COZY POWELL sessions

This is the list of the sessions I know Cozy Powell appears... although I know I must be missing lots of sessions from the early 70s. I've classified them into several categories:

Ashton & Lord A great fest! Tony Ashton and Jon Lord backed by superb musicians: Mick Grabham (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Ronnie Wood (guitar), B.J. Cole (steel guitar), Terry Cox (drums, from Pentangle), Cozy Powell (drums), Doris Troy, etc. 
Bernie Marsden
Bernie Marsden was one of the guitarists (along with Micky Moody) in Whitesnake's early days, until 1982. He has a great curriculum that includes UFO, Paice Ashton & Lord, and many later bands, but I'll explain that in a future page devoted to Bernie.
In And about time too album the list of guests include Jack Bruce (bass), Neil Murray (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), Don Airey (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums), Simon Phillips (drums) and Cozy Powell (drums) as well as Doreen Chanter on backing vocals. The CD reissue includes 3 bonus tracks: 'You & me' (B-side of a single), plus two live tracks, 'Who's fooling who' and 'Shakey ground', taken from The Friday Rock Show Sessions (with David Coverdale, Neil Murray, Don Airey and Simon Phillips, recorded in 1981).

Look at me now lineup includes Michael Schenker (doing claps, not playing guitar!!), Neil Murray (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), John Cook (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums), Simon Phillips (drums) and Cozy Powell (drums) as well as Doreen Chanter on backing vocals. A very similar lineup to its predecesor. The CD reissue includes 3 bonus tracks: 'Always love you so' (B-side of a single), plus two live tracks, 'Look at me now' and 'Byblos shack', taken from The Friday Rock Show Sessions (with David Coverdale, Neil Murray, Don Airey and Simon Phillips, recorded in 1981).

Young & Moody

Cozy appears in two singles: "Don't do that / How can I help you tonight" and "These eyes / I won't let go".

But I don't know if he appears in some album too. Help, please! 

Graham Bonnet Graham Bonnet started his career as a part of the duo Marbles, in the 60s. He has played with Cozy in Rainbow and MSG. This must be his 3rd album. With Russ Ballard (guitar), Kirby (guitar), Micky Moody (guitar), Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt & Andy Bown (the three guys, from the great ones Status Quo), Jon Lord (keyboards), John Cook (keyboards), Adrian Lee (keyboards), Chris Stewart (bass), Neil Murray (bass), Mel Collins (sax) and Cozy Powell (drums). 
Jon Lord
This album by Deep Purple and Whitesnake keyboardist contains an all-star lineup: Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell (all had been members of Whitesnake), Tony Ashton (long time Jon companion in Ashton & Lord, and Paice Ashton & Lord), Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell & Simon Kirke (from Bad Company), Simon Phillips, plus Elmer Gantry (vocals, from Stretch), and Vicky & Sam Brown on backing vocals. Cozy only plays in one song, "Tender babes". Let's see what says Jon Lord in the thanks credits: "Many thanks to Cozy Powell for thundering in a most medieval fashion". I like this album a lot! 
Robert Plant
The lead singer in Led Zeppelin started his solo career under his own name with this album. His band was: Robbie Blunt (guitar, from Silverhead), Paul Martinez (bass), Jezz Woodroffe (keyboards, from Black Sabbath). As he hadn't a stable drummer, he used two of them for the album: Cozy Powell and Phil Collins. Also guesting here: Raf Ravenscroft (sax). 
Don Airey
This is Don Airey's solo project, a mixture between speech and music. With Gary Moore and brother Keith Airey (guitars), Laurence Cottle (bass), Cozy Powell (drums), plus vocals by Chris Thompson, Colin Blunstone, Mel Galley and Genki Hitomi. It was issued as a limited edition in Japan and Germany only. Fortunately, it's going to be reissued worlwide on May 1999, remastered and repackaged. Please, visit Don Airey's official website (see below) for details about how to get this album. 
Tony Martin
The singer in Black Sabbath recorded his first solo album, with help from his companions in the band, Neil Murray (bass), Geoff Nicholls (keyboards), Cozy Powell (drums), plus some others: Brian May (guitar, also co-wrote a song), Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr's son, drums). 
John West
Great vocalist John West recorded a complete album with these musicians: John West (vocals), Mike Casswell (guitars) , Neil Murray (bass), Lonnie Park (keyboards) and Cozy Powell (drums). Unfortunately, it still remains unreleased. :( 

"several sessions"

While he was in Big Bertha, the musicians in the band played in some sessions. Most of them are still unreleased. You can read more info about it in Denny Ball biography page.

Ed Welch Ed Welch was part of the publishing company at United Artists Records in 1970. He was employed by them but also wrote songs and looked after the signings.
Ed wrote the Clowns album with Tom Paxton. He went on to write many TV themes and jingles. Ed later wrote the theme tune to a comedy series called “One Foot in the Grave”.

Cozy and his then-current band Big Bertha were in the same label, UA; that's why he appears in this album.

Peter Sarsted He was a famous singer in the early 70s. He even had a great hit, called "Where do you go to, my lovely" (by the way, he also recorded a Spanish version). Cozy plays here. 
Harvey Andrews
He is a folk singer. He collaborated with Dutch band Focus for a while. This album contains great musicians: Paul Keogh (guitar), Ralph McTell (guitar), Les Thatcher (guitar), Dave Pegg (bass), Roy Babbington (bass, from Soft Machine), Rick Wakeman (keyboards), Dave Mattacks (drums) and Cozy Powell (drums). 
Julie Felix
With John Paul Jones (from Led Zeppelin), Stephan Grossman (guitar), Danny Thompson (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), and Cozy Powell (drums). 
Chick Churchill
Chick Churchill was (and still is) the keyboardist in Ten Years After. This was his solo album. With some surprises in it: Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies (both from Supertramp), Gary Pickford Hopkins (vocals, later with Rick Wakeman), Bernie Marsden (guitar), Martin Barre (guitar, from Jethro Tull), Cozy Powell (drums), plus his companions in Ten Years After: Leo Lyons (bass) and brother Ric Lee (drums). 
Cosmic wheels was next album by Donovan after a long time without recording. Backed by the cream of British musicians, he released a great album. With: Chris Spedding (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Phil Chen (bass), Denny Ball (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Lesley Duncan (vocals), Bobby Keys (sax), Alan White (drums, soon to join Yes), Cozy Powell (drums).

Cozy and Denny Ball recorded some other tracks with him at the time of Cosmic Wheels. There is a film/video from some of the sessions which were taken by Don.

Troubadour was a boxset (now revamped into a 2CD), with some unreleased tracks. Cozy Powell is present here because of his playing in Cosmic wheels. More musicians from my Olympus here: Chris Spedding (guitar), Nicky Hopkins (piano), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Tony Newman (drums). 

Murray Head A very fine singer, he sang lead in one of the roles for Jesus Christ Superstar. He has featured a quiet career, being his biggest hit the fantastic song "Say it ain't so, Joe".

Nigel lived features the talents of Mark Warner (guitar), Clive Chaman (bass), Peter Giles (bass), Dave Wintour (bass), Peter Robinson (keyboards), Ray Cooper (percussion), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Chris Mercer (sax), Cozy Powell (drums), Barry De Souza (drums), Michael Giles (drums, from King Crimson), Glen LeFleur (drums), plus Sue Glover and Kay Garner (Murray companion in 'Jesus Christ Superstar') on vocals. 

Bob Sargeant He was keyboardist in Mick Abrahams Band, and played in albums by Al Stewart or Curved Air. In his solo album, we can find lots of Bowie musicians (Mick Ronson, Herbie Flowers, Mike Garson), plus several companions in Mick Abrahams band (Jack Lancaster, Ritchie Dharma, Walt Monaghan, etc), plus Robin Lumley (keyboards), Clive Chaman (bass), Cozy Powell (drums). 
Roger Daltrey
Another one of the solo albums by lead singer in The Who. With Russ Ballard (guitar), Robbie McIntosh (guitar, later in Pretenders and Paul McCartney band), Alan Shacklock (guitar), Tony Butler (bass, from Big Country), Mark Feltham (harmonica, from Nine Below Zero, Box of Frogs and Rory Gallagher band), John Parr (backing vocals), John Payne (backing vocals, now he's the singer in Asia), and a big list of featured drummers: Mark Brzezicki (drums), Stewart Copeland (drums, from Curved Air and The Police), Carl Palmer (drums, from ELP and Asia), Cozy Powell, Roger Taylor (drums, from Queen), Martin Chambers (drums, from Pretenders), and Zak Starkey (drums, Ringo Starr's son).

Warlock This German band was commanded by female singer Doro Pesch. Cozy appears in this album. 
Boys don't cry
This band was formed by keyboard virtuoso Brian Chatton with some other veterans from bands such as Sad Cafe. This was their lineup: Boys don't cry features guest appearances by Cozy Powell (drums) and Adrian Lee (drums, programming). The album contained a big hit, 'I wanna be a cowboy'.

Who the am dam do you think we am? was their 2nd album. Again, with appearances by Cozy Powell (drums) and Adrian Lee (drums, programming), plus Phil Collins (drums). 

Cinderella Cinderella is a hard rock band who was categorized as a hairy glam band. I don't agree, I think they were a good rockin' band, with a good guitarist (Jeff LaBar). Sorry, I had to say that.

Their lineup was: Tom Keifer (vocals, guitar), Jeff LaBar (guitar), Eric Brittingham (bass), Fred Coury (drums). This was their second album, and it seems that his current drummer had problems in the studio, so they invited top session drummers for the album, Cozy Powell and Denny Carmassi. Great songs in it. Produced by Andy Johns. 

Sanne Salomonsen Sanne is a Danish singer, and I don't know how Cozy was involved in her album. 
Pete York
He's the legendary drummer in Spencer Davis Group, but he also has been recording his own albums, as well as playing in many other artists albums and bands.

Pete recorded a drum album with Ian Paice (from Deep Purple) around 1971. Many years later, he has developed the idea of a drummers feast. These sessions have been held under the Super Drumming monicker, and there are several albums recorded.

Pete York presents Super Drumming is the first volume, with 21 tracks, and the list of drummers featured there, is amazing:

Pete York (drums)
Cozy Powell (drums)
Ian Paice (drums)
Simon Phillips (drums)
Gerry Brown (drums)
Louie Bellson (drums)
Nippy Noya (percussion)
The "All Styles" Band:
Peter Wölpl (guitar)
Wolfgang Schmid (bass)
Brian Auger (keyboards)
Gert Wilden Jr. (keyboards)
The tracks were Cozy plays are: 'I got rhythm (the last round up' (credited to Pete York and All Guests), 'Killer' (credited to Cozy Powell and band) 'Pots and pans' (credited to Cozy Powell, Pete York and band) and 'Dance with the devil'. It was recorded in February 1987 in Staig. It was also released as a TV special. A couple of years later, it was released an abridged version of the album under the title Pete York presents Super Drumming folge 1, just with the disc 1 of the original album.

Apart from that album, Pete York also released three more albums (see my pages on Colin Hodgkinson or Miller Anderson for complete details). Some years later, some compilations have appeared from these sessions, although some of the albums aren't credited to Pete York anymore (weird!!).

Killer: rockdrum highlights compiles 12 tracks from all these albums. The album cover shows photos of Cozy Powell, Ian Paice and Zak Starkey (wrongly written as Zag Starkey!). Cozy is credited as appearing in the tracks 'Dance with the devil' and 'Killer'. Some of the musicians featured here are: Pete York, Miller Anderson, Colin Hodgkinson, Jon Lord, Eddie Hardin, Ian Paice, Zak Starkey, Herman Rarebell, Nicko McBrain, Steve Ferrone, Brian Auger, and Bill Bruford, among others.

Pete York presents Super Drumming: the best is another compilation from the same sessions. This one has 13 tracks. Cozy Powell is credited as appearing in the tracks 'Dance with the devil' and 'Pots and pans'. Other musicians featured: Pete York, Miller Anderson, Colin Hodgkinson, Jon Lord, Eddie Hardin, Ian Paice, Zak Starkey, Herman Rarebell, Nicko McBrain, Steve Ferrone, Brian Auger, and Bill Bruford, among others.

Glenn Tipton Glenn is one of the twin guitars in Judas Priest. This was his first solo album, after more than 20 years in his band. He has some special guests, like Cozy Powell (on 3 tracks), Billy Sheehan (bass, from Talas, UFO, Mr. Big, and now with own band, Niacin), John Entwistle (bass, from The Who, 1 track), Don Airey (keyboards, 1 track), Robert Trujillo (bass, from Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne Band). The Japanese edition contains a bonus track, 'Himalaya'. 
Minute by minute
This was a new collaboration between the great Ray Fenwick (guitar) and Polle Edouard (they had been mates in a couple of bands: Tee Set, and After Tea). With more friends playing here: Jan Akkerman (guitar), Candy Dulpher (sax), and Cozy Powell (drums). 
Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie is a Swedish guitar virtuoso. He usually doesn't keep musicians from one album to another, and he didn't keep his then current tour drummer, Tommy Aldridge, so he hired Cozy to play here. The lineup is: Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar), Mats Leven (vocals), Barry Dunaway (bass), Mats Olausson (keyboards), Cozy Powell (drums).  
Colin Blunstone This album contains the last sessions played by Cozy. Produced by Don Airey, it features Keith Airey (guitar), Rod Argent (keyboards), Don Airey (keyboards), Mo Foster (bass), Cozy Powell (drums). The song 'Losing you' is dedicated to Cozy. 

VV.AA. (really Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley)

A very interesting project. Recorded with the core of the jazz-rock band Brand X: Robin Lumley, Jack Lancaster, John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Phil Collins, plus Chris Spedding, Gary Moore, Alvin Lee (from Ten Years After), Bernie Frost (vocals), Julie Tippett (vocals, she's Julie Driscoll, but changed name after marrying Keith Tippett), Brian Eno (keyboards), Manfred Mann (keyboards), Gary Brooker (keyboards, from Procol Harum), the recently late Stephane Grappelli (violin), Henry Lowther (violin), Andy Pyle (bass), Dave Markee (bass), Jon Hiseman (drums), Cozy Powell (drums), Bill Bruford (drums). Viv Stanshall from the Bonzo Dog Band was the original narrator of the story. Every one of the musicians portrayed a role in the story: the duck, the cat, etc. By the way, there is a Spanish version, but they chose a narrator that I don't like. 

VV.AA. Phenomena was a project conceived by Tom Galley (Mel Galley's brother perhaps?). Under that monicker, he recorded three albums, although Cozy only plays in this first one. Lots of Whitesnake-related musicians: Mel Galley (guitar), Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Richard Bailey (keyboards), plus some other guests, like Glenn Hughes (vocals, from Deep Purple, Trapeze), John Thomas (guitar, from Budgie), Ted McKenna (drums, from Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Greg Lake Band and Cozy's replacement in Michael Schenker Group), Ric Sanders (fiddle, from Soft Machine, Albion Band), Don Airey (keyboards, from Rainbow and many others), etc. With a song co-penned by great guitarist Pat Thrall (he was involved with Glenn Hughes in the Hughes-Thrall project). 
A guitar fest. Lots of guitarists, of course: Harvey Mandel (from John Mayall and Canned Heat), Robin Trower (from Procol Harum, with a great solo career, backed by Dave Bronze), Frank Marino, Bernie Marsden, Hank Marvin (from The Shadows), Tony Iommi (from Black Sabbath), Pete Haycock (from Climax Blues Band), Jan Akkerman (from Focus and Forcefield), etc. With several backing musicians, some of them from the same bands of the guitarists. With Jaz Lochrie (bass), Geoff Nicholls (keyboards, from Black Sabbath), Peter Van Hooke (drums), Jim Copley (drums) and Cozy Powell (drums). 
This is a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, where lots of fantastic musicians played. Brian May played here, and he was backed by Neil Murray and Cozy Powell, in the song "One rainy wish". Another great contributors to this album are: Steve Vai, Stanley Clarke, Robben Ford, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Vinnie Colaiuta (from Sting band), the late Tony Williams, Toots Thielemans, Hiram Bullock, Paul Rodgers, Bob Daisley (from Uriah Heep), Steve Lukather (from Toto), Dennis Chambers (now in Niacin, Billy Sheehan's band), plus several old Jimi Hendrix bandmates, like Noel Redding, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles. A great album, you can be shocked by the innovative arrangements first time you listen to it, but be sure you'll love it! 
Lots of great artists here: Hank Marvin himself, Ritchie Blackmore, Peter Green (with Neil Murray and Cozy Powell), Tony Iommi (again with Neil Murray), Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Adrian Belew (from King Crimson and Frank Zappa band), Peter Frampton, Steve Stevens, Andy Summers (from The Police), Neil Young & Randy Bachman (great musician, from Guess Who and mainly, Bachman Turner Overdrive), Rick Parfitt & Francis Rossi (from Status Quo), Gordon Giltrap, Keith Urban & Stewart Copeland (from Curved Air, The Police and Animal Logic), Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, plus Don Airey (keyboards), Bev Bevan (drums, from ELO, once in Black Sabbath!), Gregg Bissonette (drums, from David Lee Roth band), etc. With all-time classics such as 'FBI', 'Apache', etc.

This is the lineup in the track where Cozy plays (he also is the producer in the track):

In 'Midnight' (by Peter Green & Splinter Group):


Musicians mentioned in this page that I have projected to cover in my site someday: And short tributes to:

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