracks, as well as their more famous songs (plus some songs from Dave Cousins solo album and songs from Hudson-Ford). The list of musicians is amazing. I'll only mention the members of my Olympus that play here: Miller Anderson (guitar), Nicky Hopkins (keyboards), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), John Hawken (keyboards), Blue Weaver (keyboards), Jon Hiseman (drums). Oh, beware, there are two different editions (the American vs. the British edition), with many differences. 

Joanna Carlin Melanie Harrold Melanie Harrold & Olly Blanchflower Joanna's real name is Melanie Harrod. In her Fancy that album, we can find many top musicians: Micky Moody (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Pat Donaldson (bass), Gary Taylor (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Solley (keyboards), Pete Zorn (sax, flute), Henry Spinetti (drums), Glenn Le Fleur (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums), etc. Tommy Eyre plays in two songs, 'Valentino' and 'The first time'.

After that experience, producer Hugh Murphy called Tommy Eyre to act as musical director for Melanie's next project, Blue angel. A wonderful album, happily now available on CD. The musicians featured are: the amazing Richard Brunton (guitar), Julian Littman (guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Liam Genockey (drums). Plus contributions by Simon Morton (percussion), Bill Skeet (flute, clavinet), Graham Smith (violin), Malcolm Griffiths (trombone), Albert Wing (sax), and backing vocals by Betsy Cooke, Paul Da Vinci. As well as musical director, Tommy co-writes a song (the beautiful 'Rudy'), as well as doing backing vocals, and even writing a trombone solo! :)

In Instinctive behaviour, Tommy Eyre plays again. With his wife, wonderful violin player Scarlet Rivera. 

Limey Again, no info about this band. Great musicians included: John Knightsbridge (guitar), Garth Watt-Roy (guitar), Paul Keogh (guitar), Alan Spenner (bass), Ian Kewley (keyboards), Tommy Eyre (flute, keyboards), and the rhythm section from Argent: Jim Rodford (bass, later in The Kinks) and Bob Henrit (drums). 
This American power-pop band released some very fine albums since 1977, and they split in the mid 80s.

Pezband was their first album. With Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Larry Fast (keyboards, later in Synergy and Peter Gabriel Band), Clarence Clemmons (sax, from Bruce Springsteeen band), Mel Collins (sax), Alan Rubin (trumpet, later with the Blues Brothers), the great Randy Brecker (trumpet).

Laughing in the dark is their 2nd (and best) album, again with help from Tommy Eyre (keyboards) and Mel Collins (sax).

Cover to cover also has Tommy Eyre (keyboards) and Mel Collins (sax). But I don't know if it's a compilation. Does anybody know? (I don't have it) 

Gerry Rafferty A great artist, formerly in Humbleblums and Stealers Wheel.

City to city is a superb album, and it contains Gerry's most famous song, 'Baker Street'. A superb list of musicians (as always). Micky Moody (guitar), Hugh Burns (guitar), Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Nigel Jenkins (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar; well, he's credited as Brian Cole, but I think it's B.J.!), Gary Taylor (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards, he plays in all the tracks), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax, superb playing!!!), Paul Jones (harmonica), Graham Preskett (violin), Henry Spinetti (drums), Glen LeFleur (drums). And on backing vocals: Barbara Dickson, Rab Noakes and Joanna Carlin.

Night owl also includes great contributions: Hugh Burns (guitar), Richard Brunton (guitar), Richard Thompson (guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Mo Foster (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Richard Harvey (keyboards, recorder, from Gryphon), Graham Preskett (keyboards, violin), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax), Liam Genockey (drums), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Barbara Dickson (backing vocals), Linda Thompson (backing vocals).

Clowns to the left, jokers to the right (1970-1982) is a compilation with 21 tracks, comprising songs from The Humblebums, Stealers Wheel and from Gerry Rafferty solo career. Some great musicians featured in the album are Joe Egan (vocals), Rab Noakes (vocals, guitar), Hugh Burns (guitar), Roger Brown (guitar), Alan Parker (guitar), Rod King (steel guitar), Nigel Jenkins (guitar), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Richard Brunton (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Mo Foster (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Ian Lynn (keyboards), Billy Livsey (keyboards), Raf Ravenscroft (sax), Henry Spinetti (drums), Liam Genockey (drums), Glen LeFleur (percussion), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Morris Pert (percussion). Graham Preskett (arrangements, keyboards, fiddle).

Right down the line (the best of Gerry Rafferty) is another compilation. Featuring new remixes in three songs (one of them being the famous 'Baker Street'). Some great musicians featured in the album are Hugh Burns (guitar), Nigel Jenkins (guitar), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Richard Brunton (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Richard Thompson (guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Mo Foster (bass), Ian Maidman (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Billy Livsey (keyboards), Kenny Craddock (keyboards), Alan Clark (keyboards), Ian Lynn (keyboards), Raf Ravenscroft (sax), Mel Collins (sax), Henry Spinetti (drums), Liam Genockey (drums), Arran Ahmun (drums), Glen LeFleur (percussion), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Morris Pert (percussion). Graham Preskett (arrangements, keyboards, fiddle), Davy Spillane (uilean pipes), Ric Sanders (violin), Geraint Watkins (accordion), John Kirkpatrick (accordion), Richard Harvey (recorders), Barbara Dickson (vocals), Joanna Carlin (vocals), Betsy Cook (vocals), Linda Thompson (vocals), Christopher Neil (vocals).

Andrew Matheson He was the singer in a band called Hollywood Brats. In this album, we can find Nigel Jenkins (guitar), Andy Pask (bass), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax), the mythical Howie Casey (sax), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Kircher (drums, later in Status Quo). 
Francesco De Gregori
Italian artist. This album was produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, and it features British musicians: Phil Chapman, Mike Neville (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Jerry Shirley (drums, from Humble Pie), as well as fantastic Italian singer and composer Lucio Dalla. 
Billy Rankin
Guitarist, he was a member of Nazareth and Zal Band. He released these two singles in 1979, with this lineup: Billy Rankin (vocals, guitar)
Chris Glen (bass)
Tommy Eyre (keyboards)
Pete Phips (drums)
CHECK FOR MORE INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Dennis O'Brien
I don't know who he is. Vocalist and keyboardist, he's backed here by: Ray Russell (guitar), Jim Gannon (guitar), Phil Palmer (guitar), John Turnbull (guitar), Pete Willsher (steel guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Solley (keyboards), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax), Richard Burgess (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums), Micky Waller (drums) and vocals by Aliki Holland, Viv McAuliffe, Jane Kennaway, Simon Morris. 
Raphael Ravenscroft
A superb sax player. He has played in albums by many people, such as Gerry Rafferty, Andrew Matheson, Alvin Lee, Chris Rea, Bonnie Tyler, Marvin Gaye, Brand X, Robert Plant, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield as well as toured with Roger Waters. Lately, he has been guesting in Bob Tench band. Someday soon, he'll have his own page in my Olympus.

This was his solo album. Being a famous sessionman, it was clear that his solo album were to contain many of his companions. The list is amazingly long: Maggie Ryder (vocals, later in Brian May Band with Neil Murray and Cozy Powell), Dennis O'Brien (vocals), Nigel Jenkins (guitar), Gary Taylor (bass), Steve York (bass), Kuma Harada (bass), Pete Zorn (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Solley (keyboards), Stretch (drums), Geoff Britton (drums, ex-Wings and Rough Diamond), Liam Genockey (drums), Preston Heyman (drums, later with Brand X, Randy California, he even played with Atomic Rooster), Frank Ricotti (percussion), and many others. 

Speedometers Sorry, I don't know who they were. This album features Tommy Eyre on keyboards. 
Rab Noakes
Scottish singer and guitarist, he used to collaborate with Gerry Rafferty. There's a bit of confusion about his discography, as he has released two different self-titled albums! Tommy appears in one of them (the one from 1980). This was his 6th album. With: Paul Jones (harmonica), Richard Brunton (guitar), Rod Clements (bass), Mel Collins (sax), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Liam Genockey (drums, later in Zzebra with Tommy Eyre), Danny Cummings (percussion). 
Wall Street Crash
I don't know who they are. The list of musicians involved in this project is long: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Alan Parker (guitar), Paul Westwood (bass), John Giblin (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), Cliff Hall (keyboards), Ron Aspery (sax), Martin Dobson (sax), Simon Phillips (drums), Ray Cooper (percussion). 
This is a project made by Bernie Frost, with Jack Lancaster and lots of friends musicians. The lineup is amazing: Colin Blunstone (vocals), Dan McCafferty (vocals, from Nazareth), Francis Rossi (vocals, from Status Quo), Lesley Duncan (vocals), Terry Cassidy (vocals), Joe Jammer (guitar), Laurence Juber (guitar, from Wings), Paul Keogh (guitar), Ray Russell (guitar), Mitch Dalton (guitar), John Giblin (bass), Delisle Harper (bass), Andy Pask (bass), Sonny LeMaire (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Dave Lawson (keyboards, from Greenslade), Robin Lumley (keyboards), Chris Parren (keyboards), Steve Coe (keyboards), Marlon Hargis (keyboards), Craig Pruess (keyboards), John Earle (sax), Lee Greenwood (sax), the great Ricky Skaggs (mandolin, violin), Louis Jardim (percussion), Terry McMillan (percussion), Stuart Elliott (drums), Paul Thompson (drums), Steve Goetzman (drums), Nigel Martinez (drums). 
Space Monkey
Sorry, I don't know who they are. Some famous guests in this album: Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Adrian Lee (keyboards), Ian Ritchie (sax), Graham Broad (drums, later with Roger Waters), and a couple of members from Bow Wow Wow: Leroy 'Lee' Gorman (bass) and Dave 'Barbe' Barbarossa (drums). 
The band was originally a duo by Kirk Swan and Seth Tiven, being famous in the early 80s. By the time of this album, the band was just Seth Tiven, with other musicians. This was the lineup for the band: Seth Tiven (vocals, guitar)
Kevin Salem (guitar)
Tom Shad (bass)
Shawn King Devlin (drums)
The album includes contributions by B.J. Cole (steel guitar) and Tommy Eyre (keyboards). 
Daryl Hall
Half of the duo Hall & Oates, this great vocalist has also been recording his own solo albums, alone or with Robert Fripp. This solo album from 1993 includes some of Hall's usual musicians (Charlie De Chant on sax and Tom "T-Bone" Wolk on guitars), plus Alan Gorrie (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Phil Todd (sax), Trevor Murrell (drums). 
Eddy Mitchell
Eddy Mitchell is a French singer quite famous in his country. He has a long discography, but this is a special album. Part of the sessions were held in London, and the rest of the album was recorded in Alabama.

The British sessions (5 songs) feature great names: Snowy White (guitar), Billy Liesegang (guitar), Steve Donnelly (guitar), Chris Glen (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Wayne Jackson (trumpet, trombone), Andrew Love (sax), Graham Walker (drums).

The American sessions were held at legendary Muscle Shoals Studios, with the usual personnel there: the fantastic Reggie Young (guitar), Will McFarland (guitar), David Hood (bass), Roger Hawkins (drums), and again: Wayne Jackson (trumpet, trombone) and Andrew Love (sax). 

Ian McNabb He was the singer in British band The Icicle Works. This was his 2nd album, and it was produced by John Porter. The backing musicians include the band Crazy Horse, plus James 'Hutch' Hutchinson (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Scarlet Rivera (violin), and Ziggy Modeliste (drums), plus backing vocals by Mona Lisa Young, Maxi Anderson, Terry Young. 
Keb' Mo'
Fantastic blues artist, his real name is Kevin Moore.

Keb' Mo' was his first album, featuring Tommy Eyre (keyboards), James 'Hutch' Hutchinson (bass), Laval Belle (drums), Quentin Dennard (drums), Tony Braunagel (percussion).

Just like you was his second album, produced by John Porter, who brings some of his usual collaborators. Great names, such as Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne guesting on lead vocals, plus Tommy Eyre (keyboards and 11-string guitar!!), James 'Hutch' Hutchinson (bass), Darrell Leonard (trumpet, currently in Taj Mahal band), Ricky Fataar (drums). The album includes a rendition of a Robert Johnson blues, 'Last fair deal gone down'. The album was Grammy Award winner in 1997 as best blues contemporary album. 

Maria Muldaur This great singer has lots of albums, some of them as a Christian artist. She also sang in lots of albums by her friends: Doobie Brothers, Hot Tuna, Country Joe McDonald, Jerry Garcia, Linda Ronstadt, etc. Here, we can find her backed by lots of musicians. With Rick Vito (guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards on 3 tracks), Billy Payne (keyboards, from Little Feat), James 'Hutch' Hutchinson (bass), Shaun Murphy, Mike Finnigan & Ann Peebles (backing vocals), and from Taj Mahal band: Johnny Lee Schell (guitar, now with John Fogerty), Larry Fulcher (bass), Joe Sublett (sax), Darrell Leonard (trumpet), Tony Braunagel (drums). Produced by famed John Porter. 
Sorry, I haven't found too much info on them. I only know that Tommy Eyre plays in this album, along with Joan Osborne guesting on vocals. John Porter is the producer, and this his 2nd album. 
LA Guns
This band evolved from Guns n' Roses, formed by Tracii Guns. They changed personnel several times, including fine singer Phil Lewis (ex-Girl). Hey, I still remember how surprised I was when I saw them appearing as actors in an episode on TV-series "Melrose Place". No joke!

Here, their lineup had changed from their initial times:

Chris Van Dahl (vocals)
Tracii Guns (guitar)
Johnny Crypt (bass)
Steve Riley (drums)
This album includes some (surprising) guests: Scarlet Rivera (violin) and Tommy Eyre (keyboards and string arrangements). 
John Mayall
One of the godfathers of white blues, I'm glad to know that he's still active, recording good albums, and performing energetic live concerts. This album from 1997 tries to be a sort of biography. It includes a Freddie King rendition, 'Sen-say-shun'. The musicians list includes some Mayall bandmates from the past (Red Holloway on sax), some from the present days (Joe Yuele on drums), and some great musicians who usually play in current blues productions: Tommy Eyre (keyboards); plus Darrell Leonard (trumpet) and Tony Braunagel (drums), both currently in Taj Mahal's live band (along with Mick Weaver).

Silver tones: the best of John Mayall is a compilation from Mayall latest 3 albums (including Blues for the lost days), also including two unreleased tracks. Other great musicians appearing here: Coco Montoya (guitar), Mick Taylor (guitar), John Porter (guitar, also producer), Red Holloway (sax), Joe Sublett (sax), Darrell Leonard (trumpet), etc.

Padlock on the blues was next album by Mayall, also featuring Tommy Eyre playing keyboards in 6 songs. The lineup for Mayall's band was:

John Mayall (vocals, keyboards, guitar)
Buddy Whittington (guitar)
John Paulus (bass)
Joe Yuele (drums)
Also guesting, John Lee Hooker (guitar in a couple of songs). The album was recorded in October 1998. 
B.B. King
A living blues legend. I've only been able to attend one of his gigs. At that time, he was 62, but he behaved like a child, enjoying while playing. After two and a half hours of endless performance, his musicians convinced him that he should finish the concert and leave the stage. He still wanted to keep on playing. :)

King of the blues is a 4CD boxset, comprising tracks from his very long career. So, the list of musicians featured is just endless. Tommy Eyre appears here because of the inclusion of the track 'Since I met you baby' recorded by Gary Moore with B.B. King guesting. Other musicians who'll be covered in my site someday are: Kenny Aaronoff (drums), Wilbur Bascomb (bass), Merry Clayton (vocals), Bob Daisley (bass), Martin Drover (trumpet), Cornell Dupree (guitar), Venetta Fields (vocals), Anton Fig (drums), Jim Gordon (drums), Wayne Jackson (sax), Jim Keltner (drums), Carol Kenyon (vocals), Clydie King (vocals), Al Kooper (keyboards), Russ Kunkel (drums), Michael Landau (guitar), Will Lee (bass), Andrew Love (horns), Hugh McCracken (guitar), Frank Mead (horns), Gary Moore (guitar), Dean Parks (guitar), Nick Payne (horns), Nick Pentelow (sax), Bernard Purdie (drums), Neil Stubenhaus (bass), Klaus Voormann (bass), Ernie Watts (sax). This will take me my whole life! :)

B.B. King recorded Deuces wild with duets along with some of his disciples or fans. People such as The Rolling Stones (with Darryl Jones on bass), Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Van Morrison, Tracy Chapman, or Paul Carrack, to name a few. Lots of great backing musicians here: Neil Hubbard (guitar), Michael Landau (guitar), Johnny Lee Schell (guitar), Hugh McCracken (guitar), Marty Stuart (guitar), Dean Parks (guitar), Randy Jacobs (guitar), Reggie McBride (bass), Pino Palladino (bass), Reggie McBride (bass), James 'Hutch' Hutchinson (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards on 6 songs), Chris Stainton (keyboards), Billy Payne (keyboards), Jools Holland (keyboards), Jon Cleary (keyboards), Leon Pendarvis (keyboards), Paulinho DaCosta (percussion), Lenny Castro (percussion), Darrell Leonard (trumpet), Joe Sublett (sax), Mickey Raphael (harmonica), Jim Keltner (drums), Tony Braunagel (drums), Andy Newmark (drums), Kenny Aaronoff (drums), Steve Jordan (drums). Album produced by John Porter.

Tommy Eyre also plays in Makin' love is good for you, along with Joe Sublett (sax), Darrell Leonard (trumpet), Tony Braunagel (percussion) as well as B.B. King usual musicians from his band. John Porter also appears, this time playing guitar, and acting as album mixer. 

Dan Frechette Young Canadian singer and songwriter, he recorded an album in 1999 with Tommy Eyre and Scarlet Rivera, produced by mythical Shel Talmy. But the songs still remain unreleased for some reason. :( 
Cal Hollow
Cal Hollow is a band formed by: Travis Dow (vocals, guitar)
Jeffrey Hemmelgarn (guitar, vocals)
Seth Berenberg (bass)
Mark Cameron (drums)
This is their debut album, produced by John Porter, and featuring Tommy Eyre (keyboards) and Tony Braunagel (percussion). 
Jake Andrews
This young Texan guitarist (he was 19 when this album was released) is produced here by John Porter, so we can find some of usual people working with Porter: Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Jon Cleary (piano), and the superb Texacali horns (Darrell Leonard and Joe Sublett; watch my pages on Mick Weaver for more info on them), plus veteran Doug Sham. 
Coco Montoya
A solo album by this great guitarist who used to play with Albert Collins and John Mayall. He started his solo career in 1995. This album features Chuck Kirkpatrick (guitar), Bob Glaub (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards in 3 songs), Tony Braunagel (drums), and others. 
Tracy Chapman
This is the 5th album by this great singer and songwriter. The album features Tim Pierce (guitar), Steve Hunter (guitar), JayDee Maness (steel guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Mike Finnigan (keyboards), Scarlet Rivera (violin), Howie Wersh (bass), Larry Klein (bass), John Pierce (bass), Denny Fongheiser (drums), Alex Acuna (percussion), plus a special guest appearance by Emmylou Harris on vocals. A very beatiful album.

By the way, the first edition of the album comes with a 2nd bonus disk, with 5 songs, some of them live. But there aren't credits for musicians on these additional tracks. 

Alexis Peña Alexis Peña was lead singer in the group Tempano from Venezuela. This is his first solo album, where he's supported by Tommy Eyre and Freddy Ramos (from Jon Anderson band). The album contains covers of Nilsson and Air Supply (sung in Spanish). Tommy Eyre co-writes a song with Alexis ('Mentira'). 
Suzy K.
This is the 2nd album by this succesful artist. This album featured great musicians: Tim Pierce (guitar), Steve Farris (guitar), George Doering (guitar), Marco Mendoza (bass), John Pierce (bass), Eric Pressly (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Kim Bullard (keyboards, also producer), Jeff Lorber (keyboards), Greg Scott (sax), Gregg Bissonette (drums), Luis Conte (percussion), Paul Ramsey (percussion), Olle Romo (percussion), and backing vocals by Kit Hain, Tommy Funderbunk, Beth Anderson, Deborah Holland, Mark Lennon, Richard Page. 
This album is another John Porter production, featuring Tommy Eyre (keyboards) and Denny Fongheiser (drums). 
Billy Mann
This was the 2nd solo album for this prolific songwriter. Recorded with a band of friends, plus some special guests: Carole King (vocals, keyboards), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), George Lax (keyboards). 
Collective albums

VV.AA. (various artists) This double album was made in benefit of The Anti-Heroin Project. The royalties from this record were dedicated to recovery centres in UK. A long list of musicians: vocals by Bobby Tench, Steve Harley, Elkie Brooks, Robin Gibb, Jim Diamond, Julian Littman, Gillian Mason, Lizzy Welch, Lauren Field, Vince Edwards, Holly Johnson, Fish, Nik Kershaw, Cliff Richard, Hazel O'Connor, Hazell Dean, Precious Wilson, Sinitta, Kim Wilde, Sheila Ferguson, Edwin Starr, Daryl Pandy, Phil Fearon, John Parr, The Alarm, Bonnie Tyler, Suggs (from Madness), Aswad, Bucks Fizz (featuring Shelley Preston), Roy Harper, Helena, Nick Heyward, The Icicle Works (featuring Ian McNabb), John McCoy, Chas and Dave (Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock), Hayley Mills, Bill Oddie, Psychic TV, Kate Robbins, Christopher Ryan, Barbara Gaskin, Poly Stirene, Thompson Twins, Tom Watt, Heavy Pettin', Jimmy Pursey, General Public, with Jeremy Alsop (bass), Mel Collins (sax), Gary Barnacle (sax), Luke Tuney (trumpet), John Thirkle (trumpet), Pete Thoms (trombone), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Dave Stewart (keyboards), Don Snow (keyboards), Bobby Whitlock (from Derek & The Dominos), Zak Starkey (drums), Tony Beard (drums), 
VV.AA. (various artists)
This is a project by late actor Donald Pleasence and singer Barbara Dickson, produced by Hugh Murphy, and mostly composed by Roger Brown. The narrator is Donald Pleasence, and the different roles are sung by Barbara Dickson, Ringo Starr, Adam Faith, among others. The musicians featured are superb: Phil Palmer (guitar), Ray Russell (guitar), Nigel Jenkins (guitar), Roger Brown (guitar), Rod King (steel guitar), Keith Nelson (banjo), Gary Taylor (bass, guitar), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Pete Solley (keyboards), Graham Preskett (fiddle, mandolin), Simon Morton (percussion), Henry Spinetti (drums), as well as backing vocals by Gary Taylor, Joanna Carlin, Pete Zorn, Paul Da Vinci and Roger Brown. 
VV.AA. (various artists)
This album was originally released as a 2LP, but it has been reissued as 1CD in 1996, deleting some tracks, and re-recording some others. In this new reissue, there is a song called 'Christmas', performed by David Essex, where he's backed by Mitch Dalton (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Trevor Morrell (drums). The album was recorded to raise money for the Save The Children Fund. 
VV.AA. (various artists)
A great idea! This album presents hot performances on organ (hence the title Organ-ized). All the tracks on the album are new tracks, recorded on purpose for here. Featuring Mick Weaver (song 'Mercy, mercy, mercy'), Joey De Francesco, John Medeski, Art Neville (from Neville Brothers), Michael Omartian, Jimmy Smith, the great Mike Finnigan, Ricky Peterson, Larry Goldings, Reuben Wilson, and Jack McDuff, the band Galactic, and Tommy Eyre. Tommy performs a rendition of a Chuck Berry tune, 'I've got to find my baby'. It's a fantastic album, as I love the Hammond sound. 

Original soundtrack (credited to Francis Monkman) In 1979, long before he quit Sky, Francis Monkman composed and played the music for the British movie The long good Friday. Directed by John MacKenzie. Starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren, you can also find Pierce Brosnan (Bond ... James Bond). The musicians who play here are: Francis Monkman (keyboards), plus his bandmates in Sky: Kevin Peek (guitar), Herbie Flowers (bass), Tristan Fry (drums). Also with Tommy Eyre (piano), Ron Aspery (sax, from Back Door with Colin Hodgkinson). 
Forthcoming projects

Along year 2000, some albums will be released featuring Tommy Eyre. New albums by Marino, and Keb Mo, plus some others.

I still need to confirm if Tommy also played in some session for Hall & Oates, as well as with George Harrison, Mick Jagger or Allison Moyet.

I need to include his playing in a Procol Harum album. 

Chuck Kirkpatrick He recorded some tracks in 1999 with Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Bob Glaub (bass) and Tony Braunagel (drums). 
Marino is a gifted guitarist who has played in albums by Santana (he also composed the theme for Spanish Olympic Games in 1992!). He has been recording tracks for a forthcoming album, produced by Tommy Eyre (also playing keyboards), and featuring Scarlet Rivera and great singer Alex Ligertwood. 
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