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Ken Hensley Solo Albums

Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf | Eager To Please | Free Spirit |
From Time To Time | A Glimpse Of Glory

Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf
Eager To Please
Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf cover
Eager To Please cover
  1. When Evening Comes
  2. From Time To Time
  3. A King Without A Throne
  4. Rain
  5. Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf
  6. Fortune
  7. Black Hearted Lady
  8. Go Down
  9. Cold Autumn Sunday
  10. The Last Time
  1. Eager To Please
  2. Stargazer
  3. Secret
  4. Through The Eyes Of A Child
  5. Part Three
  6. The House On The Hill
  7. Winter Or Summer
  8. Take And Take
  9. Longer Shadows
  10. In The Morning
  11. How Shall I Know
  • Ken Hensley (LV K G)
  • Gary Thain (B)
  • Dave Paul (B)
  • Lee Kerslake (D)
  • Ken Hensley (LV K G)
  • Mark Clarke (B V)
  • Bugs Pemberton (D P)
  • B.J. Cole (steel guitar track 3)
  • Ray Warleigh (Sax track 10)
Free Spirit
From Time To Time
Free Spirit cover
From Time To Time cover
  1. Inside The Mystery
  2. New York
  3. The System
  4. When
  5. No More
  6. Brown Eyed Boy
  7. Telephone
  8. Do You Feel Alright
  9. Woman
  10. New Routine
  1. Inspiration (Free Spirit outtake)
  2. I Don't Wanna Wait (1982)
  3. There Comes A Time (1982)
  4. Love At First Sight (Free Spirit outtake)
  5. You (Free Spirit outtake)
  6. The Name Of The Game (Free Spirit outtake)
  7. Guilty (Free Spirit outtake)
  8. Who Will Sing For You ('B' side of In The Morning)
  9. Maybe You Can Tell Me (Free Spirit outtake)
  10. Free Spirit (Free Spirit outtake)
  11. Cold Autumn Sunday (original demo)
  12. Longer Shadows (original demo)
  13. Black Hearted Lady (original demo)
  14. Take Care (demo of Footprints In The Snow)
  15. Does Anything Matter (demo of Woman Of The World)
  16. If I Had The Time (demo for Sweet Freedom)
  • Ken Hensley (LV K G B D)
  • Denny Ball (B track 1, 9)
  • Gary Taylor (B tracks 2-5)
  • Mark Clarke (B track 6)
  • Trevor Bolder (B tracks 2,8)
  • Ian Paice (D track 6)
  • Geoff Allen (D tracks 2-5, 9)
  • Jim Toomey (D track 1)
  • Kenny Jones (D track 8)
  • Background vocals: 'The Wrongettes'
  • Ken Hensley (LV K G B D)
  • B.J. Cole (steel guitar tracks 5, 9)
  • Mick Ralphs (G track 6)
  • Paul Kossoff (G tracks 11-13, 16)
  • Pat Leonard (K track 3)
  • Linton Naiff (K track 7)
  • Denny Ball (B track 4)
  • Dave Markee (B tracks 5, 9)
  • Boz Burrell (B track 6)
  • Mark Clarke (B track 8)
  • Trevor Bolder (B track 10)
  • Ian Paice (D track 1)
  • Geoff Allen (D track 4)
  • Henry Spinetti (D tracks 5, 9)
  • Simon Kirke (D tracks 6, 11-13, 16)
  • Bugs Pemberton (D track 8)
  • Kenny Jones (D track 10)
  • Background vocals: Clare Torry,
    Liza Strike, Kaye Gordon
A Glimpse Of Glory
A Glimpse Of Glory cover
  1. It's Up To You
  2. Moving In
  3. One Tender Moment
  4. Guard Your Heart
  5. Shakey Ground
  6. Think Twice
  7. Get A Line
  8. Believe In Me
  9. Win Or Lose
  10. The Cost Of Loving
  11. The Return
  12. The Joy Of Knowing Jesus
  • Ken Hensley (LV K G)
  • Mike Johnson (D)
  • Preston Vaden (D)
  • Hunter Joseph Sprenger (B)
  • David Karns (B)
  • Pat Liston (LV)
  • Danny Liston (LV G)
  • Rich McDonough (G)
  • Steve Nelson (G)
  • Jerry Hamm (G)
  • J. Hayes (G)
  • Betsy Bircher (BV)
  • Julie Moreno (BV)


Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf is very much like a Heep album, although softer and gentler. The title track and Cold Autumn Sunday both still receive some FM airplay. The entire album is nothing short of brilliant and on a par with most any Heep album. In fact, with Gary Thain and Lee Kerslake participating, this has a very strong Heep feel. Heep did do a version of Rain for The Magician's Birthday and tried a version of the title track (which eventually appeared on Time Of Revelation) but it's a real shame they never did Cold Autumn Sunday live to help Ken promote the album as that song is as much classic Heep as Circle of Hands or Pilgrim. If you don't have this album in your Heep collection yet, shame on you! Grade: A+

Eager To Please is much different record from its predecessor. More of a partner album with Mark Clarke (who was in Heep briefly before Gary Thain joined), this includes some of Ken's most beautiful writing, especially the lovely Through The Eyes Of A Child. The title track and Clarke's Stargazer are the only rockers amidst an album full of wonderful ballads. Don't be fooled by that 'ballad' word - this isn't pop fluff; this is deep, insightful and highly creative work from a master. Just don't expect this to sound like Heep. Grade: A

Free Spirit is, unfortunately, a weak album, thrown together too quickly after he left Heep. Ken was still trying to write pop songs as he had since Innocent Victim and except for a few songs like Brown Eyed Boy, the arrangements are weak and outdated, although the songwriting and musicianship are there. Most of the best tracks got left off only to appear later on his next solo album. For collectors only. Grade: C+

From Time To Time is a fantastic collection of outtakes covering a 12 year span. It's hard to believe that most of this stuff never made it on to his solo albums before, especially the outtakes from Free Spirit (including that album's title track!) There are a pair of High And Mighty demos and a single b-side as well. The best cuts, however, are the four tracks he recorded in 1971 with Paul Kossoff and Simon Kirke of Free, including a heartbreaking version of If I Had The Time. Grade: A

A Glimpse Of Glory is half a Ken Hensley solo album and half a Visible Faith (Ken's current band) album. The songs are generally excellent (including some of Ken's finest lyrics ever), but the hodgepodge of styles leaves me feeling like I'm listening to a compilation album, as there is little continuity. The production quality (Ken produced this album himself!) is the finest of any Heep-related album ever; only Sonic Origami can match the sound. Ken's voice is in superb shape, and his Hammond B-3 is prominent throughout. I would've liked to have heard more of his slide work, however. Be forewarned: Ken only sings on 9 of the songs (although the Liston brothers do a nice job on their songs). Hopefully, this is just a warmup for a true solo album in the next year or so! Grade: A-

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